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491110 — Postal Service
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United States Postal Service, Supplies and Services Purchasing, Information Technology CMC, 475 L'Enfant Plaza SW Room 4541, Washington, DC, 20260-6238
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WORK TO BE PERFORMED For each online course the deliverables will include the following in sequence for each lesson: 1. Documentation of any required added detail to the task analysis that is needed in order to specifically describe the module/lesson content. 2. Storyboards for each lesson and activities that: ?? Demonstrate module/lesson objectives are covered ?? test items that are based in simulated work experiences and track to the objectives ?? storyboards that can be coded using the html and .asp template structure ?? adequate detail in the storyboards to enable accurate coding to occur with minimal need for re-coding ?? Instructions for hotspots and other entries the trainee will make so that scoring takes place and is correctly directed to the correct field in the database. 3. Documentation of the review of the draft storyboards with USPS experts??? 4. Documentation of the review outcomes and action list 5. Revised versions of the storyboards based on USPS reviews 6. Documentation of the review of the coded lesions with USPS experts and members of the trainee population 7. Documentation of the review outcomes and action list 8. Acquisition and preparation of the visuals so that the visuals are translated into coding so that it supports the learner???s progress 9. Code the lessons, menus, and links 10. Conduct technical tests of the menus and links for navigation within the course 11. Documentation of the plan for piloting of the lessons with USPS learner groups 12. Reports of the piloting outcomes including quantitative 13. Other ??? USPS may request contractor/contract personnel to assist with changes to procedural manuals Web Developer / Graphic Designer (1 Position Available) Location: Employee Development & Diversity Professional & Skills Development 475 L???Enfant Plaza ??? Room 1P650 Washington, D.C. 20260-4215 Non-Scheduled Days: Saturday and Sunday Position Responsibilities: Perform the duties of a eLearning Developer/Graphic Designer to produce effective performance base learning products. Interpret course content and produce properly functioning, error-free lessons and information nuggets. Troubleshoot and test courseware. Quickly adapt to new software packages and developmental languages and work with internal and external customers/clients in solving presentation and development issues. Qualifications/Requirements: ?? BS in Instructional Technology or Computer Science or related experience. ?? 5 years experience as a Web Developer/Graphic Designer ?? Working knowledge and experience in Authorware, Dreamweaver, HTML/DHTML, Java, Java Script, Evolution, and Flash. ?? Proven ability to exchange information in an effective manner with other employees, groups, and/or customers. This includes using a variety of communications methods to achieve a desired goal. ?? Development experience using scripts and programs compliant with the provisions of Section 508 of the Rehabilitation Acts Amendments of 1998. ?? Knowledge of all phases of graphic art and commercial design, including computer graphics applications. ?? Knowledge of web site design, development, and maintenance. ?? Ability to create appropriate illustrations for communications materials. ?? Ability to evaluate visual arts services of designers, artists, and printers. ?? Experience working with Instructional Designers using Evolution. ?? Create / edit graphics with Photoshop, Imageready, InDesign, and Illustrator CS. ?? Knowledge and understanding of how to hand code HTML. ?? Working knowledge and understanding of standards in regards to corporate branding. ?? Proven ability to manage media archive using a content management system ?? Ability to use content management system to generate, test and deploy courseware. 2.2 Tasks Below is a standard Task Activity 2.2.1 Task #1: Develop and Maintain the Project Plan & Prepare and Deliver Progress Reports Description USPS requires the contractor to develop and keep current a Project Plan for the entire duration of the delivery order. The Project Plan shall be developed and maintained in Microsoft Word and Project Professional Inputs Direction of USPS Program Manager or his/her designee. Time Frame Duration of task order Deliverables Deliverable #1: Project Plan ??? due 5 business days after award Deliverable #2: Weekly Progress Reports Acceptance Criteria Upon receipt, USPS Program Manager or his/her designee will review and submit approval/rejection in writing within five (5) business days. Approach: Contractor shall develop and maintain the Project Plan based on Contractor???s proposal. The project plan shall be maintained and provided to USPS when significant changes occur or upon request of the USPS Program Manager. Contractor shall produce and deliver a Weekly Progress Report to summarize progress and identify any anticipated problems. This report will include all activities that occurred during the reporting period. The Progress Report will include at a minimum: ?? Activities performed and deliverables submitted during the past reporting period ?? Activities performed involving the coordination with USPS Client and IT organizations ?? Identified risks and issues with associated recommendations or proposed contingency ?? Activities and deliverables planned for the upcoming reporting period ?? Any changes to the date or composition of deliverables The Progress Report will be in the format outlined in Section 3.2.3 below. Contractor will separately notify the USPS Contracting Officer (CO) regarding any material effects. Material effects include, but are not limited to, changes in value (money), time, or project scope. As examples, a change in a deliverable due date, a change in staff assignments (affecting travel), or the addition or deletion of an activity requires CO notification. 2.2.2 Task #2: Description USPS requires the contractor to Inputs Direction of USPS Program Manager or his/her designee. Time Frame Duration of task order Deliverables Acceptance Criteria Upon receipt, USPS Program Manager or his/her designee will review and submit approval/rejection in writing within five (5) business days. Approach: 2.2.3 Task #3: Description USPS requires the contractor to Inputs Direction of USPS Program Manager or his/her designee. Time Frame Duration of task order Deliverables Acceptance Criteria Upon receipt, USPS Program Manager or his/her designee will review and submit approval/rejection in writing within five (5) business days. Approach: SECTION 3 STAFFING AND RESPONSIBILITIES 3.1 US Postal Service 3.1.1 Staffing USPS shall provide a Program Manager who will serve as the primary point of contact. 3.1.2 Responsibilities USPS will perform the following activities: ?? Define, monitor, and assess Contractor activities and deliverables ?? Review and formally approve Contractor deliverables ?? Provide clarification on business requirements and technical design issues ?? Review and approve the Contractor???s project plans and proposed technical solutions ?? Provide the technical resources necessary to install application software ?? Provide test data from existing legacy system test databases to test system interfaces ?? Provide an acceptance/rejection notice for deliverables to the Contractor ?? Determine when and where meetings will be held. For meetings at USPS facilities, the USPS will provide facilities (including meeting rooms), equipment, property, and materials necessary to conduct 3.1.3 Timekeeping (applicable to Time & Material/Labor Hour task orders) USPS shall provide Contractor???s personnel access to the Program Cost Tracking System (PCTS) in order to record their work hours. 3.1.4 Government-furnished Equipment USPS shall provide Contractor???s personnel access to applicable systems, facilities, and database information needed in performance of this task order, if said personnel obtain the requisite security clearance stated in Section 1.5. 3.2 Contractor 3.2.1 Staffing The Contractor shall provide key personnel who are committed to this project and available as needed. Key personnel are defined as personnel assigned to the labor categories that the USPS has designated as essential to the work to be performed. The key persons identified in the Contractor???s proposal must perform the work defined unless substitutes have been approved in writing by the USPS Program Manager. Any proposed substitutions shall possess qualifications equal or superior to those of the key person being replaced. Before removing, replacing, or diverting, any of the proposed key personnel, the Contractor shall: ?? notify the USPS Program Manager a minimum of 30 calendar days in advance, ?? submit justification in sufficient detail to permit evaluation of the impact on this task, ?? ensure that the replacement is fully aware of the status of work in progress and is briefed on key design decisions and the justification for those decisions, and ?? demonstrate that the replacement has been sufficiently prepared so that work may continue without interruption or delay. For the requirements of this task order, USPS has determined that the following labor categories are needed: ?? 3.2.2 Responsibilities The contractor shall furnish all necessary resources and materials required to meet the requirements defined in this SOW. Delivery is complete when received in both hard and soft copy form by the USPS Program Manager. Deliverables are accepted when the USPS Program Manager or his designee approves them. 3.2.3 Status Reports The Contractor shall produce and deliver status reports to inform the USPS of its progress and to identify any anticipated problems. The progress reports shall include: ?? Work progress ?? Identified risks and technical issues with associated recommendations or proposed contingency ?? Schedule deviations and plan to recover Instruction for the Preparation of Proposals: The contractor shall submit the written proposal electronically in Microsoft Word 6.0 with a minimum font size of ten (10). The written proposal shall be comprised of separate Technical proposal and Cost proposal. The Technical proposal shall not exceed ten (10) pages. Proposals must be submitted by no later than 08/16/06. Send proposals to sheila.redmond@usps.gov Note: If the file is over 2M please mail magnetic data to: USPS, ITCMC 475 L???Enfant Plaza SW, Rm 4541, Washington, DC 20260, Attn: Sheila Redmond In addition please provide alternate labor categories and descriptions as needed.
Place of Performance
Address: USPS, ITCMC, 475 L'Enfant Plaza SW, Room 4541, Washington,DC
Zip Code: 20260-6238
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