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58 -- Simultaneous Imagery Acquisition Station

Notice Date
Notice Type
334516 — Analytical Laboratory Instrument Manufacturing
Contracting Office
Department of the Navy, Office of Naval Research, Naval Research Laboratory/STENNIS, John C. Stennis Space Center, Stennis Space Center, MS, 39529-5004
ZIP Code
Solicitation Number
Response Due
Archive Date
Point of Contact
Richard Sewell, Contract Specialist, Phone 228-688-4571, Fax 228-688-6055, - Patricia Lewis, Contracting Officer, Phone 228-688-5593, Fax 228-688-6055,
E-Mail Address
rsewell@nrlssc.navy.mil, plewis@nrlssc.navy.mil
Small Business Set-Aside
Total Small Business
The purpose of this amendment is to respond to technical questions submitted against RFP Number N00173-04-R-RS07, and incorporate a revised requirement for the LWIR Imager Unit in SOW Section 7. 1. Responses are hereby provided to the following Technical and business questions: Question 1: In Section 8.1.4(7), cabling and software are requested for archiving, video processing and editing. Can you provide information on the platform (PC Hardware) and system (Windows? Version?) that the software should be compatible with, and the interface (connector/protocol) for the cable? Answer 1: The platform will be either Windows based desktop or lap-top running Windows XP and it will have at least 512 megs of RAM. The cable interface may include some or all of the following: USB, serial, Firewire, PCMCIA card reader. The data stored shall be compatible with Adobe Premier, Photoshop, Windows Media player. Question 2: Should the "Durable locking case" for the Integrated Monitoring and Control Station (8.1.3,1) be waterproof? Do you have a protection level (ie. NEMA-4) that you would require for the waterproof cases that are specified for the sensor units (Sections 4.0 through 7.0)? Should there be cases for tripods and pan/tilt units? Answer 2: The cases, including the control station, shall protect the equipment from rain if exposed while in the field. They are not expected to provide protection if accidentally submerged. The pan and tilts shall also be supplied with cases that provide the same level of protection. The tripods shall be supplied with soft-bodied carrying cases to facilitate transport to and from the field. Question 3: Do you have a distance in mind for the cabling (Video and Pan/Tilt control) from the imaging units to the IM&CS, if so, how far? Answer 3: A distance of approximately 25 feet between the imaging units and IM&CS. Question 4: For the Pan/Tilt Controller (Section 8.1.2), Recording Units (Section 8.1.4) and LCD Video Display (LCDVD, Section 9.0), would the use of an inverter to provide power to the units from a 12V DC source be acceptable? Various DC voltages are mentioned (12V-32V in Section 6.1.10, 6-15V in Section 8.1.4), would a configuration where a single source of 12VDC (10 to 15VDC) can be connected to the system and power all devices be acceptable? Answer 4: Proposed solutions to Government requirements are the responsibility of the Offeror. The Government anticipates that the required systems will be powered primarily using an AC power source.. Question 5: How important is the requirement for the LCD Video Display (LCDVD, Section 9.0) to accept a 960i video signal? This format is not often listed in specifications, however all of the other formats, including 1080i are. Answer 5: Proposed solutions to Government requirements are the responsibility of the Offeror. Question 6: How important is the requirement for the camera for the Night Vision Unit (Section 5.1.2, 8) to have a Focal Distance of 4.2 to 42mm? Would a device with a wider range of focal distances, which includes the 4.2 to 42mm range, be acceptable? Answer 6: SOW Section 5.1.2(8) is hereby revised to read: Focal Distance of at least 4.2 42mm. Question 7: Do you have a preferred size, or minimum size, for the 4 integrated monitors in the IM&CS (Section 8.1.3, 2)? Answer 7: A minimum diagonal distance of 10" is requested for the integrated screens. Question 8: Relative to the Pan/Tilt Unit (Section 8.1.2): Is an outdoor/weatherproof Pan/Tilt Unit required? Answer 8: The required Pan/Tilt Unit will be used in Indoor/Outdoor environments, but will not be exposed to rain. Question 9: Relative to the Pan/Tilt Unit (Section 8.1.2): Will the Pan/Tilt be used to track a moving object? If so, is there a typical (or min./max.) distance that you expect between the object and the imagers? Is there a typical speed and distance the object would cover? Answer 9: The required system will not be used for tracking. Question 10: Relative to the Pan/Tilt Unit (Section 8.1.2): Would it benefit your application to have a variable speed Pan/Tilt, rather than a fixed speed? Answer 10: Proposed solutions to Government requirements are the responsibility of the Offeror. Question 11: Relative to the Pan/Tilt Unit (Section 8.1.2): Do you have a Pan/Tilt speed (Degrees per second) and/or a resolution/accuracy requirement? Answer 11: No Question 12: Is there an expected date for award of the contract? Answer 12: The Government anticipates award not later than 30 SEP 2004. Question 13: Is there an incumbent? Has a contractor been performing this or similar work for you? Answer 13: No Question 14: Are their specific devices (Manufacturer and model) that you are using now, or are familiar with, that you would either want to have included to fulfill the requirements, or not want since they have not met your needs? Answer 14: Proposed solutions to Government requirements are the responsibility of the Offeror. Question 15: Would you please provide us with the device names/manufacturers and nomenclature from which the specifications in the SOW were developed? Answer 15: See Answer 14. Question 16: We hereby request an extension to the deadline for proposal submission. Answer 16: Pursuant to revisions incorporated in this amendment, the deadline for proposal submission is hereby revised to 10 SEP 2004. Question 17: Please confirm the proposal delivery address. Answer 17: See the Contracting Office Address posted above. Question 18: SOW paragraph 1.2 refers to NRL/STO -- would you please define STO and give us some idea of their function, organization, location, etc? Answer 18: NRL/STO refers to: Naval Research Laboratory/Signature technology Office. 2. Section 7.0 of the Statement of Work entitled: LWIR IMAGER UNIT (LWIRIU), is hereby deleted in its entirety and replaced with the following: 7.0 LWIR IMAGER UNIT (LWIRIU) 7.1 The Contractor shall furnish a binocular style LWIRIU with at least the minimum following characteristics: 7.1.1 Imaging Performance Imaging Performance for the required LWIRIU shall be CCIR 50 Hz or RS170 60 Hz, black and white. 7.1.2 Lenses The Contractor shall provide Standard Lens and 3.3X Magnification Lens for the required LWIRIU. The required Standard Lens shall have a standard 100mm lens with a FoV of 8 degrees x 6 degrees. 7.1.3 Detector Type The LWIRIU shall utilize an uncooled microbolometer. The resolution of the detector shall meet or exceed 320x240. The required detector shall function in the 8 - 12 band. 7.1.4 External Display The required LWIRIU shall, as a minimum, detachable display with a FoV of 27 degrees x 20 degrees. 7.1.5 Input/Output Connections The required LWIRIU shall, as a minimum, possess the following I/O connections: 1) RS-170 2) RS232 7.1.6 Power The required LWIRIU shall be capable of running directing from AC and VDC power supplies, at the discretion of the Government operator, using power configurations that meet or exceed the following specifications: The Contractor shall supply the necessary cables and batteries required to operate the LWIRIU directly from AC and VDC power supplies. The required VDC power components shall consist of Lithium Batteries and a battery charger functionally and operationally compatible with the required batteries. The Contractor shall also supply an AC adapter and a 7-14 VDC power supply for the required LWIRIU. 7.1.9 Software The required LWIRIU shall include any software necessary to allow the camera to communicate with a computer. 7.1.10 Carrying Case The Contractor shall provide a rigid, durable waterproof storage case for the LWIRIU with the SIAS. 3. Contractor responses may be submitted either via telefax (228-688-6055), or via e-mail in an acrobat. pdf file (rsewell@nrlssc.navy.mil). NOTE: THIS NOTICE WAS NOT POSTED TO WWW.FEDBIZOPPS.GOV ON THE DATE INDICATED IN THE NOTICE ITSELF (27-AUG-2004); HOWEVER, IT DID APPEAR IN THE FEDBIZOPPS FTP FEED ON THIS DATE. PLEASE CONTACT fbo.support@gsa.gov REGARDING THIS ISSUE.
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