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A -- Student Services, EPA Athens GA

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Solicitation Notice
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Environmental Protection Agency, Ord Service Center/Nerl, Rtp Procurement Operations Division, Research Triangle Park, NC 27711
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NAICS Code: 541710 THIS IS A PRE-SOLICITATION SYNOPSIS FOR STUDENT SERVICES TO BE AWARDED ON A CONTRACT BASIS BY THE US ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION AGENCY. The solicitation number is UKE044 (RFQ-RT-05-00314). The Ecosystems Research Division [ERD] of the National Environmental Research Laboratory [NERL], Office of Research and Development [ORD] at the U S Environmental Protection Agency [EPA] is seeking a recent graduate or student with a minimum of a bachelors level education completed in Computer Science or a related discipline (e.g., Computer Engineering, Mathematics, Statistics, etc.). The student will provide services under a contractual agreement in support of a research project focusing on development and application of environmental model evaluation hardware and software. The ideal student will: [1] possess skills/experience in PC-based computing for Windows/Linux operating systems, object oriented software development and testing, and will have a working knowledge of C++ and/or Java programming languages; [2] have demonstrated professional experience in C++ and/or JAVA software development, preferably directly related to the development of model evaluation tools; and [3] have background knowledge and demonstrated professional experience in parallel supercomputing environments supporting Windows-based PC clusters. The Ecosystems Research Division [ERD] of the of the Office of Research and Development's National Exposure Research Laboratory conducts process, modeling, and field research to assess the exposure risks of humans and ecosystems to chemical and non-chemical stressors. Leading-edge computational technologies are developed to integrate core sciences into multi-media (air, surface water, ground water, soil, sediment, biota), multi-stressor, and multi-scale (organism, population, community, ecosystem; field, site, watershed, regional, national, global) modeling systems that provide predictive capabilities for complex environmental exposures. Within the ERD, the Regulatory Support Branch [RSB] supports the EPA's mission by developing innovative methods and associated software tools for evaluating modeling systems, encompassing uncertainty analysis, sensitivity analysis, and parameter estimation for simple and complex environmental models. For additional information regarding ERD, visit its home page at http://www.epa.gov/athens/. The student contractor will work with a mentor from RSB as part of a multi-disciplinary research team and will provide technical support for ERD's Windows/Linux-based supercomputing laboratory. The student contractor will also aid in object-oriented software design, programming, and software testing, supporting development of specific model evaluation tools. The student contractor will assist the mentor in performing tasks involved with upgrading existing state-of-the-science hardware and software methodologies in uncertainty and sensitivity analyses, parameter estimation, and parallel/grid computing. Tasks to be performed include, but are not limited to: (1) investigating PC-based parallel computing approaches; (2) expanding ERD's Supercomputer for Model Uncertainty and Sensitivity Evaluation [SuperMUSE] from 200 to 400 client nodes; (3) assisting in the maintenance and enhancement of existing SuperMUSE hardware and software; and (4) assisting in the development of new SuperMUSE hardware and software. All necessary instructions and training, including training in the use of related SuperMUSE software and hardware tools, will be provided by the mentor. This work is currently projected to begin in September 2005. The initial contract will be for one year with an option for an additional 12 months. Multiple awards will be made based on this solicitation, so that the total, not-to-exceed hours of the awards equal the effort of two full-time student contractors (3,856 hours per year). The majority of the work is scheduled to be performed Monday through Friday of each week between the hours of 7:00 AM and 6:00 PM. The actual start date will be determined during contract negotiation. The actual hourly schedule will be determined between the student and mentor during the initial opening period of the contract. The duty location is in the Regulatory Support Branch of the Ecosystems Research Division , 960 College Station Road, Athens, Georgia 30605. Work will be performed primarily in the SuperMUSE laboratory area and associated lab/office spaces, however, library work settings are also possible as needed to conduct research. The work is not particularly hazardous or physically strenuous; office and laboratory health and safety training will be provided, if required. All questions are to be forwarded via email to the Contract Specialist at the following e-mail address: clausen.rebecca@epa.gov. Interested parties should review all material relevant to the requirement by looking at the following website address: http://www.epa.gov/oamrtpnc/q0500314/index.htm These solicitation documents will be posted to that website 15 days after issuance of this pre-solicitation synopsis. Interested parties should go to the website to check the status of this procurement and to ascertain when and if any amendments have been issued.
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