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V -- HARBOR PILOT SERVICES FOR Portsmouth Naval Shipyard FY 06

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Solicitation Notice
488330 — Navigational Services to Shipping
Contracting Office
Department of the Navy, Commander in Chief, Atlantic Fleet, CNRNE Storefront Newport, 47 Chandler St. Procurement, Newport, RI, 02841-1716
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Funding is issued for FY06 Pilot Services FFP-Services for the use of insured/licensed pilot. The contractor shall provide all the necessary personnel, supervision, and management equipment for these pilot services. Materials and services are to be provided for government vessels in the Piscataqual River, the Portsmouth Naval Shipyard, through to the Gulf of Maine and the Atlantic Ocean for free and clear navigation. HARBOR PILOT SERVICES FOR Portsmouth Naval Shipyard STATEMENT OF WORK CUSTOMER LOCATION Portsmouth Naval Shipyard, Portsmouth, NH (PNSY) PERIODS OF PERFORMANCE Base Period ? 1 October 2005 or Date of Award to 30 September 2006. Option #1 1 October 2006 to 30 September 2007 Option #2 1 October 2007 to 30 September 2008 Option #3 1 October 2008 to 30 September 2009 Option #4 1 October 2009 to 30 September 2010 THE PURCHASE ORDER DOES NOT GUARANTEE A MINIMUM ORDER. ORDERING SERVICES 1) Ted Knowels, Code 350, Service craft Operations, (207) 438-1100 or his duly authorized representative will contact the contractor when services are required. They are considered the designated Navy Ordering Officer (NOO). They will order all pilot services for the Navy. This will be done via writing, fax, email, or verbally. If done verbally, a confirming written order will be provided to the contractor. 2) The NOO will issue a Delivery Order (DO) with a unique DO number. Each DO shall be issued only by a NOO, which shall include but is not limited to the port operations petty officer in charge, the LSC and the port operations officer, (specific names are to be listed in the award). 3) The DOs shall be exclusively paid for by the vessel entering or leaving PNSY that need piloting services or the PNSY itself. The U.S. Navy vessel representative, will use valid Government Commercial Purchase Cards (currently Master Card) for payment. 4) The contractor shall be notified of required services with in a reasonable time notice prior to a vessel arrival, movement or departure (including reasonable time for security measures.) Notice will be usually less than one (1) hour. Upon receipt of an oral and/or written order for pilot services, the contractor shall issue a unique delivery order number for invoicing purposes. 5) Any changes to the text and SOW of the contract award shall only be made in advance by a written order from the Contracting Officer. Contracting Officer FISC Norfolk, Procurement Office N.E. Newport Annex, Code 411.2P Naval Station Newport 47 Chandler Street Newport, RI 02841 Tel. # (401) 841-1335 Fax # (401) 841-1160 CONTRACTOR NOTIFICATION TO GOVERNMENT The contractor will: 1). Furnish all services specified with a minimum of half (1/2) hours notice by authorized NOO located at PNSY (207) 438-1100. This time does not include reasonable additional time for security measures. 2). Accept & Confirm valid funded Delivery Orders issued up to 1 day in advance by NOO located at PNSY (207) 438-1100. POINTS OF CONTACT The successful contractor shall provide prior to the date of award: 1) A Point of Contact (POC) and business phone # for both weekdays and weekends; 2) An after hours POC and phone #, if different from the information above. QUALIFICATION REQUIREMENT Each authorized Pilot shall possess: 1). A current, valid federal First Class Marine Pilot License; 2). A working knowledge of all tug and tug equipment characteristics that will be used in the PNSY area; 3). A minimum six months experience piloting ships in and out of the PNSY Area including: Pier Complex, Turning Basin, Channel & Piscataqual River, the Portsmouth Naval Shipyard, through to the Gulf of Maine and the Atlantic Ocean; 4). A working knowledge of all characteristics for USN vessels to include but not be limited to: a. AOE f. LHA b. FFG g. LPD c. CG h. LSD d. DDG i. SSN e. LHD j. SSBN/SSGN k. barges l. service craft 5). A working knowledge of USN shipboard chain of command to avoid confusion in directing ship movement; NOTE: USN ship Captains use pilots as advisors. 6). A working knowledge of unique USN shipboard engine order commands (i.e. Ahead 1/3 vice Ahead Slow or dead slow). 7). Available for work on a 24 hours seven days a week schedule. 8). The contractor shall provide copies of valid pilots license to the U.S. Navy to be kept on file for proof of qualifications. INBOUND & OUTBOUND The contractor shall provide both inbound & outbound Harbor Pilot services to ensure the prompt & safe movement of Class 1, 2, 3, 4 & 5 USN, USNS, MSC, USCG (and possibly foreign Navy) vessels that are requested by valid DOs issued under the resultant contract. AREA OF OPERATION Harbor Pilot Services shall be performed in the PNSY Area including: Pier Complex, Turning Basin, Channel & Piscataqual River, the Portsmouth Naval Shipyard, through to the Gulf of Maine and the Atlantic Ocean until a vessel is free and clear to navigate. BOARDING & UNBOARDING Departing Vessels Harbor Pilots boarding vessels departing to sea shall board the vessel at the PNSY Pier a minimum of one-half hour prior to scheduled underway time. The Harbor Pilot will disembark in a reasonable distance beyond the confines of the Channel & Piscataqual River, the Portsmouth Naval Shipyard, through to the Gulf of Maine where the vessel will be free and clear to maneuver or as designated by departing commanding officer of the U.S. Naval Ship. Returning Vessels For vessels returning from sea, Harbor Pilots will meet and board the vessel at a reasonable distance beyond the confines of the Channel & Piscataqual River, the Portsmouth Naval Shipyard, through to the Gulf of Maine where and disembark at PNSY Pier upon completion of vessel mooring. Moving Vessels Within the PNSY Harbor Pilots will assist in the movement of vessels within the PNSY Area including: Pier Complex, Turning Basin, Channel & Piscataqual River, and the Portsmouth Naval Shipyard. Barges are considered vessels. INTERACTION WITH OTHER PERSONNEL All personnel used in the performance of this contract and orders shall work in complete harmony with trades otherwise engaged in work at the place of performance, regardless of affiliation or lack of affiliation with any special group or trade union. VESSEL HANDLING The contractor shall provide for the safe, efficient and economical handling of ships and other craft. All services shall be provided at and compensated using the applicable prices listed in this contract. DURATION The estimated average duration of each move is approximately two (2) hours excluding running time. However, the Contractor will be required to provide and complete each move for the price quoted without regard to duration. MULTIPLE VESSELS If two or more vessels are scheduled to move within one hour of each other, the contractor will supply the requested services to each vessel. A sufficient number of pilots will be made available to provide safe transit for each vessel. DETENTION The contractor shall be compensated for detention caused by the vessel or the Federal Government. ?Detention? is defined herein, as the actual time, less 2 hours free time, that the pilot lies idle after reporting to the location ordered. The time in detention will be a reasonable amount in consideration of the continued heightened security threat. If the vessel causes an unreasonable length of time of detention, the Commanding Officer of the vessel may authorize compensation to the contractor. Or the contractor may submit an additional invoice to the vessel to be paid. All claims for additional charges to the Government shall be presented to the Contracting Officer for resolution in accordance with the contract clause. DELAY BY CONTRACTOR Inexcusable The contractor shall provide assistance to a vessel to a suitable and safe anchorage, at no cost to the Government, where an inexcusable delay on the part of the contractor has made docking unsafe, impractical, or caused a delay in ships movement greater than 1 hour and/or caused additional expense to the Government. The contractor shall reimburse any additional reasonable expense incurred by the Government as a result of the contractor?s delay. Excusable An excusable delay is defined as that caused by an Act of God (e.g. weather conditions not previously forecast), which make performance impossible and would be outside the control of the contract parties. INABILITY TO PERFORM The contractor shall promptly notify the NOO if the company is unable to meet or is unable to complete an assignment. See ?Substitution? below. SUBSTITUTION 1) With the prior approval of both the NOO PNSY and the Navy Contracting Officer, the contractor may provide a new pilot for Harbor Pilot services under this contract, without additional compensation, provided that the new pilot meets all requirements under the terms of this contract and the number of pilots originally ordered was, in fact, adequate to perform the services. 2) If the company is unable to perform the ordered services, the Government reserves it?s rights under the Termination clauses listed herein to terminate either individual Delivery Orders or the contract award. GOVERNMENT CANCELLATION Valid Delivery Orders issued by designated Navy Ordering Officers may be cancelled as follows: 1) If a DO is cancelled at least one (1) hour prior to the scheduled time for service, there shall be absolutely no cost to the government. 2) If a DO is cancelled less than 1/2 hour prior to the scheduled time for services, the Government shall not be liable for any costs, unless pilots have already been dispatched, and costs have been incurred. 3) Cancellation charges shall be limited to the applicable Harbor Pilot charges contained in the award. SECURITY 1) All contractor equipment, personnel and private vehicles are subject to inspection and search by US Government security officials; 2) All contractor personnel shall comply with all security procedures required to gain access to US Government ships, facilities and other assets. 3) If directed by US Government security officials, the contractor shall remove any equipment or person considered a security risk. 4) The Government reserves the right to visit, inspect and travel with contractors assets that will be used in support of this requirement. 5) In consideration of the heightened security threat, and therefore little advance notice of U.S. Navy vessel movements, a reasonable amount of time will be given to contractor to perform the piloting service. PERFORMANCE EVALUATION CRITERIA 1) Perform within min. 1 hour notice by the NOO (the contractor may have up to 1 failure every six months); 2) Board & disembark vessels within a min. ? hour of scheduled underway time (the contractor may have up to 1 failure every six months); 3) There will be no tolerance of interference of official government duties or personal interaction misconduct with U.S. Military and/or Government Personnel in the performance of the contractor?s official duties. (100% compliance) PERFORMANCE INCENTIVE Option periods (1 through 4) shall be exercised or not by the FISC Contracting Officer based on the availability of adequate funding and the performance records maintained by the NOO at NSNPT on contractor adherence to the above performance criteria. INVOICE AND PAYMENT INFO To be identified on individual Delivery Orders. CONFLICTS BETWEEN COMMERCIAL AND NAVAL VESSELS In the event of conflicting requirements between commercial shipping and Navy vessels, the contractor will make every effort to meet the military vessel needs and movement dates.
Place of Performance
Address: Port Operations Office, Portsmouth Naval Shipyard, Bldg. 238, Portsmouth, NH
Zip Code: 03804-5000
Country: USA
SN00890463-W 20050910/050908212900 (fbodaily.com)
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