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541513 — Computer Facilities Management Services
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NASA Management Office, Jet Propulsion Laboratory, 4800 Oak Grove Drive, Pasadena, CA 91109
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This is a modification to the synopsis entitled JPL DESKTOP COMPUTING SUPPORT, Solicitation #SS-05-16, which was posted on October 21, 2005. You are notified that additions were made to the Statement of Work and asset value. The due date for responses is extended to February 28, 2006. NOTE: If you responded to the original announcement and your company is still interested in this RFP, given the changes in scope, you are required to respond again. Those companies responding a second time are not required to submit company information unless that information has changed since your previous submittal. DESCRIPTION - The California Institute of Technology?s Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL), operating under a prime contract with the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), seeks to perform market research to identify potential sources interested in responding to a Request for Proposal (RFP) for the integrated, managed solution to JPL Desktop Computing. This announcement is a restatement of a previous announcement posted under Solicitation No. SS-05-16. It contains some significant Statement of Work changes and a significant change to the asset value. Potential sources shall provide all necessary resources including, but not limited to, personnel, proximal and remote facilities, transportation, computer hardware, software, documentation, and all necessary equipment and support services. The services to be performed are, but not limited to: HELP DESK - Provide help desk problem resolution for computer hardware, software and networking in support of the JPL end-users and JPL technical service providers. Help desk operational coverage shall be provided 24 hours per day 7 days per week (24 x 7) all year. SYSTEMS ADMINISTRATION - Provide Systems Administration (SA) coverage 10 x 5, that is, 10 hours per day on JPL workdays. Systems administration includes interfacing with users, both on-site and remotely, and implementation of: IT Security, network interface and connectivity; PC and Macintosh installation and configuration; client-server administration; planning, analysis, system engineering, and documentation; and asset protection and disaster recovery. The software infrastructure required to be administered will include commercial operating systems, utilities, tools, and applications plus public domain software. The scope is limited to those functions and applications being implemented on PC and Macintosh systems and those Unix systems which are tightly integrated with the PC/Macintosh systems on the same subnetwork. The systems include desktops, notebooks, and servers, and the related hardware, software, and network interfaces. COMPUTER HARDWARE MAINTENANCE - Provide coverage 10 x 5, that is, 10 hours per day on JPL workdays. Provide hardware maintenance for desktop, notebook, and server PC and Macintosh systems and related peripherals. Maintenance service includes preventative and corrective maintenance, sparing, component upgrades, installation of new equipment, and relocations. REPLENISHMENT OF HARDWARE (RPLN) - Provide system replenishment (scheduled replacement) and software replenishment services including the end-to-end process of requirements definition, technology assessment, product selection, placement of orders, procurement, delivery, installation, and setup, thereby providing to JPL the beneficial use of such systems and software. The systems replenished are being provided to JPL, as a service and ownership responsibility is the potential contractor?s. The replenishment cycle may vary with system type and project requirements. Installation of software is expected to be more frequent in order to maintain and improve interoperability and meet security requirements. Implement software installation using techniques, such as push-pull, which ensure user choice of timing of upgrade. Recommend, maintain, control, update, and offer to users standard baseline configurations, including hardware, software, and peripherals, which are compatible and interoperate in the JPL computing environment. Recommend, maintain, control, update, and offer to users selected standard upgrade options, including hardware, software, and peripherals, which build upon the baseline configurations without compromising compatibility and interoperability in the JPL computing environment. Perform product testing and evaluations as required to ensure compatibility and interoperability. Coordinate recommendations with JPL. Communicate with the customer and take responsibility and ownership of the customer?s RPLN process. Review with the customer the system configuration and the delivery schedule and process. Coordinate requirements for setup support, including data transfer, initial support and training, and support from other service areas. PURCHASE HARDWARE - Purchase hardware, as specified by JPL that will remain government-owned equipment. Potential contractor shall deliver the hardware and install, as needed. ADDITIONAL SERVICES ? JPL is considering the expansion of the current Statement of Work to include additional enterprise IT services. These services are: Helpdesk Consolidation (including Oracle level one support, Network Operations, Information Services Operations), Server Consolidation (including Web hosting, Application hosting, and File Sharing), Software License Management, Email, Calendaring, Instant Messaging, Backup and Recovery, Network Operations (including wireless), Mobile Devices (Treo, Blackberry, PDA, and cell phones), IT Training, and VoIP. It is anticipated that these additional services will appear in the final RFP as priced options. GENERAL INFORMATION - JPL is a sprawling campus over several acres with computers located in every building. The majority of support will occur at the main campus in Pasadena. However, some support of offices in different locales within the U.S. shall be required. No physical space will be provided by JPL. The potential contractor will have to arrange for their own physical space to support this effort. There are about 8,000 systems with a mix of 75 percent PC and 25 percent Mac. Additional Information about JPL can be found at http://jpl.nasa.gov The potential contact is envisioned to run for a five (5) year period with option(s) to extend another five (5) years. Therefore, technology solutions will be assessed for viability over the next ten (10) year period. The potential contractor will be measured against metrics in the first five (5) years and to earn the option(s) to extend the potential contract over a ten (10) year period. It is anticipated that the potential contractor will have to finance approximately $16M in hardware costs and arrange software licenses of over $1.5M up front, spreading the costs over the first five (5) years. Hardware and software will be left in place for the transition of services. PLACE OF PERFORMANCE ? JPL, 4800 Oak Grove Drive, Pasadena, California 91109-8099. SMALL BUSINESS GOALS - Small Business Goals will likely exceed thirty (30) percent and the potential contractor will have to team with small businesses (unless the contractor is a small business concern) as part of the evaluation of the proposal. REQUEST FOR PROPOSAL - Release of the RFP is anticipated in the third quarter of calendar year 2006. RESPONSES DUE - JPL requests that interested parties respond with their company?s capabilities via brochures, company literature or any medium, which will describe their company?s capabilities. Potential sources should respond to this requirement via email to: Steven.L.Simpson@jpl.nasa.gov, no later than February 28, 2006. All correspondence shall be conducted via email. Company literature should be mailed to JPL, Attn: Steve Simpson, M/S 190-220, 4800 Oak Grove Drive, Pasadena, CA 91109-8099. Include your company name and contact information; small business status; and any other information about your company and/or experience in this type of effort. If you responded to the original announcement and your company is still interested in this RFP (given the changes in scope), you are required to respond again. Those responding a second time are not required to submit company information unless that information has changed since your previous submittal. Companies with a genuine interest in proposing to JPL for the Desktop Services Contract will be invited to participate in a two (2) hour ?one-on-one? session with JPL either April 17 or April 19. JPL employees who will influence the RFP are interested in interacting with companies to discuss innovative ideas that may improve the services provided to the Laboratory and its employees. POINT OF CONTACT - Steve Simpson, Subcontracts Manager, Phone 818-354-7243, FAX 818-354-3494, Email: Steven.L.Simpson@jpl.nasa.gov
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