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1. The scope of work is to construct a new Airport Traffic Control Tower (ATCT) and related facilities at the Reno/Tahoe International Airport. 2. The Contractor shall furnish and install all materials and equipment unless otherwise specified: 3. The contractor shall construct all site utilities including fire, potable water, and sanitary sewer, roof drains connected to exterior drainage device, gas, electrical, and telephone. The contractor shall also install the Airport Control and Fiber Optic Loop with in the airport to connect the existing tower to the new facilities. 4. The project involves construction of a new Level 8 low activity, airport traffic control tower with a concrete non-functional shaft. The ATCT has a 625-SF cab that is 175 feet above grade and a total height of approximately 195 feet. The upper portion of the ATCT consists of a steel frame structure. The ATCT contains a stairwell, an elevator, electrical/electronic rooms, break room, rest rooms and has four functional floors: the cab, cable access, and junction and sub junction levels. 5. The administrative base building is approximately 10,200 square feet, one story concrete structure and includes administrative areas, offices, a conference/training room, storage room, and electronic equipment, telecommunication, electrical and mechanical rooms, rest-rooms with showers, locker room and break room with kitchen facilities. 6. The facility also includes construction of the link corridor, a one-story structure between the base building and the ATCT. 7. The facility will comply with ADA requirements in all areas except for the tower shaft and cab. 8. The facility includes the following building systems: a?? Security: security measures include perimeter fencing and lighting, CCTV monitoring, entry control video, electronic card entry and parking, gate and entry points lighting. b. The HVAC system consists of a chilled water plant (two fully redundant air cooled chillers of approximately 120 tons capacity), heating hot water boiler plant (two fully redundant hot water boilers of approximately 70 tons capacity), chilled and heating hot water supply and return distribution piping, air handling units and distribution ductwork; and exhaust fans. The HVAC system is monitored and operated by a Direct Digital Controls system. c?? The fire protection system employs an electric fire pump, wet standpipe (in the ATCT) and wet-pipe fire-sprinkler zones. The fire alarm system consists of heat-sensing and ionization smoke detectors, manual alarm stations, and control panels. d?? Electrical: The electrical distribution system consists of the normal, essential, and critical power systems. Normal power is supplied by the local serving utility via a utility owned and installed transformer to the main distribution panel (MDP) which, is located in the base building. Essential power in case of a utility outage is provided by a government furnished-contractor installed engine-generator (E/G). The contractor shall provide the fuel oil system, including the tank and related piping. Critical power is provided by a government furnished-contractor installed UPS system that is fed by batteries. The new facility will contain 50 parking spaces, 5 handicap spaces and 10 motorcycle spaces. The proposed layout of the new base building and ATCT at the selected site including parking, fences, and transformers are shown in Attachment 2. The entire site will encompass approximately 206,000 square feet. In accordance with the Federal Aviation Administration Acquisition Management Systems (FAAAMS), the FAA intends to solicit a Request for Offers (RFO). Award resulting from the RFO will be based on "Best Value" to the FAA giving consideration to: (1) Offeror's past performance and experience with heavy construction specifically with Air Traffic Control Towers and (2) total cost to the FAA. The successful offeror shall furnish all necessary labor, materials, supplies, transportation, services, permits, bonds, other devices and initial training in the performance of the FAA Reno/Tahoe Airport Traffic Control Tower System. Request for a Solicitation package must identify the solicitation number and must be requested in: writing, facsimile or e-mail. Verbal requests will not be honored. The written request for a solicitation package must identify the contractor's background experience in constructing FAA Air Traffic Control Towers -ATCT (i.e. FAA contract numbers for ATCT construction). Questions may be addressed to Kenneth Wilcox at 310-725-7549. A request for a solicitation package must be received no later than the closing date, which is January 5, 2007 at 1600 hours PST. This solicitation will not be issued until the closing date of this announcement to ensure equal response time. The solicitation package will be mailed out after January 22, 2007. The FAA may make an award without communications or negotiations; however, communications and/or negotiations may be conducted to determine the best value to the FAA. The FAA also reserves the right to cancel, terminate this request for solicitation/RFO at any time before, during or after the closing date. Delivery Period: TBD days after Notice-to-Proceed NAICS Code: 233320 Dollar Range: More Than - $10,000,000.00 Issue Date: 12/05/2006
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