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F -- Gopher Trapping

Notice Date
Notice Type
Contracting Office
Department of Agriculture, Forest Service, R-6 Central Oregon Procurement, Deschutes NF
Solicitation Number
Point of Contact
Maria Gonzalez, Contract Specialist, Phone (541) 383-5547, Fax (541) 383-5544, - Joann Smalling, Procurement Technician, Phone 541-383-5543, Fax 541-383-5544,
E-Mail Address
mgonzalez@fs.fed.us, jsmalling@fs.fed.us
For assistance with broken links contact the Point of Contact in this notice or the FBO Help Desk at 877-472-3779.
Solicitation 01
File Name: A. Solicitation
Link: http://www2.fbo.gov/EPSData/USDA/Synopses/20155/AG%2D04GG%2DS%2D06%2D0016/a%2EAG%5F04GG%5FS%5F06%5F0016%5FGOPHER%5FTRAPPING%5FCRESCEN%5FMASTER%5FSERVICE%5FRFQ%2Edoc
Bytes: 367,104
File Type: Microsoft Word
File Name: B. Offeror's Packet
Link: http://www2.fbo.gov/EPSData/USDA/Synopses/20155/AG%2D04GG%2DS%2D06%2D0016/b%2Eofferors%5Fpacket%2Edoc
Bytes: 200,192
File Type: Microsoft Word
File Name: C. Data Sheet
Link: http://www2.fbo.gov/EPSData/USDA/Synopses/20155/AG%2D04GG%2DS%2D06%2D0016/bbbb%2E2006%5FData%5FSheet%2Exls
Bytes: 29,696
File Type: Microsoft Excel
File Name: D. Exhibits
Link: http://www2.fbo.gov/EPSData/USDA/Synopses/20155/AG%2D04GG%2DS%2D06%2D0016/bb%2EExhibits%2Edoc
Bytes: 686,080
File Type: Microsoft Word
File Name: E. Vicinity Map
Link: http://www2.fbo.gov/EPSData/USDA/Synopses/20155/AG%2D04GG%2DS%2D06%2D0016/bbb%2EVicinity%5FMap%2Ejpg
Bytes: 326,293
File Type: GIF Picture
File Name: F. Bid Item 1.1, 1.2, 1.3, 1.4
Link: http://www2.fbo.gov/EPSData/USDA/Synopses/20155/AG%2D04GG%2DS%2D06%2D0016/c%2EBid%5FItem%5F1%2E1%5F1%2E2%5F1%2E3%5F1%2E4%2Ejpg
Bytes: 180,645
File Type: GIF Picture
File Name: G. Bid Item 1.5
Link: http://www2.fbo.gov/EPSData/USDA/Synopses/20155/AG%2D04GG%2DS%2D06%2D0016/d%2EBid%5FItem%5F1%2E5%2Ejpg
Bytes: 135,802
File Type: GIF Picture
File Name: H. Bid Item 1.6
Link: http://www2.fbo.gov/EPSData/USDA/Synopses/20155/AG%2D04GG%2DS%2D06%2D0016/e%2EBid%5FItem%5F1%2E6%2Ejpg
Bytes: 136,905
File Type: GIF Picture
File Name: I. Bid Item 1.7
Link: http://www2.fbo.gov/EPSData/USDA/Synopses/20155/AG%2D04GG%2DS%2D06%2D0016/f%2EBid%5FItem%5F1%2E7%2Ejpg
Bytes: 133,477
File Type: GIF Picture
File Name: J. Bid Item 1.8
Link: http://www2.fbo.gov/EPSData/USDA/Synopses/20155/AG%2D04GG%2DS%2D06%2D0016/g%2EBid%5FItem%5F1%2E8%2Ejpg
Bytes: 142,805
File Type: GIF Picture
File Name: K. Bid Item 1.9
Link: http://www2.fbo.gov/EPSData/USDA/Synopses/20155/AG%2D04GG%2DS%2D06%2D0016/h%2EBid%5FItem%5F1%2E9%2Ejpg
Bytes: 135,483
File Type: GIF Picture
File Name: L. Bid Item 1.10
Link: http://www2.fbo.gov/EPSData/USDA/Synopses/20155/AG%2D04GG%2DS%2D06%2D0016/i%2EBid%5FItem%5F1%2E10%2Ejpg
Bytes: 138,044
File Type: GIF Picture
File Name: M. Bid Item 1.11, 1.12, 1.13
Link: http://www2.fbo.gov/EPSData/USDA/Synopses/20155/AG%2D04GG%2DS%2D06%2D0016/j%2EBid%5FItem%5F1%2E11%5F1%2E12%5F1%2E13%2Ejpg
Bytes: 153,737
File Type: GIF Picture
File Name: N. Bid Item 1.14
Link: http://www2.fbo.gov/EPSData/USDA/Synopses/20155/AG%2D04GG%2DS%2D06%2D0016/k%2EBid%5FItem%5F1%2E14%2Ejpg
Bytes: 137,821
File Type: GIF Picture
File Name: O. Bid Item 1.15
Link: http://www2.fbo.gov/EPSData/USDA/Synopses/20155/AG%2D04GG%2DS%2D06%2D0016/l%2EBid%5FItem%5F1%2E15%2Ejpg
Bytes: 132,740
File Type: GIF Picture
File Name: P. Bid Item 1.16
Link: http://www2.fbo.gov/EPSData/USDA/Synopses/20155/AG%2D04GG%2DS%2D06%2D0016/m%2EBid%5FItem%5F1%2E16%2Ejpg
Bytes: 134,936
File Type: GIF Picture
File Name: P. Wage Determination
Link: http://www2.fbo.gov/EPSData/USDA/Synopses/20155/AG%2D04GG%2DS%2D06%2D0016/o%2E7779WAGDETER062705%2Ertf
Bytes: 9,972
File Type: RTF (Rich Text Format)
File Name: Q. Fire Protection
Link: http://www2.fbo.gov/EPSData/USDA/Synopses/20155/AG%2D04GG%2DS%2D06%2D0016/n%2EFIRECLAUSE%2Edoc
Bytes: 101,376
File Type: Microsoft Word
File Name: All Files
Link: http://www2.fbo.gov/EPSData/USDA/Synopses/20155/AG%2D04GG%2DS%2D06%2D0016/20060404211008%2Ezip
Bytes: 2,241,657
File Type: Zip Compression
Note: If links are broken, refer to Point of Contact above or contact the FBO Help Desk at 877-472-3779.
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