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38 -- 2006 Design-Bid-Build Brussels Chancery Renovation and Rehabilitation Project

Notice Date
Notice Type
236220 — Commercial and Institutional Building Construction
Contracting Office
Department of State, Office of Logistics Management, Acquisition Management, P.O. Box 9115 Rosslyn Station, Arlington, VA, 22219
ZIP Code
Solicitation Number
Response Due
Archive Date
Point of Contact
Tyler Sinclair, Contract Specialist, Phone 703-875-6110, Fax 703-875-5272, - Robert Powell, Chief, Phone 7038755164, Fax 7038756699,
E-Mail Address
sinclairte@state.gov, powellrr@state.gov
This modification changed the response date to 3/14/06 and removed the references for form SF330. 2006 Design-Bid-Build Brussels Chancery Renovation and Rehabilitation Project CHANCERY RENOVATION QUALIFICATION ONLY THE U.S. DEPARTMENT OF STATE (DOS), Bureau of Overseas Buildings Operations (OBO) is seeking to pre-qualify firms for Design-Bid-Build construction services for the renovation of an existing office building, Bi-lateral Mission Chancery, Brussels, Belgium. The construction contract is expected to be awarded prior to September 30, 2006. Actually, construction is not expected to begin until issuance of a Notice to Proceed. Performance period of this project from Notice to Proceed issuance is anticipated to be 18 months. This project does require the use of cleared American workers. The contract type for this project will be firm fixed-price. Award of this contract is subject to the availability of funds. SALMEC-06-R0038: Brussels, Belguim, Chancery Renovation and Rehabilitation: 6,000 gsm, Estimated Bid Build cost range $10 to $15 million. Background Information This US Government owned Chancery, constructed by the Department in 1952 is situated on a one-third acre lot. The 6,000 gsm Chancery is comprised of a seven-story "tower" portion on Boulevard du Regent and a two-story back wing which abuts the CMR. The building forms a "U" shape around a paved interior courtyard and a full basement extends under the entire floor plate of the building including the tower, low wing and courtyard. This level was originally constructed as a parking garage; evidence of the irregular column spacing and ramps still exist. A sub-basement was built under the tower portion of the building, which is comprised of the building's mechanical services. The entire building, with the exception of the top floor was constructed with cast-in-place concrete columns, beams, joists, floor and roof slabs. The top floor of the tower is framed with structural steel, which is roofed with a concrete slab. The exterior walls of the Chancery are clad with flat (French) limestone panels set in a stacked pattern. The original aluminum (double insulated glass) windows are set in punched openings. Project Solicitation THE PROJECT SOLICITATION WILL CONSIST OF TWO PHASES. This announcement for pre-qualification is Phase I. The Department of State will evaluate and rate the pre-qualification proposals based on the evaluation criteria set forth in the following Pass/Fail Evaluation Factors. Those offerors receiving a satisfactory evaluated rating from the technical board will be issued a formal solicitation (Request for Proposal) and invited to submit proposed pricing in Phase II. The government reserves the right not to pre-qualify any offeror receiving less than a satisfactory rating in any evaluation factor or sub-factor. Prior Prequalification Prequalifications were done for the NEC projects in Johannesburg, Sarajevo, Harare, Brazzaville, Libreville, Surabaya, Djibouti, Ouagadougou and Antananarivo and Beirut. Firms found prequalified for the specific individual projects listed in the previous sentence may prequalify for this project by submitting a letter of interest as described below prior to the closure date of this solicitation. Design build firms that submitted a prequalification package for SED design-build projects of similar scope and dollar value during FY 2005 and were successfully pre-qualified by the OBO technical panel need not resubmit a complete pre-qualification package under this announcement. If interested, the previously pre-qualified offerors must send the POC a letter of interest as described below prior to the closure date of this solicitation. Letter of Interest: The letter must be submitted in accordance with the previous paragraph. However, if any changes have occurred in the construction firm's structure, size status, or team of the construction aspect of the offeror's original design-build pre-qualification package, the offeror must identify the change(s) in the letter for the government to review and evaluate. The government will determine if such changes are acceptable. Offerors must ensure that they cite the RFP number of the previous pre-qualification solicitation and what specific changes were made since pre-qualification. A change by the contractor must be sent for evaluation to this office regardless of how minor the offeror may believe it is. If no changes have occurred since pre-qualification, the offeror must state this in the letter of interest. Offerors are reminded that the letter of interest is due prior to the closure time and date of this solicitation otherwise the offeror will not be evaluated for pre-qualification for this project. Prequalification based on successful prior prequalification for the specific projects list above or based on prequalification in FY 2005 is subject to a satisfactory evaluation of Past and Present Performance as described in Factor 3 below. Offerors need not provide additional Past Performance information. The Government will determine the extent to which past performance will be evaluated and the internal and/or external sources from which past performance information will be sought, if any. Prequalification Requirements The submissions received in response to the Phase II formal solicitation shall be submitted in the formats provided and will be evaluated in accordance with the evaluation procedures contained in the solicitation. Due to time constraints, it is anticipated that the pre-qualified firms will be required to participate in visits to the project sites within 10 to 15 days after the issuance of the design-bid-build RFP. To offset some of the cost of the site visits and other related costs, pre-qualified firms that do not receive the design-bid-build award will be paid $10,000.00 for a fair and reasonable and responsive project proposal they submit in Phase II. Phase I MANDATORY PREQUALIFICATION REQUIREMENTS: Firms being considered for award under this acquisition are limited to United States person bidders. Each company responding to this notice shall contact the DOS Contract Specialist for a copy of the pamphlet "Certifications Relevant To Public Law 99-399, Statement of Qualifications for Purpose of Section 402 of The Omnibus Diplomatic Security and Antiterrorism Act of 1986." (The pamphlet is contained in the FEDBIZOPPS announcement.) The pamphlet must be completed and included as part of the pre-qualifications package. If a joint venture is formed, the company having 51 percent or greater interest in the JV must be the one completing the pamphlet. This is a pass/fail evaluated area. Offerors must receive a pass rating in this area before proceeding to the next step in the evaluation process. Information on the US persons requirements may be viewed at: http://www.statebuy.state.gov/grants/authorities.htm#procurement SECURITY CLEARANCE REQUIREMENT In order to be eligible to perform under this contract, the pre-qualified firm(s), including all entities which comprise a joint venture, must possess or be able to obtain a Department of Defense (DoD) Secret facility security clearance (FCL) with Secret safeguarding capability, issued in accordance with the National Industrial Security Program Operating Manual (NISPOM), DoD 5220.22-M. All entities comprising a joint venture for this effort must be issued an FCL, as well as the joint venture. If a pre-qualified firm does not possess the necessary DoD FCL, the Department of State will sponsor the firm for an FCL at the time they are determined to be pre-qualified. The Department of State will allow 90 calendar days from the notice of pre-qualification for firms to obtain the necessary FCL. Firms will not receive the classified portions of Phase II of the RFP until they have been issued the appropriate FCL and received Defense Security Service (DSS) approval to safeguard classified documents. Sponsorship does not guarantee that the firm will receive the FCL. The Government will not be obligated to extend its solicitation schedule, or to make an award to a sponsored, pre-qualified firm, if that firm has not been issued a FCL. Security clearances must be in accordance with the National Industrial Security Program Operating Manual (NISPOM), DoD 5220.22-M. Specifically designated personnel requiring access to classified information or to the Controlled Access Areas (CAA) must also possess a Secret or Interim Secret personnel security clearance issued by DSS. Offerors already possessing the necessary FCL must submit their appropriate Commercial and Government Entity (CAGE) Code with the required pre-qualification documentation. All firms must comply with security requirements detailed in the NISPOM. Phase I Proposal Submission Requirements PRE-QUALIFICATION PROPOSAL SUBMISSION REQUIREMENTS: Offerors that meet the above mandatory requirements must submit documentation as described in the following evaluation factors if not alreadu prequaulified in fiscal year 2005 or 2006 as previously described. To be considered for qualification, offerors must address the following criteria in writing, and meet the requirements of each of the criteria fully. Offerors are cautioned that only the information contained in their submission and any additional information obtained concerning past performance will be considered during the evaluation of offerors. Each of the factors below will be evaluated on a pass/fail basis. Submissions must be provided in original and three copies, and formatted according to evaluation factors. Submissions must be formatted and tabulated by evaluation factor: Factor 1 - Technical Approach and Business Management Plan; Factor 2 - Technical Qualifications; 2a - Professional Qualifications Construction, 2b - Security; 2c - Capacity; Factor 3 - Past and Present Performance. Proposal Format: Maximum page limit for submissions is 150 single sided pages/75 doubled sided pages. FACTOR 1: TECHNICAL APPROACH AND BUSINESS MANAGEMENT PLAN. Provide a business management plan for construction projects that explains the offeror's methodology for decision-making, personnel management, team approach, quality control and assurance, etc. in the execution of the contract scope, schedule establishment and control, and budget allocation. Demonstrate effective schedule and cost control by listing the planned and actual construction duration, construction contract award amount and final price, and construction change order rate in tabular form for four recent projects. Provide an organizational chart and description that clearly demonstrates the relationship amongst the offeror, subcontractors and OBO. Included in this shall be identification of key management personnel (identify individuals by name) to include construction, project management, administration, and quality control. Describe your quality assurance/quality control program and show the process and method of identifying and correcting deficiencies. The Government will evaluate the extent to which the offeror's proposed plan demonstrates: a previous record of performing similar projects on schedule while maintaining effective cost and quality control and assurance program; a comprehensive and effective approach for management and coordination of decision making, project personnel, and control of project schedules and budgets. FACTOR 2: TECHNICAL QUALIFICATIONS. SUB-FACTOR 2a: PROFESSIONAL QUALIFICATIONS CONSTRUCTION. Provide a minimum of four projects, maximum of five and provide construction volume per year in the last three years. Provide resumes of all key construction management personnel. It will be possible to substitute personnel if invited to phase II, however, qualifications must meet/exceed those submitted for phase I. The Government will evaluate the extent to which the offeror's proposal: (a) Demonstrates professional qualifications, specialized experience, and technical competence in the construction of projects involving multiple contractor and subcontractor disciplines. (b) Demonstrates successful construction of project of similar scope and dollar value as that specified in this notice. SUB-FACTOR 2b: SECURITY. The Government will evaluate the extent to which the offeror's proposal demonstrates capability in the construction of physical and technical security systems for buildings, including blast and HVAC chemical and biological protection. SUBFACTOR 2c: CAPACITY. The Government will evaluate the extent to which the offeror's proposal demonstrates capacity (financial, professional, and personnel resources) to accomplish work within the $10 to 15 million range. The package will be evaluated to determine the extent to which it demonstrates the offeror has sufficient financial, bonding, professional, and personnel resources to accomplish the project. The Government will evaluate the extent to which the offeror demonstrates sufficient capacity should the offeror be awarded the contract during Phase II. FACTOR 3: PAST AND PRESENT PERFORMANCE. Offerors shall submit detailed information concerning Federal, State and Local Government, and private contracts considered to be relevant in demonstrating ability to perform construction similar to that identified in this notice. Performance shall have been within the last three years. This information may include efforts performed by other divisions, corporate management, or critical subcontractors, if such resources will be brought to bear or significantly influence the performance of the proposed effort. Information shall include: offeror's company/division; program title; customer contract agency/company; contract number; brief description of effort and relevance to the proposed effort; type, value and performance period of contract; and offeror's role in past work (prime or sub). Provide name, address and telephone number of current or last, Program Manager, Contracting Officer, and/or Contract Manager for each referenced project. Offerors may include additional relevant information demonstrating significant achievements or explain performance problems they consider relevant to the proposed efforts. The Government will evaluate the extent to which the offeror's past performance demonstrates conformance to specifications and compliance with contract terms and conditions; adherence to contract schedules; effectiveness in forecasting, managing, and controlling contract costs; responsiveness and business-like concern for the customer; and effective management of subcontractors and key personnel, including timely award of subcontracts and selection, retention, and replacement (when necessary) of key personnel. Note: As prescribed in the Federal Acquisition Regulation at 15.305(a)(2)(iv), an offeror without a record of relevant past performance or for whom information on past performance is not available will receive a neutral rating. Phase II Summary Of Statement Of Work (RFP) The statement of work, standards, and criteria issued with the RFP for this project will include: project scope, design requirements, design process, design documentation, design expertise, construction process, and post construction activities, reference drawings and specifications, codes and standards, and security requirements. Prime Contractor Requirements The design-bid-build firm will also be responsible for completing the construction drawings and specifications in accordance with the solicitation documentation provided. The contract type for this project will be firm fixed-price. Construction services will include construction labor and materials to execute the OBO accepted design; on-site organization with management of lines of authority to ensure overall project coordination; and overall control throughout the life of the project. Required services include preparation of construction documents, quality control plans, safety plans, project schedules, cost estimates, and project close-out activities. Closing ALL SUBMITTALS MUST BE RECEIVED BY 3:00 P.M. EST February 28, 2005. TRANSMISSION OF PROPOSALS: Offerors are advised to hand deliver or submit proposals by courier (FedEx, UPS Express Mail, DHL, ETC.) to the following address (DO NOT USE the U.S. POSTAL SERVICE (PO Box) ADDRESS) U.S. Department of State: Attn: Tyler Sinclair/ Robert Powell A/LM/AQM/FDCD/CON, Room L-600, SA-6 1701 North Fort Myer Drive Arlington, VA 22209 Include the solicitation number SALMEC-06-R0038, on the face of the package. REQUESTS FOR CLARIFICATIONS must be submitted in writing to Tyler Sinlcair/Robert Powell by email SinclairTE@state.gov and PowellRR@state.gov or via facsimile at (703) 875-6699.
Place of Performance
Address: Brussels
Country: Belgum
SN00996035-W 20060302/060228212153 (fbodaily.com)
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