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Notice Date
Notice Type
Solicitation Notice
541330 — Engineering Services
Contracting Office
Department of the Navy, Naval Facilities Engineering Command, Engineering Field Activity, Northwest, 19917 7th Avenue NE, Poulsbo, WA, 98370-7570
ZIP Code
Solicitation Number
Response Due
THERE IS NO RFP PACKAGE TO DOWNLOAD. ALL INFORMATION NEEDED TO SUBMIT SF-330 DOCUMENT IS CONTAINED HEREIN. DESCRIPTION: Architect/Engineer (A/E) services are required for a regional firm fixed-price Indefinite-Delivery, Indefinite-Quantity (IDIQ) contract primarily for Mechanical/Electrical projects for activities serviced by Engineering Field Activity Northwest. These areas include, but are not limited to, Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Montana, Alaska, North Dakota, South Dakota, Utah, Wyoming, Colorado, and Nevada. Work will primarily be performed in Washington, however work may occur in other areas when necessary. Required A/E services are primarily Mechanical/Electrical in nature, but a strong multi-discipline team is required. For this contract the lead discipline shall be a registered Electrical or Mechanical Engineer. Services shall be accomplished in the firm?s office with the exception of field/subsurface investigations and surveys as required at the specific task order project sites. The maximum contract value may not exceed an aggregate total of $5,000,000. The minimum guarantee for the contract shall be $10,000. The value of individual task orders executed under this contract may range from $1,000 to $1,000,000. Multiple task orders may be awarded with similar completion schedules and overlapping delivery dates. Contract term is for a one-year base period with two one-year option periods. Each performance period will run 365 calendar days, or until the maximum dollar limit is reached, whichever occurs first. The government may exercise the option periods unilaterally. Per NFAS 17.208-100(c)(1), options for post construction award services may be negotiated on individual task orders for unilateral exercise. Estimated start date for this contract is July 2005. Federal Acquisition Regulations (FAR) Part 36.6 (Brooks Act) selection procedures apply. The NAICS Code for this procurement is 541330 and the annual small business size standard is $4M. The Government makes no representation as to the number of task orders or the actual amount of work to be ordered. Contractors are not guaranteed work in excess of the minimum guarantee. Firms that design or prepare specifications for construction contracts or task orders issued under the resulting contract are prohibited from providing the subsequent construction. This limitation also applies to subsidiaries/affiliates of the firm. Please note it is the intent of the Government to identify tasks that may be ?pre-priced? for the types of A-E Services addressed in this synopsis. The negotiation of any pre-priced elements in the contract rate agreement will be executed before award of the contract. The addition of any pre-priced elements in the contract rate agreement after award of the contract will be executed via a bi-lateral modification. The Government or contractor may identify these pre-priced elements. STATEMENT OF WORK: Task orders are primarily for the preparation of design-build RFPs, fully designed drawings and specifications, studies for renovation or construction of new facilities, and abbreviated descriptions of performance requirements and development of budget estimates for construction to be performed by JOC or MACC contractors. Projects may include new installation or repair of building level and campus level plumbing, boiler plants and steam distribution; lighting and electrical power distribution and transformation; HVAC and control systems; energy monitoring controls for various systems; communication, security, cable TV, fire protection and alarm systems; water treatment and hazardous containment facilities, jet fuel storage and distribution, airfield lighting and control; storage tanks; waterfront utilities; design using DoD Navy Anti-Terrorism Force Protection (ATFP) criteria; and industrial ventilation and exhaust systems. Task Orders may also require the preparation of supporting engineering documentation including: Cost Estimates, Energy and Economic Analyses required to develop and define actual costs of construction projects, engineering studies, topographic surveys, sub-surface investigations, utility studies, construction support, cathodic protection, and identifying environmental concerns. During the performance of this contract, hazardous materials/waste assessments or surveys may be required. Firms must be able to accept work that involves asbestos, lead based paint, PCBs, and other hazardous materials. Cost estimates shall be prepared by a professional cost estimator, using R.S. Means, historical data, or Tri-Services Unit Price Book, and using SUCCESS (NAVFAC Web-based) cost estimating software. Computer drawing data shall be provided on electronic media compatible with Intergraph Microstation or AutoCAD. Specifications shall be prepared using SPECSINTACT software and will also be provided in .pdf format for posting to Government websites during solicitation. Design using Syst?me Internationale (SI) Metric Units may be required. SELECTION CRITERIA AND SUBMITTAL REQUIREMENTS: The selection will be based on the following criteria and are in descending order of importance: Criteria 1-Professional Qualifications and Experience (SF 330, Section E); Criteria 2-Recent Team Experience (SF 330, Sections F and G); (The remaining Criteria are to be addressed in SF 330, Section H) Criteria 3-Past Performance; Criteria 4-Quality Control; Criteria 5-Capacity; Criteria 6-Sustainable Design and Anti-Terrorism Force Protection; Criteria 7-Location; Criteria 8-Commitment To Small Business Concerns; and Criteria 9-Volume of Work. SF 330s will be evaluated to determine the most highly qualified firm based on criteria responses. Evaluating past performance and experience may include information provided by the firm, customer inquiries, Government databases, and publicly available sources. Failure to provide requested data, accessible points of contact, or valid phone numbers could result in a firm being considered less qualified. All projects provided in the SF 330 (Architect-Engineer Qualifications) must be completed by the office/branch/individual team member actually performing the work under this contract. Projects not performed by the office/branch/individual team member will be excluded from evaluation consideration. The following elements may result in higher ratings and should be addressed accordingly when preparing criteria responses: a) Projects completed within the last five (5) years; b) Any of the following types of projects: building and campus level plumbing, steam distribution, HVAC and related monitoring controls; high voltage electrical power distribution and transformation; and industrial ventilation; c) Projects with an estimated construction cost of $100K to $10M; d) Projects involving a sustainable design approach; e) Design-Build RFP preparation projects. SUBMISSION REQUIREMENTS: The SF 330 is limited to 100 single-sided pages (this restriction does not include Criteria 8). Minimum font size is 10. Submit the following: a) Two (2) copies of Criteria 8 which shall be provided in separate binders from the SF330; and b) Four (4) copies of SF 330 for the prime offeror (SF330 should also include team?s key subconsultants) addressing following selection criteria information: SF330, Section D: Organization Chart: In addition to the Instructions provided for the SF 330, identify the overall relationship and lines of authority of the proposed team, including key subconsultants. (Note: All individuals listed on the organization chart are not required to have a resume in Section E, such as administrative or lower level engineering positions.) SF 330, Section E, CRITERIA 1, PROFESSIONAL QUALIFICATIONS AND EXPERIENCE: Professional qualifications and experience of the proposed team members in the preparation of Design-Build RFPs, plans, specifications, and cost estimates. Submission Requirements: Provide brief resumes of each proposed team member who will specifically serve as Project Manager, discipline Designers of Record, and Cost Estimator(s). The Designers of Record shall perform and direct the design within their respective discipline and shall sign and seal the drawings. All Key personnel must be professionally registered in their discipline. Each resume shall include a maximum of five (5) specific completed projects that best illustrate the individual member?s experience relevant to this contract scope. A project is defined as either a single function contract or a single task order under an Indefinite Delivery Indefinite Quantity or On-Call type contract. SF 330, Sections F and G, CRITERIA 2, RECENT TEAM EXPERIENCE: Specialized experience of the proposed team members. Submission Requirements: a. Section F: For each of the team's firms, provide a maximum of five (5) specific completed projects that best illustrate overall team experience relevant to this contract scope. Firms with multiple offices shall indicate which office completed each project listed. A project is defined as either a single function contract or a single task order under an Indefinite Delivery Indefinite Quantity or On-Call type contract. b. Section G: From the total projects listed in Section F, provide a maximum of ten (10) projects that best demonstrate the overall team's experience working together. SF330, Section H, Additional Information requested by Agency. Address the remaining Criteria 3 through 9; additional sheets may be used, if required. CLEARLY IDENTIFY THE CRITERIA NUMBER AND TITLE. CRITERIA 3, PAST PERFORMANCE: Past performance with Government agencies and private industry with respect to quality of work. Points of contact provided in other criteria may be contacted. A proposal with no record of relevant past performance information will be evaluated neither favorably nor unfavorably. Submission Requirements: For each project provided as experience under Criteria 2 submit: a) If a federal contract, provide a copy of all DD Form 2631s, ?Performance Evaluation ? (Architect ? Engineer)? issued for that contract; b) If not a federal contract, provide facility owner documentation of the firm?s performance issued on that contract. If no documentation exists, so state; c) Provide accessible owner points of contact- name, title, address, telephone number, and fax number; and d) Provide copies of awards and letters of appreciation/commendation. CRITERIA 4, QUALITY CONTROL: Demonstrated success of the Quality Control (QC) program used by the firm to ensure quality products. Submission Requirement: a) Provide an organization chart that identifies the overall relationship and lines of authority of the proposed team. Include firm names, key personnel and their discipline/specialty; b) Describe the prime?s QC program; who is primarily responsible for the QC program, how does the prime firm ensure quality consistently across the entire team. Illustrate success in implementing the program; and c) Address the team?s QC processes for checking and verifying plans and specifications for errors, omissions and quality, documenting design decisions, and incorporating and tracking review comments. Of special interest are the QC processes in place that minimize the government?s effort to QA the A/E?s work product for errors, omissions, and quality. CRITERIA 5, CAPACITY: Capacity to accomplish the work in the required time. Submission Requirement: Submission Requirement: a) For each design team firm, list all current projects being designed in the design team firm?s office, with a current design fee of greater than $500,000. For each project, identify the current design fee, the current stage of design, and the anticipated design completion date. Indicate the firm?s present workload and the availability of the project team (including subconsultants) for the specified contract performance period; b) For each design team, describe experience in successfully delivering projects per performance schedule, providing timely construction support, and successfully completing multiple projects with similar delivery dates; and c) Discuss how surge workload would be managed. CRITERIA 6, SUSTAINABLE DESIGN AND ANTI-TERRORISM FORCE PROTECTION: Demonstrated success and knowledge in sustainable design and anti-terrorism force protection. Submission Requirements: Describe the team?s experience in sustainable design, use of the U.S. Green Building Council?s LEED System including descriptions of waste reduction techniques and energy efficiency in facilities designed by the team, and familiarity with use of recovered materials on construction contracts per FAR 52.223-9. Describe familiarity with anti-terrorism/force protection criteria for the safety of personnel in military facilities and associated mitigation measures in design and construction, including, but not limited to, standoff distances, blast resistant design and prevention of progressive collapse, and the design of physical security equipment. CRITERIA 7, LOCATION: Firm?s demonstrated knowledge of design approaches, construction materials, codes/ordinances, costs, and other conditions unique to the geographic area covered by this contract. Submission Requirements: Describe and illustrate the team?s knowledge of design approaches, construction materials, codes/ordinances, costs, and other conditions unique to the geographic area covered by this contract. CRITERIA 8, COMMITMENT TO SMALL BUSINESS CONCERNS (SEPARATE FOLDER) (ALL FIRMS SMALL AND LARGE MUST ADDRESS THIS CRITERIA): Use of small business concerns as subconsultants. Submission Requirement: Demonstrate commitment and use of small business concerns as subconsultants on this contract expressed in terms of percentages of total planned subcontracting dollars for utilization of small businesses. Provide a chart with each small business category listed, identify the proposed names of the small businesses, and the dollar amount and subcontracting percentage the prime anticipates subcontracting to each small business firm. NOTE: If a large business firm is selected for award, an acceptable subcontracting plan must be submitted before price negotiations begin for award. The subcontracting plan must reflect the following NAVFAC subcontracting goals: Small Business (SB)? 74.8%; HUBZone SB?3.1%; Small Disadvantaged Business? 15.5%; Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned SB?3%; Veteran-Owned SB?3%; and Women-Owned SB? 14.0%. CRITERIA 9, VOLUME OF WORK. Volume (dollar amount) of DOD work awarded to firm in past 12 months with objective of equitably distributing contracts among firms, including minority owned firms and firms without prior DOD contracts. Submission Requirement: Provide a list of DOD contracts awarded in the last 12 months to include dollar value. Firms with multiple offices shall indicate which branch office completed each project. Include agency phone numbers and points of contact. List only basic contract awards; listing of Task Orders are neither required nor desired. SELECTION INTERVIEW REQUIREMENTS: Personal interviews may be scheduled for firms slated as most highly qualified. Firms slated for interviews may be asked to explain management and design team components, QC processes; and to provide design solutions to actual/hypothetical project, etc. Elaborate presentations are not desired. ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: All information must be included in the SF 330 package, (cover letter, attachments and excess number of pages will be excluded from the evaluation process). Per DFAR 252.204.7004, firms must be registered with Central Contractor Registration prior to contract award. Registration information is available at their website, http://www.ccr.gov. Those firms that meet the requirements in this announcement and wish to be considered must submit four (4) copies of the SF330 to: Engineering Field Activity Northwest, Attn: Cindy Harley, 19917 7th Avenue NE, Poulsbo, WA 98370-7570, no later than 2:00 p.m. local time, PST, on 14 April 2005. Submittals received after this date and time will not be considered. Firms not providing the required information may be negatively evaluated. Facsimile submittals will not be accepted. Site visits will not be arranged during this period. Debriefing requests will not be entertained prior to 45 days after the submittal due date. THIS IS NOT A REQUEST FOR PROPOSAL. ALL INFORMATION NEEDED TO SUBMIT SF 330 DOCUMENTS IS CONTAINED HEREIN. NO SOLICITATION PACKAGE, TECHNICAL INFORMATION, OR BIDDER/PLAN HOLDER LIST WILL BE ISSUED. It is the offeror?s responsibility to check the NAVFAC electronic solicitation website at: http://esol.navfac.navy.mil for any revisions to this announcement or other notices before submission of your SF330. Plan-holder list is available via the ESOL website under this solicitation number. E-mail address for inquiries is: Cindy.Harley@navy.mil.
Place of Performance
Address: Engineering Field Activity Northwest, 19917 7th Avenue NE, Poulsbo, WA,
Zip Code: 98370-7570
Country: US
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