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336411 — Aircraft Manufacturing
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Department of the Air Force, Air Force Materiel Command, Hill AFB OO-ALC, OO-ALC/PKXD 6038 Aspen Ave (Bldg 1289), Hill AFB, UT, 84056
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Lori Lloyd, Contract Negotiator, Phone 801-586-0685, Fax ,
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OVERHAUL SOURCE QUALIFICATION STATEMENT SQS 04-402 Prepared 28 June 2004 SECTION A: ITEM IDENTIFICATION Stock Number (NSN): 2835-01-330-1000, 2835-01-456-6511,2835-01-330-7765, 2835-01-456-6509,2835-01-218-8080,2835-01-456-7119,2834-01-318-0142,2835- 01-456-6510 Part Number (P/N): 386704-3/-4, 386704-3/-4, 367720-1/-2, 367730-1/-2 Noun: F-15 Left Hand and Right Hand Airframe Mounted Accessory Drive (AMAD) Application: F-15, Secondary Power System Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM): Honeywell Intl. Inc. SECTION B: JUSTIFICATION FOR ESTABLISHING A QUALIFICATION REQUIREMENT 1. Overhaul services are those repair activities and processes required to restore unserviceable F-15 AMADs to serviceable condition. The repair functions include complete disassembly, cleaning, inspection, repair or replacement of individual components, testing of sub-assemblies, assembly, and final testing of the complete AMAD, all in accordance with applicable Air Force Overhaul Technical Orders and directives. The end objective of this process is to provide an operationally safe and durable AMAD with an expected service life comparable to that of a brand new AMAD. 2. The proper overhaul of the F-15 AMAD is critical to the war readiness of the F-15 aircraft. The AMAD transfers power from the Jet Fuel Starter and the Central Gear Box to the main propulsion engines for engine start up. The AMAD also provides mount pads for generator drives, utility hydraulic pump drives, and power control hydraulic pump drives to meet auxiliary power requirements of the F-15 aircraft during flight. Improper overhaul of the F-15 AMAD could result in malfunction of mounted aircraft accessories and could disable the capability of main engine starts and main engine emergency air starts. Maintaining these capabilities is critical to mission readiness and the safety of the pilot. 3. Overhauling the F-15 AMAD requires expertise in all aspects of aircraft gearboxes. This includes gears, bearings, air seals, oil seals, oil pumps, mechanical switches, dynamic balancing, dimensional inspection., non-destructive inspection, dimensional restoration procedures, and performance testing. The AMAD overhaul process requires specialized equipment unique to the F-15 AMAD. This includes specialized assembly and disassembly tools, inspection equipment, repair fixtures, SQS 04-402 subassembly and component test equipment, and AMAD test facilities. Nonspecialized equipment is also needed to properly disassemble, clean, inspect, repair, restore, paint balance, and test the AMAD. 4. The probability of an unqualified source underestimating the difficulty and complexity of overhauling the F-15 AMAD is great. This would most likely result in low reliability of the AMAD and/or failure to meet required delivery schedules. Low reliability will effect war operations worldwide and will result in aircraft grounding from parts shortages. This may potentially drive high cost emergency procurement of new AMAD assemblies or components to alleviate shortages. In view of the risks outlined above, it is in the U.S. Air Force's best interest to prequalify prospective contractors prior to award. SECTION C: QUALIFICATION REQUIREMENTS THAT MUST BE SATISFIED TO BECOME A QUALIFIED SOURCE 1. Pre-qualification Notice: The offerer shall notify the Small Business Office (OOALC/ BC) or, if responding to a solicitation, the contracting officer in OOALC/ LGJP, of the intent to qualify as a repair source for this item. Following notification of the intent to qualify the design control authority (OO-ALC/LGHEP) will review the ability of the offeror to meet all qualification requirements. It is anticipated that the qualification process will take approximately 18 months. 2. Any firm seeking qualification for overhaul of the F-15 AMAD must provide verification that they have a complete data package. This includes current Air Force Technical Orders (T.O.) 2JA16-3-3, 2JA16-3-4, and all other T.O.s and T.C.T.Os needed to support the overhaul as listed in T.O. 2JA16-3-3 and as directed by the design control authority. 3. The U.S. Air Force requires that any firm seeking qualification for overhaul of the F-15 AMAD show a proven track record in the overhaul of the AMAD or items similar to the F-15 AMAD of equal or greater complexity. Specifically the following is required: a. If the firm seeking qualification for overhaul of the F-15 AMAD has overhauled the F-15 AMAD previously for the U.S. Air Force, the firm shall submit a copy of the DD250 indicating U.S. Air Force acceptance. If not already provided on the DD250, the firm must show when the units were delivered and the quantity delivered. b. If the firm seeking qualification for overhaul of the F-15 AMAD has overhauled the AMAD for a foreign military, or the Original Equipment Manufacturer, the firm must provide documentation verifying that the firm did indeed perform the overhaul, when the work was performed, and the quantity of units overhauled. The firm shall provide evidence that it had primary SQS 04-402 responsibility for all operations necessary to overhaul the AMAD and the firm must still possess the same capability it had when this work was accomplished. The design control authority, at their option, may visit the contractor's facilities in order to verify that qualification requirements can still be met. c. If the firm seeking qualification for overhaul of the F-15 AMAD has not overhauled the AMAD previously, but has overhauled a similar item of equal or greater complexity to the JFS it must submit the following documentation: i. A list of applicable contracts for the past five years where overhaul of similar or more complex equipment was performed; include: 1. The contracting agency or firm with a complete address and telephone number. 2. The period of the contracts with starting and ending dates. 3. The types and models of equipment overhauled. 4. The contract performance in regard to completion dates/due dates, satisfactory/unsatisfactory completion, schedules met/unmet, and reasons for any variance in contract schedule and actual deliveries. ii. A description of equipment overhauled in regards to complexity and difficulty. Include justification of the similarity with the F-15 AMAD. iii. A summary of quality and material deficiency reports, customer complaints requiring field team visits to perform repairs, and warranty claims received within the last two years of the production run. 4. Submit a description of the facility to be used to house the F-15 AMAD overhaul operations. This description must include: a. The type and condition of the buildings(s) or structure(s) housing the complete facility; include storage facilities. b. Provide a drawing of the proposed shop(s) layout. Show the specific areas where each operation will be accomplished. Indicate which of the areas are enclosed from the elements and which are environmentally controlled. As a minimum the layout shall show the following: i. Disassembly ii. Cleaning iii. Non-destructive inspection iv. Physical and dimensional inspection v. Scrap/hold vi. Bearing cleaning and inspection vii. Paint stripping viii. Painting SQS 04-402 ix. Machining x. Parts Heating Ovens xi. Plating xii. Balancing xiii. Welding xiv. Assembly xv. Testing 5. Provide a list of all tools, test equipment, and test stands available in-house to perform the F-15 AM AD overhaul. Include: a list of tools and test equipment specific to the F-15 AMAD overhaul as outlined in the applicable Air Force T.O.s. For any tooling or test equipment that are not available, the contractor must satisfactorily describe how it intends to obtain suitable equipment. Please note that some of the required special equipment substantiates great monetary investment. 6. Provide a complete list of machine shop equipment and other large equipment available in-house to rework the F-15 AMAD components. 7. List and describe the firm's capability, equipment, and facilities to accomplish the following overhaul processes: a. Non-destructive inspection b. Component cleaning c. Plating d. Painting e. Welding f. Dynamic balancing g. Performance testing 8. Provide proof of arrangement of agreement (s) for obtaining F-15 AMAD replacement parts. NOTE: Only new parts obtained from DOD or OEM approved sources are acceptable 9. Provide documentation to demonstrate the availability of a production manager experienced in production, scheduling, and expediting the repair and overhaul effort. 10. Provide documentation to demonstrate the availability of a planning and engineering staff experienced with F-15 AMAD (or similar equipment) repair and overhaul procedures and processes. 11. Submit documentation that substantiates the firms quality control and inspection systems. This must meet ISO 9002 or equivalent. 12. A pre-contract award qualification article must be submitted to the design control authority for evaluation. An unserviceable F-15 AMAD will be provided by the SQS 04-402 U.S. Air Force out of normal field return units for overhaul. Throughout the overhaul process, the Air Force will maintain ownership of the qualification article. Component parts that fall out during inspection and are not repairable per T.O. instructions will be provided by the Air Force. The overhaul of the qualification article will be accomplished at no cost to the U.S. Air Force. Facilities must be made available for inspection by the government; the government reserves the right to inspect and witness any or all of the overhaul process. The Air Force evaluation will include functional testing, possible service testing on an operational aircraft, and possible tear down and analysis. 13. The U.S. Air Force requires that any approved overhaul source of the F-15 AMAD be able to upgrade P/N 386706-3 to P/N 386706-4 for the LH AMAD A-D, P/N 386704-3 to P/N 386704-4 for the RH AMAD A-D, P/N 367720-1 to P/N 367720- 2 for the LH AMAD E, P/N 367730-1 to P/N 367730-2 for the RH AMAD E following Air Force Technical Orders and directives. This requires, in addition to normal overhaul processes, machining rework of some components and replacement of others using a U.S. Air Force provided parts kit. A second qualification article must be submitted for evaluation using this upgrade process. 14. Any firm that successfully completes all qualification requirements as determined by the design control authority will be identified as an approved and qualified source for the overhaul of the F-15 AMAD. However, successful completion of the qualification process does not guarantee contract award. If a firm is deemed qualified and awarded a contract, a post-contract award first-article exhibit may be required to verify production capability. 15. Firms that are unable to successfully provide the data and documentation required or are unsuccessful in demonstrating their ability to perform the required services will not be considered as an overhaul source for the F-15 AMAD. SQS 04-402 SECTION D: REVIEW, COORDINATION AND APPROVAL OF QUALIFICATION REQUIREMENTS Spencer Terry Engineer OO-ALC/LGHEP 801-586-3767 Russell Dyreng Chief, Engineering Branch OO-ALC/LGHEP 801-586-1849 -Jv' (Signature and,Date) SQS 04-402
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