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Solicitation Notice
811310 — Commercial and Industrial Machinery and Equipment (except Automotive and Electronic) Repair and Maintenance
Contracting Office
DHS - Direct Reports, United States Coast Guard (USCG), Coast Cutter Healy, 1519 Alaskan Way South, Seattle, WA, 98134
ZIP Code
Solicitation Number
Response Due
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Small Business Set-Aside
Total Small Business
Engine, TAMD 41 PA: Drain off and dispose the cooling water of the engine, lube oil and fuel from fuel filter and fuel injection pump. Clean external surfaces of engine. Remove cooling pipes from after cooler. Remove after cooler. Remove heat exchanger, hose connections and ventilation pipe to turbo. Remove pipes to/from oil cooler. Remove and discard oil filter. Remove oil filter bracket along with oil cooler. Remove oil psi sender and sensor. Remove crankcase ventilation filter and air filter w/ bracket. Remove oil dipstick pipe. Remove intake manifold. Remove alternator, bracket and tensioning iron. Remove vee belts. Remove starter motor. Remove elec. distribution box on exhaust manifold. Remove turbo connecting pipes. Remove exhaust manifold along with turbo. Remove thermostat housing, fresh water circ pump and cable harness. Disassemble cylinder head. Remove and check valve springs and valves and guides. Check rocker arm assemblies for wear/damage. Remove and discard rubber seals on inlet valves. Remove injector nozzles. Pressure test nozzles and replace/renew. Check fuel injector sleeves for wear/damage. Clean all parts. Check the plane of the cylinder head. Plug all coolant holes and hydrostatic test cylinder head. Remove pulley installed on crankshaft hub. Remove center bolt on hub and pull hub. Remove cover to timing gear casing. Remove fuel injection pump carrier, sea water pump carrier and fuel injection pump drive. Remove fuel injection pump. Remove intermediate gear. Remove camshaft gear. Pull off crankshaft gear. Remove inspection covers and valve lifters. Remove camshaft thrust washer and camshaft. Remove oil pan, oil pipe and bracket. Remove reinforcement plate, pistons and piston rods. Pull out cylinder liners. Remove flywheel damper, flywheel and flywheel housing. Remove main bearing caps. Remove crankshaft. Clean and inspect cylinder block, pistons, rings and cylinder liners. Clean and inspect piston rods, crankshaft, camshaft, oil pump, seawater pump, fresh water pump, after-cooler, oil cooler. Pressure test oil cooler. Check oil positive pressure valves for proper operation. Check supercharging pressure. Measure and inspect all removed components for wear /damage. Use all new gaskets, sealing rings, sealing washers and locking washers during re-assembly. Ensure all parts meet allowable tolerances prior to assembly. Paint all external surfaces IAW Volvo Penta Maintenance Manual. Install cylinder liners. Install piston cooling nozzles. Install main bearings and crankshaft. Install thrust washers. Install main bearing caps. Assemble pistons and piston rods. Install crankshaft bearing shells and caps. Install reinforcement plate and oil pump. Install flywheel. Install camshaft, spacer ring and thrust washer. Install intermediate gear. Install inlet manifold. Install fuel injection pump. Install carrier for sea water pump. Replace sealing ring in the transmission cover. Install valve lifters and inspection covers. Install fresh water circulation pump. Install oil pressure sensor and sender. Install oil filter bracket and cooler. Install new oil filter. Install cylinder head. Adjust valves. Set injection angle. Install exhaust manifold and thermostat housing. Install oil dipstick. Install air filter and crankcase ventilation filter. Install valve covers, alternator, starter motor and distribution box. Connect cables/harnesses. Install heat exchanger and connection pipes. Install ventilation pipe on turbo. Install aftercooler and connection pipes. Install sea water pump, fuel filter and its connections. Install seawater filter/strainer. Install fuel feed pump. Fill up with lube oil and coolant. Vent fuel system. Test run engine. Check all gauges, alarms and shutdowns for proper operation. Set max unload speed and low idle per tech pub. Outdrive, Model 290 SPC: Remove propeller and zinc. Remove oil drain plug. Drain off and dispose oil from unit. Remove cover. Disconnect shift cable from shift plate and remove swivel. Remove locking plate. Remove steering helmet and U-joint bellows. Remove locking screws holding shaft journals in transom shield. Lift off sterndrive and place on cradle. Remove shift rod from shift plate. Remove lower gear housing from intermediate housing. Lift out upper gear, bearing box and engagement sleeve. Remove spacer ring and needle bearings from upper and lower gear sets. Remove upper and lower bearing sleeves. Remove u-joint and double bearing box. Remove collar washer, locking ring and seal ring. Press out input gear. Wash parts and check for wear. Use all new gaskets, sealing rings, sealing washers and locking washers during re-assembly. Replace parts when necessary. Press roller bearing onto gear. Install input gear in the double bearing box. Check pre-stressing measurements. Install collar washer. Press on the bearings and the bearing boxes onto the gear wheels. Adjust the forward gear. Shim forward and reverse gears as required. Check gear backlash and contact pattern. Assemble and adjust the upper gear. Assemble and adjust the input gear. Assemble and adjust the shift mechanism. Assemble and adjust the lower gear. Inspect inner and outer propeller shaft. Shim intermediate housing and lower gear housing as required. Install sterndrive in transom after re-assembly. Install propeller and zinc. Fill drive with oil. Treat sterndrive with anti fouling paint after all surfaces have been touched up properly. Electro-mechanical sterndrive tilting device: Remove cover, limit switch, bracket and relays. Remove electric motor. Remove and inspect trim pump. Remove gear rod, spring, bearings and worm gear. Remove guide sleeve and worm screw. Clean and inspect parts for wear/damage. Replace parts if necessary. Assemble the tilting device in reverse order. Check power trim gear wheel. Check wiring for corrosion prior to installation/connection. Replace as necessary. Check tilt and retaining pawl mechanism function. Adjust as required. Adjust trim fin. Check sending unit of the trim indicator gauge for proper operation. Operate trim pump for proper operation. System is self-venting. Check pump and hose connections for leaks. Correct as required. Install bonding kit and transom shield.
Place of Performance
Zip Code: 98134
Country: USC
SN00995898-W 20060302/060228211707 (fbodaily.com)
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