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Y -- George Washington Memorial Parkway Project PLH-GWMP 1A97

Notice Date
Notice Type
Solicitation Notice
237310 — Highway, Street, and Bridge Construction
Contracting Office
Department of Transportation, Federal Highway Administration (FHWA), Eastern Federal Lands Highway Division, 21400 Ridgetop Circle, Sterling, VA, 20166
ZIP Code
Solicitation Number
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DTFH71-05-R-00013 Qualification Statements from all business concerns will be accepted for the George Washington Memorial Parkway Project PLH-GWMP 1A97. The project consists of the rehabilitation of the George Washington Memorial Parkway (GWMP) from Interstate 395 to the Columbia Island Marina entrance in Arlington County, Virginia and the District of Columbia. This work will include the replacement of the Humpback Bridge, construction of an acceleration lane, asphalt pavement removal and reconstruction through the project limits, realignment of portions of the Mount Vernon Trail (multi-use), construction of pedestrian underpasses, and other miscellaneous work. All roadways, trails, and waterways within the project limits must remain open to vehicle, bicycle, boat, and pedestrian traffic during construction. Access must be maintained to the Columbia Island Marina during construction. Specified horizontal and vertical clearances at the bridge site must be maintained for boat traffic in the vicinity of the Columbia Island Marina throughout construction. Due to the extremely high volume of traffic using the GWMP and the Mount Vernon Trail and the need for the traffic control to minimize delays and impacts to the traveling public, rush-hour time restrictions and weekend work will be used on this project. The existing Humpback Bridge carries the GWMP over the Boundary Channel and is a stone-faced, arch shaped concrete structure. The existing bridge?s width varies from 72 feet to 73 feet, measured from face-to-face of the stone parapets, and has a length of 244 feet. The bridge accommodates two 14-foot northbound lanes and two 14-foot southbound lanes, separated by a 4-foot median. The Mount Vernon Trail, which varies from 6?-0? to 6?-6? in width, runs adjacent to the northbound lanes, and a similarly varying width sidewalk is located adjacent to the southbound lanes. The existing 70-year-old bridge will be removed and replaced with a new structure similar in appearance to the existing structure. The existing architectural features of the Humpback Bridge are of a historic nature and will be incorporated into the new design. The proposed bridge will carry three northbound lanes, two southbound lanes, and a multi-use trail. The additional northbound lane is the proposed acceleration lane for the Southbound I-395 to Northbound GWMP ramp. In addition, the proposed bridge will accommodate open bank-side pedestrian underpasses north and south of the Boundary Channel, to connect the Mount Vernon Trail with the west side of the GWMP and to provide access to the Columbia Island Marina. The existing asphalt concrete pavement on GWMP will be reconstructed between I-395 and the Columbia Island Marina Entrance and will include changes to the vertical alignment on the bridge approaches. This will require regrading the Southbound I-395 to Northbound GWMP ramp and the Southbound GWMP to Northbound I-395 ramp to match the new vertical alignment. Northbound GWMP will be widened to provide an acceleration lane for the Southbound I-395 to Northbound GWMP ramp. This acceleration lane will extend across the Humpback Bridge. At the Columbia Island Marina Entrance, the median opening will be closed off to prohibit left turns at the Marina Entrance. The existing median will be replaced with landscaping. The pedestrian crosswalk and associated concrete sidewalk north of the entrance will be removed. Also, the existing Navy-Marine Memorial/Lady Bird Johnson parking area east of the GWMP will be removed and restored to match the surrounding terrain. The Mount Vernon Trail is a 9-foot wide asphalt-paved multi-use trail that is located along the GWMP. The proposed Humpback Bridge will be designed to carry the Mount Vernon Trail over Boundary Channel. In addition, the trail will be realigned to provide connections to the Navy-Marine Memorial, Columbia Island Marina, Boundary Channel Drive, and the new pedestrian underpasses at the Humpback Bridge approaches. The project is expected to fall within the price range of $15,000,000 to $20,000,000. The project is subject to the availability of funds. Award will be made to an offeror whose technical submittal and price proposal contain the combination of the technical qualifications and price that is acceptable to the Government. Offerors are reminded that while the Government may elect to consider data obtained from other sources, the burden of proof of acceptability rests with the offeror. Questions can be emailed to eflhd.contracts@fhwa.dot.gov. Request must include the solicitation number, project name and number, requesting firm and address, a point of contact and telephone number. PLEASE NOTE Background and Evaluation Criteria: Under this Notice, the EFLHD is soliciting Construction firms/teams to participate in Phase One ? Qualifications Based Selection ? of the ?two phased? selection approach. All construction firms/teams responding during Phase One will be evaluated using the following criteria. A selection committee will review and evaluate contractor qualifications and select a minimum of three (3) of the most highly qualified Construction firms/teams based on the established evaluation criteria to participate in Phase Two of the source selection process. During Phase Two, those qualified firms/teams will be sent a Request for Proposal (RFP), which will outline the remainder of the process requirements. The RFP will contain the requirements necessary for the qualified teams/firms to submit a Price Proposal during Phase Two. Those firms will be required to provide the necessary information to the EFLHD within 30 calendar days after receiving the RFP. Offerors should limit their Qualifications Statements to the information required by this Notice, and other information that may be relevant to the qualifications and experience of the Offeror. Phase One Submittals: Interested firms/teams shall submit a qualification statement that is based on the evaluation criteria established in this notice. The Qualification Statements will be no more than 10 pages, 12 pitch, single spaced, and no double sided pages shall be submitted. Send six (6) copies of the completed submittals to the following address: Federal Highway Administration Eastern Federal Lands Highway Division 21400 Ridgetop Circle Sterling, VA 20166 Attn: Ms. Wanda Peffer Questions concerning this project may be directed to Ms. Peffer at 703-404-6205, or in her absence, to Mr. Robert Morris at 703-404-6302. All Phase One submittals must be received no later than 2:00 p.m. on May 5, 2005 in order to be considered for further evaluation. JOINT VENTURE (J/V) DOCUMENTATION HAS TO BE COMPLETED AND SUBMITTED PRIOR TO CONTRACT AWARD. Phase I Evaluation Factors/Criteria: (1) Past performance, experience and technical competence (Maximum Score = 40): List 3 recent relevant projects similar in complexity and magnitude to the George Washington Memorial Parkway project PLH-GWMP 1A97. In addition provide a customer/owner point of contact, phone number, and e-mail address if applicable. Also, provide a brief statement indicating your firm?s superior experience and technical competence in the construction of precast, prestressed segmental concrete girder structures, experience with complex foundation systems for structures, experience in road construction, experience with high profile, politically sensitive work, experience with stone masonry projects, using unique products/technology, as well as experience with high ADT traffic control projects. In addition, provide a brief statement indicating your firm?s superior knowledge of and the ability to work in the locality and environment where the work will be performed. Within the last ten years, has your firm ever been, or proposed to be, suspended, debarred, or determined non-responsible, based upon an allegation of unsatisfactory performance or fraud? Within the last ten years, has your firm every had a contract terminated for any reason either as a prime or subcontractor? This also applies to a partner in a joint venture. Within the last ten years, has your firm ever filed a claim relative to the construction of a roadway facility or bridge for (1) a default terminations, (2) the imposition of liquidated damages, (3) a termination for convenience that adversely affected your firm, or (4) any damages caused by the owner?s determination that your was not performing in a timely, safe, or contractual manner. (2) Construction Management Experience (Maximum Score = 30): Submit key personnel to be involved in the project, indicating their specific experience within the past five (5) years performing technically the same or similar bridge construction work, bridge construction project management, and bridge construction QA/QC work for FHWA and /or similar DOT. As a minimum, include the Construction Superintendent, Traffic Control Supervisor, and the Construction QA/QC Manager, each having a minimum of two (2) years experience within the past five (5) years performing technically the same or similar work. Provide a current Workman?s Compensation Experience Modifier Rates for the state in which your firm is located and/or the District of Columbia. (3) Capacity (Maximum Score = 20): Provide a brief statement indicating your firm?s superior capability to ensure work will be completed in a timely manner under budget. Such areas of interest include your firm?s financial resources, human resources, and their geographical location, available equipment, as well as your knowledge and experience with working in a historic and environmentally sensitive area. (4) Quality Assurance (Maximum Score = 10): The Government will review and evaluate each offeror?s quality control plan to assess the soundness and reasonableness of the offeror?s planned QA/QC for Construction including Materials Sampling and Testing. Submit a description of the system to be used to manage the construction schedule, and the management system to control cost and quality of materials and QA/QC. Submit evidence of construction performance within the past five (5) years, indicating that quality work was completed on-schedule and within budget. Also include any statements as to the offeror?s integrity, reasonable and cooperative conduct, and commitment to QA/QC and customer satisfaction. A minimum of two (2) references will be required. Phase II Evaluation Factors/Criteria: (1) Price In accordance with FAR clause 252.215-1, Instructions to Offerors?Competitive Acquisition (JAN 2004), the Government intends to award upon initial proposal unless the contracting officer determines that discussions are necessary.
Place of Performance
Address: George Washington Memorial Parkway from Interstate 395 to the Columbia Island Marina entrance in Arlington County, Virginia and the District of Columbia.
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