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67 -- Infrared Cameras

Notice Date
Notice Type
Contracting Office
N00178, NSWCDD, 17320 Dahlgren Road Dahlgren, VA 22448
ZIP Code
Solicitation Number
Response Due
Archive Date
Point of Contact
XDS115 540-653-7478 Fax Number 540-653-7088
E-Mail Address
Email your questions to XDS115 is the POC for N00178-05-R-1016
NA This synopsis is being posted to both the Federal Business Opportunities (FBO) page located at http://www.eps.gov and the Navy Electronic Commerce on-line (NECO) site located at http://www.neco.navy.mil. While it is understood that FBO is the single point of entry for posting of synopses and solicitations to the Internet, NECO is the alternative in case FBO is unavailable. Please feel free to use either site to access information posted by the Navy Sea Systems Command. This is an amendment to the combined synopsis/solicitation number N00178-05-R-1016. Provided are questions received with the Government's answers. Question: The bid is for both a MWIR and NIR camera. Can a vendor reply to one of the two or does the vendor have to supply a complete two camera order Answer: In answer to your questions, the combined/solicitation is amended to allow for offerors to bid on one or both cameras. Award will be made to the offeror(s) which is/are most advantage to the Governme! nt for either one or both cameras. Question: How specifically is the technical weighting applied? Answer: Each weighted specification will be analyzed using the following method. The percent difference will be calculated for the specification of interest. This percent difference will be multiplied by the weighting factor. The results for each item will be averaged and the camera with the greatest value will be selected. MWIR Specification Questions: Question: Spectral Response: Is the specified value (3.0-5.5?m) nominal or the required waveband? ANSWER: This is a nominal operating waveband. QUESTION: Form Factor: Is the form factor defined by the final configuration that this system will be integrated into or for other factors? This form factor is going to be challenging. ANSWER: After further review, the requirement of "Form Factor: less than or equal to 20cm x 8 cm x 8 cm Small form factors will more easily fit into the current system design and will be conside! red as a justification for increased cost" requirement is deleted from the System Performance Specifications. MWIR Specification Omissions: QUESTION: There is no mention of the requirement for the system to be cooled by a closed cycle Sterling cooler or Liquid Nitrogen. Is an LN2 solution acceptable? We would assume not. ANSWER: Closed cycle Sterling cooler is required. A LN2 solution is not acceptable. QUESTION: There are no salient performance specifications on NEDT or operability. Are these not applicable? ANSWER: NEDT: < 25 mK, f/1 QUESTION: There is no mention of any data collection system (specifications), Software Developers Toolkits, or any other requirements from the vendor to provide technical information or software/hardware in response. ANSWER: Hardware: Camera will be connected to an IOIndustries CL-160 frame grabber. Camera shall be delivered with the appropriate cabling/hardware to connect to this frame grabber. Software: Digital data from the camera ! will be acquired using IOIndustries Streams 5 s/w running on an NSWCDD owned system, therefore the vendor is not responsible for supplying data collection s/w or hardware. Vendor is responsible for supplying camera control software. QUESTION: There is no specification for lenses. What are the requirements? (Or should we assume that this tracking mount will have an integral telescope. If so, what are the specifications, i.e. focal length, f number, etc.) If the customer is to use their own telescope, will there be a requirement for a custom aperture on the camera, i.e. f4.0 or f8.0? If the customer provides their own telescope, will all the vendor be absolved of above mentioned performance attributes, i.e. NEDT, bad pixel correction, non-uniformity because of potential aperture mismatch? Answer: Vendor is not responsible for supplying a lens. A custom telescope will be purchased and will be matched to the camera aperture. Initial telescope design is an f/4, 2 meter foc! al length.
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