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70 -- High Resolution Electronic Displays

Notice Date
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334119 — Other Computer Peripheral Equipment Manufacturing
Contracting Office
Social Security Administration, Deputy Commissioner for Finance, Assessment and Management, Office of Acquisition and Grants, G-C-7 East High Rise Building 6401 Security Blvd., Baltimore, MD, 21235
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In accordance with FAR 10,001(a) (2) the Social Security Administration is conduction market research before developing requirements for possible acquisition of lightweight high resolution electronic displays capable of functioning as cordless electronic readers for electronically stored text and images. The reader or device must be capable of working with standard browsers and or SSA supplied software. Specifically, SSA is interested in the feasibility of utilizing the emerging new technology supporting electronic paper or e-paper for a targeted business application. SSA wishes to determine if commercial items exist that could meet its needs or could be modified to meet its needs. The SSA is in the process of converting a paper based-benefit claims folder to an electronic folder system. The electronic folder will consist of, among others, standard format electronic documents created and saved in Microsoft Word and TIF format. In the event of an appeal, the records within the claim folder must be made available to the claimant and their representative for review before or during a hearing. Current plans are to make the electronic folder available to the claimant and representative on a CD-ROM. The CD-ROM will work with a standard web browser and one of several standard TIF viewers. It requires the user to have a computer and sufficient knowledge of a computer to read the contents of the CD-ROM. There are points within the appeals process where users have sufficient familiarity with a computer to work unassisted. In remote areas, on-site assistance may not be available. A portable electronic display for the claims folder which requires no local network or computer and does not require computer skills to operate could save the infrastructure costs of computers, networking, additional space and contractors/employees needed to operate with the CD-ROMs. SSA envisions this being a re-loadable reader or device with only simple navigation mechanism such as a touch screen working off of an exhibit list and a page-up/page-down function with government supplied electronic folder viewing software. It would also need to be able to interact, to some extent, with SSA systems supporting this activity. If any such portable readers or devices exist and could be adapted to meet the needs specified, SSA would be interested in testing them in up to seven (7) locations. The specific requirements include: (1). Display should approximate 8 1/2 X 11 inch paper format. (2). Ability to display 2 pages on open book format. (3). Ability to work with software to display documents in Microsoft Word and formats used by SSA. (4). Ability to work with SSA supplied navigation software to navigate quickly among large multiple page documents using a supplied document (exhibit) list with touch screen or similar function and page-up/page down keys. (5). Ability to remove one folder and load another quickly and without access to network. (6). Lighter than an ordinary laptop computer. (7). Does not require computer skills to operate. (8). Folders are read-only once downloaded. SSA is requesting contractors that have a product capable of meeting the above requirements to submit complete details of the product and indicate if they are available on Federal Supply Schedule, to the above address within fifteen calendar days from the date of publication of this announcement. No cost or pricing data is required or requested. This is an information gathering effort only and if further procurement action is taken additional publication will be done as required. This is not a request for proposal and the Government does not intend to pay for information submitted. Respondents will not be notified of any evaluated results from the data received. No contract award will be made on the basis or responses received; however, this information will be used in SSA?s assessment of capable sources. Electronic responses only must be submitted by August 18th, 2005. Faxed information will not be permitted. Requests for copies of a solicitation will not be honored or acknowledged. NO FORMAL SOLICITATION IS BEING ISSUED AT THIS TIME. The size limitation for email attachments is five (5) megabytes. MS Word 2002 is the standard word processing software. Respondents should refer to SSA-RFI-05-9980.
Place of Performance
Address: Social Security Administration, Attn: Office of Acquisition and Grants, 1st Floor - Rear Entrance, 7111 Security Boulevard, Baltimore, Maryland,
Zip Code: 21244
Country: USA
SN00857335-W 20050730/050728213054 (fbodaily.com)
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