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F -- 1,200 Tons of Hay Delivered to Litchfield, CA

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BLM Invitation for Bids, NAB060006, 1,500 TONS OF GOOD QUALITY ALFALFA HAY TO BE DELIVERED ON NOVEMBER 28, 2005. Solicitation number NAB060006 applies and will be issued as an Invitation for Bid (IFB) on or about October 31, 2005 for the following requirement: The Bureau of Land Management's Litchfield, CA Holding Facility has a requirement for 1,500 tons of good quality alfalfa hay, delivered on November 28, 2005. HAY REQUIREMENTS: The hay must be provided in accordance with the following specifications: 1) Domestically grown; 2) Sun-cured with no moisture damage, not heating. Properly stored and well cured; 3) The hay shall consist of these: alfalfa and grass; timothy grass only or a combination of timothy, brome and orchard grass, used for food for domestic animals, cured, cut, and stored for fodder. 4) Hay shall be free of mold, dust, Russian thistle or Prickly herb, "cheat" grass, foxtails, corn stalks, bearded grain, and other long awns (spikelets), and any other weed or grass not considered healthy forage for domestic animals. 5) Hay shall be free from animal contamination, dangerous pesticides and foreign matter of any kind (i.e., wire, nails, or other debris). 6) Hay shall be cut with a crimper and baled with wire or Rat and Rot-proof twine. 7) Bales shall be delivered direct from fields or barns via clean vehicles not used for transport of livestock. 8) Round bales or bales exceeding 130 pounds are not permissible. 9) Bales shall be uniform lengths; ragged bales, shall not be accepted. 10) Bales with loose wire/twine or broken bales shall not be accepted. 11) Bales from the California Correctional Center, Susanville, CA, fields will not be accepted. 12) Deliver to the Litchfield Holding Facility at 474-000 Highway 395 East, in Litchfield, CA. Delivery, off-loading and stacking in the hay barn to be included in the unit price. 13) Each load must be accompanied by a certified weight slip. 14) 2nd cutting from 2005 crop. 15) Shall consist of at least 95 percent alfalfa and not more than 5 percent grasses (per bale), used for food for domestic animals, cured, cut and stored for fodder. 16) Shall be provided in square bales, weighing no more than 140 pounds and no less than 100 pounds each. 17) Bales that are on top or bottom of stacks stored outside are unacceptable. 18) Rain damaged bales are unacceptable. 19) Bales from the fields at the California Correctional Center in Susanville, CA are unacceptable. DELIVERY REQUIREMENTS: 1) The Contractor shall coordinate all deliveries and unload all bales as specified by the COR. 2) Contractor shall submit a state certified weight ticket for each load to verify weight delivered. 3) All deliveries will be inspected by the on-site COR/PI and either approved or rejected for non-compliance before unloading. 4) The COR shall direct the Contractor to correct any nonconforming deliverables and confirm such direction in writing to the Contractor, with copies going to the Contracting Officer. 5) Deliveries will be made during normal business hours, Monday - Friday between 8 a.m. - 4 p.m., and coordinated with the COR. 6) Weekend deliveries will be permitted only with the approval of the COR. 7) Weigh tickets will be provided to the COR upon hay delivery and used to verify the tonnage shipped prior to inspection and eventual acceptance of each shipment. 8) The Contractor will be reimbursed for the actual quantity of alfalfa hay shipped. 9) The hay shall be delivered, unloaded and stacked by the Contractor at the following location: Bureau of Land Management, Litchfield Holding Facility, 474-000 Highway 395 East, Litchfield, CA 96117. 10) All hay shall be transported using standard commercial practices for the shipment of alfalfa hay, in vehicles compliant with local, State and Federal regulations concerning the transport of alfalfa hay. This is a 100% set-aside for small business. The NAICS classification is 111940. Size standard is $.75 million. Bids are due November 15, 2005 by 2:00 PM Mountain Time. Send bids by U.S. Mail to: Department of the Interior; BLM, BC-663; Attention: Steve Santoro; BLDG 50, DFC, PO Box 25047; Denver, CO 80225-0047. By express or hand delivery: Department of the Interior; BLM, BC-663; Attention: Steve Santoro; Mail Room, Entrance S-4; BLDG 50, Denver Federal Center; Denver, CO 80225. By facsimile: (303) 236-9421. Submit bids to the address indicated above in accordance with FAR 52.212-1. Bids shall include the following items: 1) Pricing Schedule including unit price. 2) Any prompt payment discount terms. 3) Completed 52.212-3 Representations and Certifications - Commercial Items (accessible at http://www.arnet.gov/far/). 4) List of three most recent customers having similar requirement (provide name, telephone number, and point of contact). 5) Include TIN and DUNS Number. 6) Offer must be signed. The anticipated award date is November 17, 2005 for a Firm Fixed Price Type contract. Bidders must be registered at http://www.ccr.gov to be considered for award. Award will be made on an all or none basis to the bidder with favorable past performance offering the lowest overall price.
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