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Q -- Repair and Maintenance of Direct Digital Radiographic X-Ray System

Notice Date
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Solicitation Notice
339112 — Surgical and Medical Instrument Manufacturing
Contracting Office
Department of the Air Force, Air Mobility Command, 60th CONS, 350 Hangar Ave. Bldg 549, Travis AFB, CA, 94535-2632, UNITED STATES
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Travis AFB intents to award sole source contract to SwissRay International located at 1180 McLester Street, Elizabeth New Jersey 07201 for the following item: CLIN 0001: Services, nonpersonal: Contractor to furnish all labor, tools, parts, materials, transportation, and all necessary item to repair the Direct Digital Radiographic (DDR) System at David Grant Medical Center Travis AFB, CA 94535. CLIN 0002: Option Year ? Services, nonpersonal: Contractor to furnish all labor, tools, parts, materials, transportation, and all necessary item to repair the Direct Digital Radiographic (DDR) System at David Gran Medical Center. This requirement is pursuant to Section 4202 of the Clinger-Cohen Act of 1996, as implemented by FAR 13.106-1(b)(1). This is sole source due to equipment already in place and as the manufacturer SwissRay does not have authorized distributor capable of maintaining the DDR. All responsible sources may submit a bid, proposal, or quotation, which shall be considered by the agency. Contractor must be actively registered at CCR at http://www.ccr.gov and must complete FAR 52.212-3 (Representation and Certification) at http://www.orca.bpn.gov. All questions, comments, and response should be addressed to Nel Cadacio, Contract Specialist, 707-424-7729, E-mail at nel.cadacio@travis.af.mil or Josephine G. Cobb, 707 424-7720 NLT 6 Apr 2007. E-mail at josephine.cobb@travis.af.mil. Fax number is (707) 424-2712. Verbal requests will not be accepted. Statement of Work and equipment list are attached below. Effective date: Approx 16 Apr 07 through 15 Apr 2008 Option Year 1: 16 Apr 2008 through 15 Apr 2009. Device Serial Number Equipment Control Number (ECN) Radiographic Unit 583C1 27453 Data Management System, Patient 5291321 27454 Monitor, Video, Medical U-531 27455 Monitor, Video, Medical 93100892N 27459 STATEMENT OF WORK A. Services Non-personal: To furnish all labor, tools, parts materials, facilities and transportation necessary to provide preventive maintenance (PM) and calibration for the period stated above on the Swissray digital radiographic system listed above. The service shall include semi-annual (twice per year) preventive maintenance inspections, two calibrations and any labor costs for unscheduled maintenance repairs, as well as any software upgrades that are needed to stay current. The contractor will advise the Medical Equipment Repair Center (MERC), Bldg 777, telephone number (707) 423-3948, prior to their arrival on-base. The contractor will also sign the MERC contractor log and pick up their vendor badge prior to performing any work. Upon completion of any work and before leaving the facilities, the contractor will leave a copy of their service report with a MERC staff member. Workmanship will be subject to inspection, test and acceptance by both the MERC section and the equipment users or operators. Service will be performed in accordance with the manufacturer?s service manuals and military standards. B. Periodic Maintenance Inspection: When the system is periodically inspected for correct operation within manufacturer?s specifications, the contractor will complete manufacturer?s documentation which verifies all aspects of proper operation and performance as specified in the manufacturer?s service documentation and Air Force standards. A copy of this documentation will be turned into the MERC at the end of each PM inspection. C. Preventive Maintenance Inspections: The contractor will perform 2 preventive maintenance inspections to include: cleaning, adjusting, calibrating, testing, lubricating etc and replacement of worn or faulty parts in the system. Preventive maintenance inspections will be scheduled with the MERC and will be performed during the period of this contract. Calibrations of the unit will be performed in the same visit as the PM. The first PM/cal will be performed within 30 days of the award date of this contract. Thereafter, the MERC will establish in which months, the PM/calibrations will be due and inform Swissray. D. Replacement Parts: The rates shown herein include all replacement parts deemed necessary by either the MERC and/or the contractor in order to maintain the equipment in perfect operating condition to include all parts (and glassware if option is purchased): circuit boards, peripheral equipment and accessories. All replacement parts used will be either new manufacturer parts or parts rebuilt to ?like-new? condition by the manufacturer. All parts that have been replaced are the property of the U.S. Air Force; therefore, the contractor will surrender these parts to the MERC before leaving the facility. E. Interim Service Calls: All interim service calls deemed necessary by the MERC in order to maintain the equipment in perfect working condition and requested during the contractors work hours are included in this contract price. Calls will be placed by a Biomedical Engineering Technician from the MERC and the equipment must be evaluated (at least by telephone within 24 hours) and repaired by the next working day (if parts are required) from the time the call is placed. Local MERC staff will make every attempt to resolve the discrepancy prior to calling the vendor for technical support. Contractor working hours are 0800-1700, Monday through Friday, excluding legal U.S. holidays. Demands for service during times other than the contractor working hours that are stated above will not be included in the price of this contract. F. Software Upgrades: Contractor will provide any software upgrades that are needed to bring this unit to the current revision level. G. Receipt of Services: Invoices will be supported by service reports endorsed by MERC staff proving actual services were rendered. Burden of proof is the responsibility of the contractor and will be obtained immediately upon completion of the services rendered. All invoices and service reports will legibly contain: the name of the contractor performing the service; the work order number, date of service rendered and an itemized list of the services performed and any parts that were replaced. H. Payment: Payments will be made IAW FAR Clause 252.323-700 Electronic Submission of Payment Requests (Jan 2004). All invoices will be submitted through Wide Area Work Flow Receipt and Acceptance (WAWF). I. Equipment Covered under This Contract:: Description: Digital Radiography Systems Make: Swissray International Inc. ECN?s See attachment Serial #?s: See attachment J. Equipment Location: 101 Bodin Circle, Bldg 777, Travis Air Force Base, CA 94535 K. Points of Contact: Mr. Fred Daniels; Mr. Jeff Weidling; TSgt Mark Esquivel; TSgt Jason Kluttz; SSgt Jarom Boyes, (707) 423-3948, Fax (707) 423-3953, David Grant Medical Center, 60 MDSS/SGSLB-3 Travis AFB, CA 94535
Place of Performance
Address: David Grant Medical Center, Bldg 777, Diagnostic Imaging System Flight, David Grant Medical Center, Travis AFB, CA
Zip Code: 94535
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