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10 -- Wide Area Search Synthetic Aperture Radar (WASSAR) - PART 2 OF 2

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Special Notice
541710 — Research and Development in the Physical, Engineering, and Life Sciences
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Department of the Air Force, Air Force Materiel Command, AFRL - Eglin Research Site, 101 West Eglin Blvd Suite 337, Eglin AFB, FL, 32542-6810
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(PART 2 OF 2) C-- ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: (1) Anticipated Period of Performance: The total contract performance period is 39 months total, including a three month period after the technical effort to complete the Final Technical Report. (2) Expected Award Date: The estimated award date is late Sept 2006. (3) Type of Contract: The Government anticipates awarding a single cost-plus-fixed-fee (CPFF) contract. (4) Government Estimate: The Government anticipates that the WASSAR Seeker program then-year-dollars profile for funding available for the contracted effort will be as follows: FY06 ? .028 M, FY07 - $1.621M, FY08 -$2.068 M, FY09 - $1.336 M. However, this statement shall not be interpreted as an obligation on the part of the Government to fund the WASSAR program at the stated annual levels. (5) Request for Technical Annex: Technical annex may be obtained by sending a certified copy of a DD Form 2345, Militarily Critical Technical Data Agreement, appropriate clearance data, Commercial and Government Entity (CAGE) code, and approved mailing address to the programmatic points of contact in Section F(2) via mail or fax. After acceptance of these items, this data package may be obtained in person or via mail. Request should be provided early enough to allow the Government 10 days to provide the document. No supplemental documentation will be provided unless requested in strict accordance with these instructions. (6) Notice to Foreign Owned Firms: A determination has been made for this solicitation that all foreign participation at the prime contractor level will be prohibited. Exceptions may include those contractors with an agreement with the US State Department and a current facility clearance, copies of which should be provided to Section F Points of contact. (7) Hazardous Materials: The contractor must identify any hazardous materials to be used in performance of this effort in the white paper and any subsequently requested formal proposal. D--WHITE PAPER AND PROPOSAL PREPARATION INSTRUCTIONS: (1) General: All offerors should apply the restrictive notice prescribed in the provision at Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR) 52.215-1 (e), Restriction on Disclosure and Use of Data, to trade secrets or privileged commercial and financial information contained in their white paper and proposals. The offeror must provide sufficient technical detail and discussion to establish the soundness of the proposed approach, provide an adequate basis for assessing program technical cost and schedule risk, and form a sound basis for the proposed cost. The offeror must demonstrate knowledge of the systems engineering process and make realistic assumptions of how the proposed technology increases performance at the missile system level. A white paper or proposal failing to provide adequate technical detail and discussion may be considered technically unresponsive to this BAA Special Amendment. Questions should be directed to the appropriate points of contact listed in Section F. (2) White Papers: White papers shall address all areas indicated by the Evaluation Factors in Section E ? Basis for Award, including how the contractor intends to achieve, for the entire program, the system requirements and applicable parameters outlined in Section B?Requirements, of this Amendment. The contractor must also provide a summary of relevant past and present performance. This summary should highlight efforts by the proposed program manager, lead technical investigator and/or chief engineer supporting relevant multi-mode RADAR development programs within the last five years. State the capacity in which these individuals acted in these relevant programs. Include a list of pertinent contracts, experiences, reference points of contact, phone numbers, etc., and any resumes in a separate appendix. A rough order of magnitude cost estimate shall be provided which indicates Government fiscal year funding as well as major subcontractor cost requirements. Additionally, the white paper shall include any partners, subcontractors, etc., to be utilized, discuss risk (technical, cost, schedule) assessment and technology maturity level required to meet system requirements and applicable parameters. Finally, the white papers should be structured to reflect the basic effort and two priced options described in Section B(2) above. (3) Technical Proposal: For the formal proposal, submit separate Technical and Cost Volumes and mark them as valid for 180 days. Volume 1, Technical Proposal, shall include, as a minimum, a detailed Statement of Work (SOW) and contract schedule for each individual priced option, as described in Section B(2). Volume 1 should fully address the approach in accomplishing the program system requirements and applicable parameters of Section B above. As noted in Section D(2), the contractor must also provide a summary of relevant past and present performance. This summary should highlight efforts by the proposed program manager, lead technical investigator and/or chief engineer supporting relevant multi-mode RADAR development programs within the last five years. State the capacity in which these individuals acted in these relevant programs. Include a list of pertinent contracts, experiences, reference points of contact, phone numbers, etc., and any resumes in a separate appendix. Volume 1 should be unclassified, if possible. Any classified material must be provided in a separate annex and must be properly marked and handled as such. Any classified material should be provided directly to the programmatic points of contact in section F(2), rather than to contracting points of contact. (4) Cost Proposal: The Volume 2, Cost proposal, must include and segregate the contract costs, and also provide a total summary. It must reflect the basic effort and priced options described in Section B(2) separately. The contract costs shall include, as a minimum, a labor category and man-hour breakdown including applicable labor rates, a cost element summary including labor, material, travel, other direct costs, overheads, G&A, etc., and reflecting all rates for the contract and data, and a monthly expenditure schedule for the entire program. The offeror shall include estimates for the cost/value of any Government-Furnished Equipment/Property/Information, etc. requested, and all costs expected to be incurred by the Government associated with providing the equipment, facilities, support, etc., necessary to meet the contractor?s testing requirements. Volume 2, Cost Proposal, must be unclassified and should address the price, cost details, and a risk assessment of the proposal. The anticipated award for Basic CLIN 0001 and option CLINs 0002 and 0003 combined is expected not to exceed $5.053 Million. Any awardee should expect to certify cost and pricing data in accordance with FAR 15. (5) Page Limitations: White papers are limited to 30 pages, which will include a ROM cost estimate. Formal Technical Proposal shall be limited to a total of 50 pages, including charts, figures, tables, etc. The Government reserves the right to remove and return to the offeror any excess pages before the formal evaluation starts. Proposed SOWs, resumes and relevant past and present performance may be included as appendices, and will not be counted in the page limitations. Although Past and Present Performance information should be discussed in the White Paper and/or Volume 1, Technical Proposal, a list of pertinent contracts, experience, points of contact, phone numbers, etc., and any resumes, should be in a separate appendix, which is not included in the White Paper for Technical Proposal page limitations. Formal Cost Proposal will have no page limitation; however, the offeror is requested to keep the cost proposal to 30 pages or less, if possible. Cost proposal spreadsheets must be submitted in Microsoft Excel format. A page is defined to be one side of an 8.5 x 11-inch piece of paper with information on it. Minimum print size is 12-pitch, using Arial or Times New Roman font, with line spacing of not less than one and one-half for the typeface used (no more than 34 lines per page) for the formal proposal. White papers may be single-spaced. The white paper and potential proposal shall be submitted as an original document and six paper copies, and one copy should be submitted on CD or DVD. Note: Submittal of a white paper or proposal constitutes contractor?s authorization for limited reproduction and dissemination within Government agencies and National Laboratories for evaluation purposes only, as stated in FAR 52.215-1(e). (6) Preparation Costs: The cost of preparing a white paper or proposal in response to this announcement is not considered an allowable direct charge to any resulting contract, or any other contract. It is, however, an allowable expense to the normal bid and proposal indirect cost specified in FAR 31.205-18. Offerors are advised that only the Contracting Officer is legally authorized to contractually bind or otherwise obligate the Government. The US Air Force reserves the right to award one or no contracts based on the proposal received. E--BASIS FOR AWARD: Evaluation Criteria: White papers and the proposal will be evaluated as to their projected success in achieving system requirements and applicable parameters outlined in Section B--Requirements, of this BAA Special Amendment, utilizing the Factors and Sub-factors below. Additionally, a risk assessment will be made of the offers, and selections will be made based on the Best Value to the Government. Awards may be made without discussions. Factors are listed in descending order of importance. Although cost is less important than technical, it is still considered significant. Factor (1) Scientific/Technical Merit ? Subfactors (a) through (c) in Factor (1) are of equal importance a. Soundness of offeror?s proposed technical approach to include all study, design, and development efforts, program schedule including meetings and milestones, deliverables and data requirements, technical data rights, and other items specified in this Special Amendment to the BAA. b. Extent to which the offeror demonstrates that the system requirements and applicable parameters can be met with the proposed technologies c. Extent to which existing target classification algorithms for mobile targets (moving and stationary) can be utilized for the proposed system Factor (2) Capabilities and Experience (Includes Past and Present Performance) ? Offeror?s capabilities, related experience (including past and present performance), facilities, techniques or unique combinations of these, which are integral factors for achieving proposal objectives. Past performance will be based on work performed on programs of similar scope and complexity within the last five years. Factor (3) Cost ? Reasonableness and realism of proposed costs. The total cost to be evaluated will include the cost of performing the contract system requirements and applicable parameters, the cost of testing, and any applicable costs for Government Furnished Equipment/Material. Awards made under this Special Amendment to the BAA are dependent upon funds availability. Factor (4) Small Disadvantaged Business (SDB) Participation ? The extent to which SDB concerns are specifically identified as participants will be evaluated. F--POINTS OF CONTACT: (1) Contracting and Cost: The primary point of contact is Ms Robin Gibson, Contract Specialist, (850) 883-2681, or e-mail to robin.gibson@eglin.af.mil. The alternate is Ms Brenda Soler, Contracting Officer, (850) 883-2680, or e-mail to brenda.soler@eglin.af.mil. The mailing address for both is AFRL/MNK, 101 West Eglin Blvd., Suite 337, Eglin AFB FL 32542-6810. The AFRL/MNK telefax number is (850) 882-9599. (2) Programmatic and Technical: Refer to both Mr Tim Jones, (850) 883-2646 and Mr Dave Hayden (850) 882-5252, at AFRL/MNGS, 101 West Eglin Blvd., Suite 287, Eglin AFB FL 32542-6810, or e-mail timothy.jones@eglin.af.mil and david.hayden@eglin.af.mil. The AFRL/MNGS telefax number is (850) 882-4638. (3) General information: This announcement and updated or other general information are available via the World Wide Web at http://www.fbo.gov (Look for Solicitation Number MNK-BAA-06-0001C). (PART 2 OF 2)
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