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T -- T-Printing; Title: Vietnamese Cervical Cancer Screening

Notice Date
Notice Type
Solicitation Notice
323110 — Commercial Lithographic Printing
Contracting Office
Department of Health and Human Services, National Institutes of Health, National Cancer Institute, Research Contracts Br., 6120 Executive Blvd. EPS Suite 600, Rockville, MD, 20852
ZIP Code
Solicitation Number
Response Due
Archive Date
Point of Contact
Cynthia Brown, Purchasing Agent, Phone (301) 496-8608, Fax (301) 402-4513, - Renita Smith, Contract Specialist, Phone 301-496-8612, Fax 301-480-0241,
E-Mail Address
cb106x@nih.gov, rs442i@nih.gov
Small Business Set-Aside
Total Small Business
The National Cancer Institute requires the following printing services and deliverables. This is a combined synopsis/solicitation for commercial items, prepared in accordance with the format in FAR 12.6 as supplemented with additional information included in this notice. This announcement constitutes the only solicitation and a separate written solicitation will not be issued. The solicitation, RFQ-NCI-40129-NQ, includes all applicable provision and clauses in effect through FAR FAC 01-24. The North American Industry Classification Code is 323110 and the business size standard is 500 employees. All prospected offerors should have a copy of the booklet ?Standard Technical Specifications for NCI Printing requirements? (hereafter referred to as NCI Standard Specifications) issued by DHHS/NIH/NCI. The information in this booklet provides supplemental information necessary for potential offerors to have a complete understanding of the specifications set forth below. Copies of the booklet may be requested from Cynthia Brown, at (301) 402-4509. TITLE: Vietnamese Cervical Cancer Screening. PRODUCT: 24 text pages plus separate four page covers. BASIS FOR AWARD: Award will be made to the contractor providing the highest possible quantity for a set amount of $29,000. The added rate per thousand ?overs? will/could used to either increase or decrease your firm?s bid price to reach this dollar amount. The failure to provide an added rate will render your firm?s proposal non-responsive. QUALITY: Level I printing and finishing attributes are required for this specification. Reference GPO Publication 310.1 for attribute requirements. Printing is the predominate production function and none shall be subcontracted. QUANTITY: 75,000 copies and the final films as required in the production of printing. TRIM SIZE: 5-3/8" x 8-3/8", saddle wire stitch binding along the 8-3/8" dimension. FURNISHED MATEIRALS: A Mac compatible CD-Rom disk together with a set of color laser proofs as a guide to production. Quarkxpress, Illustrator and Photoshop applications are used for desktop publishing. PROOFS: Provide two sets of laminated halftone dot proofs, stripped to show the full press sheet imposition, including colorbar, showing guide, gripper and ruled-up for all bindery marks of each form, plus a dylux proof, with all elements in proper position, folded and trimmed to final size. All the laminated proofs shall match the required PMS colors exactly, or the contractor can, at their option, provide press proofs for evaluation. NCI shall keep one complete proof set. PAPER: Cover -80 lb. white #1 Patina Matte recycled cover, target brightness of 90. (Lustro, Signature or Vintage dull finish paper is also acceptable). Text -80 lb. white #1 Patina matte recycled text, target brightness of 90. (Lustro, Signature or Vintage dull finish paper is also acceptable). Only those papers listed above as approved #1 recycled sheet equals will be considered. See the 37th edition (2003-?04 issue of the Competitive Grade Finder. Both the text and cover stocks, when required, must be the same brand name items, and all the leaves within each book must be matching. American mill brand manufactured papers only, private label papers and or foreign manufactured papers shall not be acceptable. INKS: PMS 130 (yellow), PMS 180 (Orange) and four color process inks. Solid inks required, no builds allowed. Inks shall contain minimum percentages of vegetable oil in compliance with federal procurement mandates. BINDING: Saddle wire stitching, bind twice through the spine along 8-3/8" dimension. Trim 3 sides after stitching to a final size after binding of 5-3/8" x 8-3/8". No other alternate trim sizes shall be acceptable. Diecut channel score the cover fold to prevent cracking, (a rotary score on the stitcher or a litho press score is not acceptable). Run the cover grain parallel to the spine. SEPARATIONS: None required. FORMAT: Text pages 1-24, cover 1-4. PRINTING: Covers 1-4 print using all 6 listed ink colors. Type matter and a border are printed in PMS colors with process illustrations to simulate a Sephia toned photographic style. Type and headlines also appear as reversed to white as well as screened Pantone colors. Text pages, most print as a bleeding three sides background (illustration) using both Pantone colors, together with a Photoshop montage assembly of three Sephia styled photos along one edge. Extensive cross-overs are present as well as large solid areas in both PMS colors. All text pages print in PMS 280 and PMS 130 plus Black ink type matter at a minimum. NOTE: The furnished electronic files do not contain varnish masks, or traps and the contractor shall create these items as part of their production. Heavy coverage is required and the contractor must take all necessary precautions to prevent ghosting and lay a smooth, uniform ink film. Each press form must be printed on a lithographic printing press capable of printing all the required ink colors with one pass through the press together with the complete color bar as specified within these specifications. Web run production equipment if used, shall be heat-set only. Ghosting & ?in-line problems? shall not be acceptable. COATING: Overall aqueous coat, satin finish, on covers pages 1 and 4 only. MARGINS: Bleeds, follow trim marks on furnished camera copy. DISPLAY EXAMINATION: Examination of the camera copy is an integral part of these specifications. No additional payment will be allowed due to the contractor?s failure to examine the copy and thoroughly understand the nature and extent of the work to be performed. PRESS INSPECTION: Press sheets shall be inspected at the contractor?s printing facility for quality conformance. Each press sheet form must contain one color bar, at lest 3/16" in width, for each ink color placed parallel to the ink rollers. Color control bars (such as, BRUNNER, GATF or GRETAG) must contain star targets, trapping, tint and dot gain patches, process built grays, if applicable, and extend the full width of the press sheet. Ink densities shall be constant across the full width of the sheet with no deviations to exceed plus or minus ? of one percent. Light and heavy inking is not allowed. The contractor shall provide the correct viewing conditions for all press sheet inspections including 5000 degree kelvin light sources housed in a completely enclosed neutral gray booth and functional densitometers. PREAWARD SURVEY: In order to determine the responsibility of the prime contractor, the government reserves the right to conduct a preaward survey, or to require samples to QATAPevaluate, or other evidence of technical, managerial, financial and similar abilities to perform, prior to the award of a contract. PACKING: Plastic strap in units of 20 copies only, shrink wraps or paper banding is not allowed. Pack in new 44 pound edge crush test corrugated boxes filled to the top with 320 copies each. The cartons shall be specifically manufactured to fit this product. The maximum weight shall not exceed 44 lbs. per carton. Products may lay flat, do not stand upright in cartons. No packaging deviations allowed. Label or stencil on the carton ends. RETURN MATERIALS: Return all camera copy or furnished materials as received plus two file copy printed samples. Inventory the NCI final film negatives in printer spreads (only 2 page films for book-work) and furnish copies of all the signed receipts in one package to NCI Printing Officer, Office of Communications, 6116 Executive Blvd., Room 3064, Rockville, MD 20892. A CD Rom disk of the final hi-res files from the server is also a required deliverable item. NEGATIVES: Compose negatives as RRED final films in two page printers? spreads only, allowing a minimum of ?" working margins on all sides, using .007 film, (.004 film is allowed if computer electronic files were provided by the NCI). Pin hole registration punching of the final films is required and composed, not stripped, registration marks on all sides. The contractor shall inventory all the final negatives within their facilities until called for return by the government. Ownership of these furnished films shall remain the government?s property. Industry trade customs shall not apply to film, flats, proofs or color oks. Pack films to protect emulsion layers and furnish each film set with the associated top sheet containing wet ink density readings, or your press oks for future color match. Films shall be ready for subsequent reprints without additional effort beyond exposures. If digital direct-to-plate technologies were used, the contractor shall also be required to furnish films as a deliverable item upon request. Label: 04-NCI-PC-118, composed negatives & oks for storage Vietnamese Cervical Cancer Screening. SHIPPING: Ship 10 advanced sample copies to: NCI Printing, (301-402-2624), 6116 Executive Blvd., Room 3064, Rockville, MD 20852, Attn: Printing Officer. The ?advanced samples copies? must be received before any other location deliveries. Ship 10 ?client samples? to: National Cancer Institute, Attn: Ms. Lorna Patrick, 6116 Executive Blvd, Room 202, Rockville, MD 20852, (301-594-8994). Ship 15 ?file copies? to: Library of Congress, Madison Bldg., (Exchange & Gift Division), Federal Documents Section, C Street, North East, (between 1st & N Streets), Washington, DC 20540. Ship 2 ?NCI file copies? to: National Tech. Info Service, Office of Business Developm?t, Attn: Sue Feindt, (703-605-6244) 5285 Port Royal Road, Springfield, VA 22151. Ship 5 (NCI) C & I copies to: NIH, 301 N. Stonestreet Avenue, Room 113, Attn: Lisa Harper, Rockville, MD 20892. Ship 2 ?Depository copies? to: the U.S. GPO, Stop: SSLA, Depository Receiving Section, 44 ?H? Street NW, loading dock, Washington, DC 20401. Label cartons item #507-G-02. Ship 2 ?NCI file copies? to Attn: Mr. Jan Ehrman (301-496-4143), NIH, 9000 Rockville Pike, Building 31, Room 5-B-52, Bethesda, MD 20892. Ship balance of bulk copies to: Aspen System, Attn: Lou Young (410-644-7742), 1000 Haverhill Road, Baltimore, MD 21229. PROOFS: Proofs will be withheld 3 working days from the time they are received until they are returned. Label the proof package with the NCI PC number and product title. Return the materials in the proper order as originally provided by the government. PRESS SHEET INSPECTION: Requires 5 days notice. Notify the NCI Office of Communications on 301-402-2624 of the day and time press sheets will be available for inspections. SCHEDULE: Request for quotations are due on 09/13/04 by 1:30 PM EDT. Assuming an award date of 09/15/2004. Display of materials at the NCI, Office of Cancer Communications, 6116 Executive Blvd., Room 3064, Rockville, MD 20892 on 09/03/2004. Material shall be picked up on 09/16/2004. A partial delivery of 10,000 copies shall be delivered on 11/09/2004. Balance of copies are due to the NCI destination on 11/29/2004. Advanced samples must be received at the NCI Office of Cancer Communications prior to any bulk distributions. Return of all furnished materials and receipts shall be delivered on 12/08/2004. NOTE: Please be aware that without the return of all the furnished materials, complete as specified within these printing specifications, payment will/can be withheld until all these materials are received. The package shall include copies of all shipment documents with signatures by the receiver and two sample file copies. The contractor shall initiate contact with our warehouse, if the inventory control number and bar code artwork are not furnished, prior to labeling any cartons or the press run. Typically, this number & bar code are also listed on the lower right hand position of the laser proofs. If the number is provided use it on the cartons. Receiving hours are 6:30 AM - 12:00 (noon) and 1:00 PM - 3:30 PM, Mon-Fri, except federal holidays. Call for delivery appointment prior to any bulk shipments. Stencil each carton on one end, with the NCI PC Number, Title, Inventory Number and the Quantity per carton & per package. 04-NCI-PC-118, (20 per package/80 per carton) Vietnamese Cervical Cancer Screening, Inventory No. Cover the pallets with plastic stretch wrap after strap banding and corrugated edges. Band each pallet twice, in both directions, using plastic strapping over corrugated edge protectors only. The cartons shall only be new 44 lbs. edge crush test, or 275 lbs. bursting strength & specifically made to contain this product. All skids shall be four-sided entry and the weight must not exceed 2,000 pounds. Do not side load or double stack on the truck trailers. Stack skids not to exceed 50" total, (form the floor to the top of the assembly). Affix packing delivery list to the last pallet loaded on the truck, facing the dock. Use GPO pallets only, 48"x 40" (four way). PROVISION AND CLAUSES: The following FAR provisions and clauses apply to this acquisition; FAR 52.212-1, COMMERCIAL ITEMS; FAR 52.212-3, OFFEROR REPRESENTATION AND CERTIFICATIONS-COMMERCIAL ITEMS-WITH DUNS NUMBER ADDENDUM, FAR 52.212-4, CONTRACT TERMS AND CONDITIONS REQUIRED TO IMPLEMENT STATUES, OR EXECUTIVE ORDERS-COMMERCIAL ITEMS-DEVIATION FOR SIMPLIFIED ACQUISITION. The following FAR clauses cited in paragraph (b) of the clauses at FAR 52.212-5 are also applicable to this acquisition; FAR 52.219-6, NOTICE OF TOTAL SMALL BUSINESS SET-ASIDE; FAR 52.222-26; EQUAL OPPORTUNITY; FAR 52.222-35, AFFIRMATIVE ACTION FOR DISABLED VETERANS AND VETERANS OF THE VIETNAM ERA; FAR 52.222-36, AFFIRMATIVE ACTION FOR WORKERS WITH DISABILITIES; FAR 52.222-37, EMPLOYMENT REPORTS ON DISABLED VETERANS AND VETERANS OF VIETNAM ERA; FAR 52.225-3, BUY AMERICAN ACT SUPPLIES; AND 52.232-34, PAYMENT BY ELECTRONIC FUNDS TRANSFER-OTHER THAN CENTRAL CONTRACTING REGISTRATION. Full text copies of the representations and certifications of other cited provision and clauses may be obtained online at the NCI website at http://amb.nci.nih.gov or from Cynthia Brown, Purchasing Agent on 301-402-4509. OFFERS: Offers must be submitted on an SF-18 or SF-1449 with a completed ?Offeror Representations and Certifications-Commercial Items-with DUNS Number Addendum?, signed by an authorized representative of the offeror. Offer/Quotations must be received in the contracting office by 1:30 PM (Local Washington, DC time EDT) on 09/13/2004. Please refer to solicitation number RFQ-NCI-40129-NQ. NOTE: All contractors wishing to conduct business with the Federal Government are required to be registered in the Central Contractor Registration (CCR), Website: http://www/ccr.gov/.
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