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Y -- Road Construction and Other Related Work in the North, Central and South Zones within the boundaries of the Daniel Boone National Forest in various counties in Kentucky.

Notice Date
Notice Type
Contracting Office
Department of Agriculture, Forest Service, R-9 Ohio River Basin Shared Procurement Cluster
Solicitation Number
Point of Contact
Jodella Ritchie, Procurement Assistant , Phone 859-745-3128, Fax 859-745-4710, - Sharon Martin, Contracting Officer, Phone 859-745-3131, Fax 859-745-4710,
E-Mail Address
jritchie@fs.fed.us, smartin@fs.fed.us
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Solicitation 01
File Name: Accomplishment Report
Link: http://www1.eps.gov/EPSData/USDA/Synopses/9006/FS%2DORB%2D05%2D1192/Attach4AccomplishmentRpt%2Ertf
Bytes: 523,040
File Type: RTF (Rich Text Format)
File Name: Exhibit A
Link: http://www1.eps.gov/EPSData/USDA/Synopses/9006/FS%2DORB%2D05%2D1192/EXHIBIT%5FA%2Epdf
Bytes: 62,910
File Type: Adobe PDF
File Name: Exhibit B
Link: http://www1.eps.gov/EPSData/USDA/Synopses/9006/FS%2DORB%2D05%2D1192/EXHIBIT%5FB%2Epdf
Bytes: 46,536
File Type: Adobe PDF
File Name: Exhibit C
Link: http://www1.eps.gov/EPSData/USDA/Synopses/9006/FS%2DORB%2D05%2D1192/EXHIBIT%5FC%2Epdf
Bytes: 76,837
File Type: Adobe PDF
File Name: Exhibit D
Link: http://www1.eps.gov/EPSData/USDA/Synopses/9006/FS%2DORB%2D05%2D1192/EXHIBIT%5FD%2Epdf
Bytes: 69,083
File Type: Adobe PDF
File Name: Exhibit E
Link: http://www1.eps.gov/EPSData/USDA/Synopses/9006/FS%2DORB%2D05%2D1192/EXHIBIT%5FE%2Epdf
Bytes: 34,869
File Type: Adobe PDF
File Name: Experience Questionnaire
Link: http://www1.eps.gov/EPSData/USDA/Synopses/9006/FS%2DORB%2D05%2D1192/Attach2Experience%5Fquestionaire%2Ertf
Bytes: 565,870
File Type: RTF (Rich Text Format)
File Name: Map of Districts
Link: http://www1.eps.gov/EPSData/USDA/Synopses/9006/FS%2DORB%2D05%2D1192/mapofdistricts%2Epdf
Bytes: 718,979
File Type: Adobe PDF
File Name: Present Past Performance Questionnaire
Link: http://www1.eps.gov/EPSData/USDA/Synopses/9006/FS%2DORB%2D05%2D1192/Attach3Present%2DPastPerf%5Fquestionaire%2Ertf
Bytes: 520,271
File Type: RTF (Rich Text Format)
File Name: Solicitation
Link: http://www1.eps.gov/EPSData/USDA/Synopses/9006/FS%2DORB%2D05%2D1192/FS%2DORB%2D05%2D1192CONSTRUCTION%5FRFP5%2D18%2D05%2Ertf
Bytes: 924,989
File Type: RTF (Rich Text Format)
File Name: Specifications
Link: http://www1.eps.gov/EPSData/USDA/Synopses/9006/FS%2DORB%2D05%2D1192/Attach1Specifications%2Ertf
Bytes: 79,553
File Type: RTF (Rich Text Format)
File Name: Wage Determination No 26
Link: http://www1.eps.gov/EPSData/USDA/Synopses/9006/FS%2DORB%2D05%2D1192/KY26%5FdvbRdConstORB1192%2Ehtm
Bytes: 10,728
File Type: HTML Hyper-text
File Name: Wage Determination No. 27
Link: http://www1.eps.gov/EPSData/USDA/Synopses/9006/FS%2DORB%2D05%2D1192/KY27RoadConstFS%2DORB%2D5%2D1192%5Fdvb%2Ehtm
Bytes: 26,479
File Type: HTML Hyper-text
File Name: All Files
Link: http://www1.eps.gov/EPSData/USDA/Synopses/9006/FS%2DORB%2D05%2D1192/20050531135559%2Ezip
Bytes: 1,161,719
File Type: Zip Compression
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