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93 -- Microwave, Pyramidal, Flame-Retardant Absorber

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334515 — Instrument Manufacturing for Measuring and Testing Electricity and Electrical Signals
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Department of the Air Force, Air Force Materiel Command, AFFTC - AF Flight Test Center, 5 S WOLFE AVE, Edwards AFB, CA, 93524-1185
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STATEMENT OF WORK FOR MICROWAVE PYRAMIDAL FLAME-RETARDANT ABSORBERS 13 JULY 2005 1.0 SCOPE The Electronic Warfare Directorate has a requirement to provide low frequency test capability in the Benefield Anechoic Facility (BAF). This low frequency capability requires the installation of larger absorber in order to eliminate multi-path reflections back to the System Under Test (SUT). The purchase of 72? absorber is needed to provide the necessary attenuation at these frequencies. 2.0 APPLICABLE DOCUMENTS IEEE STANDARD 1128 ? ?Recommended Practice for RF Absorber Performance Evaluation in the Range 30 MHz to 5Ghz?. NRL Report 8093 ? ?Modified Smoldering Test of Urethane Foams Used in Anechoic Chambers?. 3.0 REQUIREMENTS 3.1 Testing Each piece of absorber shall be uniquely numbered and tested. Low frequency testing can be performed done using a coaxial reflectometer according to IEEE Standard 1128. The IEEE low frequency method requires absorber to be tested eight pieces at a time, which is acceptable to verify the low frequency performance. The absorber must be tested from 80Mhz to 500Mhz and meet or exceed (more negative) the reflection values in the chart below: (See break points on table below.) The break points are listed in the table below: Frequency (MHz) Reflections at Normal Incidence (dB) 80 -20 120 -30 200 -40 300 -40 500 -45 3.2 Manufacturing and Delivery Constraints Each 2-ft by 2-ft absorber piece must be made out of a single piece of polyurethane foam. Due to the multiuse test nature of the BAF, glue lines would interfere with high frequency testing. To ensure size and performance uniformity the polyurethane foam blocks must be carbon loaded prior to cutting. Separately dipping the carbon loading from the fire retardant loading must be done to ensure more precise control of the carbon loading and hence the absorber?s final performance. The manufacturing and shipping of the absorber must be coordinated with the BAF test schedule. At this point in time, delivery must be scheduled to begin during the week of 28 Nov ? 2 Dec 2005. The BAF does not have storage resources to store the large volume of absorber and would like to install the absorber over an approximate 1 to 2-week delivery schedule. The manufacturer must have a sufficiently large production capacity and indoor storage to be able to deliver the entire order in as short as a 1 week window for timely deployment in the BAF. The last delivery of the entire order cannot exceed 2 weeks from the first delivery. 3.3 Fire Retardant Independently test the flammability of the absorber?s manufacturing method to meet the NRL Report 8093 (Tests 1, 2, and 3). 3.4 Physical Characteristics Overall Height: 72 inches +/-0.5 inch Overall Absorber Footprint: 24 inches square +/-0.125 inch Pyramids per Piece: 1 Pyramid Shape: Conventional microwave absorber Base Height: 12 inches +/-0.25 inch Pyramid Height: 60 inches +/-0.25 inch Fire Retardant Loading: 1.1 lbs/ft(to the third power) +/-5% Paint: Light Blue Installation Backing: None Carbon Compound Loading: TBD* +/-5% * Standard carbon loading is 1.1 lbs/ftto the third power, further modeling by the manufacturer may show that a lighter loading will give better performance in the BAF setup. The manufacturer must be equipped to vary the loading of the absorber at the time of manufacturing with no additional cost. Various carbon loadings may be specified by the government for different lots. No more then 3 lots are anticipated for the total order. 3.4 Past Performance Requirements Provide evidence of previous contract success in meeting identical or similar requirements: RAM manufactured to specification (SOW Para 3.2) Meeting flammability testing requirements IAW NRL Report 8093 (Tests 1, 2, and 3) as spelled out in the BAF safety document (SOW Para 3.3) Delivery similar quantity of RAM within the narrow time frame (SOW Para 3.2). 3.5 Program Management The contractor shall notify the AFFTC Contracting Officer?s Technical Representative (COTR) in a timely manner concerning any issues that would adversely impact the contractor?s ability to meet and satisfy the performance and schedule requirements of this SOW.
Place of Performance
Address: Edwards AFB CA
Zip Code: 93524
Country: USA
SN00856811-W 20050730/050728212215 (fbodaily.com)
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