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A -- NDC3 - US National Data Center (US NDC) Phase 3

Notice Date
Notice Type
541511 — Custom Computer Programming Services
Contracting Office
1030 S. Highway A1A, Bldg 989 Patrick Air Force Base, Fl , 32925
ZIP Code
Solicitation Number
Response Due
Archive Date
Point of Contact
Nancy Williamson,321-494-1795
E-Mail Address
Email your questions to Nancy.Williamson@patrick.af.mil
Small Business Set-Aside
EXECUTIVE SUMMARY and Proposal Release Notification Letter for USNDC Phase 3 has been posted to the PIXS web site. RFP RELEASE - The Request for Proposal for the US NDC Phase 3 has been released. The RFP and all applicable documents including RFP attachments have been posted to the PIXS web site. Responses to the RFP are due 25 Jun 2004. Questions should be directed to the Contracting Officer, Nancy Williamson, 321- 494-1795, nancy.williamson@patrick.af.mil. INDUSTRY DAY NOTICE The US NDC Phase 3 Industry Day is scheduled for 23 January 2004. This virtual industry day is open to all interested parties. Representatives from Contracting, Program Management, and Requirements will be available to take questions. Interested parties must sign up for the US NDC Phase 3 Industry Day on the MarketSpace website, https://www.mrpc.wpafb.af.mil/mktspace/ not later than close of business 21 January 2004. After logging in to the MarketSpace website with your e-mail address (you will need to create a password if you are a new user), click on "Register for an Event" in the left hand column. Select the US NDC Phase 3 Industry Day - 1/23/04 and click on "Register." This completes the registration process on the MarketSpace website. The Government team will then notify each interested party with further instructions including website and login instructions. During Industry Day each participant will login during their alloted 30 minute segment of time to ask questions or provide comments. PRE-SOLICITATION NOTICE 1. The Aeronautical Systems Center Reconnaissance System Program Office (ASC/RA) seeks proposals from offerors to perform Phase 3 of the United States National Data Center (US NDC) program. The focus of Phase 3 is to operate and sustain the present operational systems, increase performance by fine-tuning current systems, and add increased functionality to the current baseline. 2. The US NDC is an advanced geophysical data processing system that provides the capability to receive, process, archive, and report events of interest in monitoring nuclear treaty requirements. It acquires waveform data from a global network of seismic, hydroacoustic, and infrasonic stations. Data is stored, distributed to researchers both internal and external, and reliably forwarded to a classified processing system. The US NDC receives data from multiple sources, including from the United States Atomic Energy Detection System (USAEDS) networks, from the International Data Center (IDC), and from other countries via bilateral agreements. Users interactively review, refine, and correct, the results of data processing. 3. The US NDC consists of two parallel operational systems: the US NDC at Patrick AFB and the Alternate US NDC at Goodfellow AFB. The Alternate US NDC system operates continuously, and it becomes the primary system if the US NDC becomes inoperative. A third system, the US NDC Testbed, is used to evaluate and test new functionality. There is also a stand-alone Training System used by Air Education and Training Command (AETC) for training system operators. The primary and testbed systems are classified systems located at Patrick AFB FL. The alternate and training systems are located at Goodfellow AFB TX. 4. Current system parameters include: 4.1. Hardware: SUN ULTRA 10, 6800/4800 series servers, and Blade servers/workstations (The hardware is and will continue to be maintained through a separate contract.) 4.2. Software: Solaris 8, Oracle 8I 4.3. Code: C++, C, Fortran, Java, Perl, Scheme 5. The selected contractor shall provide Total System Integration Responsibility (TSIR) for the US NDC system (primary, alternate, testbed, training). Contractor tasks will include the sustainment of the system hardware and software, continuing development and integration of system upgrades following a spiral development model, training, and performing advanced geophysical studies. 6. All upgrades to the US NDC shall be tested on the US NDC testbed. Upon government acceptance, all changes shall then be implemented on the primary, the alternate, and the training systems. 7. The majority of the work will be in support of the Patrick AFB FL system. Key personnel must provide on-site support at Patrick AFB. 8. The contractor will be required to provide 24 hours per day/7 days per week/365 days per year on-call trouble-shooting support. 9. Geophysical expertise is a requirement. 10. Work effort, to include sustainment and developmental work, to be performed by the contractor includes but is not limited to: 10.1 Tuning/optimization of software algorithms. Perhaps the most important part of this effort will be the tuning of the signal detector, screening, and event formation algorithms. 10.2 Expansion of the current Knowledge Base. This effort will expand the depth and breadth of current geophysical knowledge and iterations of parametric data, to include the additional optimization and tuning of such parametric data by professional geophysicists. 10.3 Persistent, Shared, Processing Parameters and Recipes. Data processing parameter and recipe files shall be moved into the database and become dynamic. 10.4 Expansion of Spotlight Processing. Geographically focused data processing on an expanding number of areas with lower detection thresholds and more sophisticated data processing. 10.5 Feature Extraction. Numerous upgrades are required to improve both automatic and interactive signal processing. Examples include: enhancements to frequency-wavenumber estimation to reduce the rate of false rejection of valid signals, new types of measurements for magnitude and classification, expansion of the filter library, and signal separation. 10.6 Moving initial phase identification from station processing to network processing. 10.7 Association. Detected signals are associated into common events. Improvement areas have been identified in terms of making the network definition more dynamic and improving the sophistication of the logic in the event formation process. 10.8 Magnitude. Improvement areas have been identified for automated and interactive coda magnitude, as well as the integration of unique path and frequency dependent attenuation models. 10.9 Teaming for integration of third party efforts. Various Air Force partners, consisting of the National Nuclear Security Administration, the Air Force laboratories, and government contractors, are involved in numerous areas of US NDC development. Some examples of these areas: portions of the Knowledge Base, event classification methodology, and the Geographical Information System (GIS). The contractor will be responsible to team with these Air Force partners and integrate their products into the US NDC. The contract will contain a requirement for the contractor to establish Associate Contractor Agreements with the other government contractors to facilitate accomplishment of this tasking. 10.10 Interactive analysis. All functionality added to automated processing must be integrated into interactive analysis. The interactive software currently lacks a universal "undo" and/or "revert to previous" functionality ? the implementation of which may involve fairly fundamental changes to the software infrastructure and design. 10.11 Data services. Tasks for improvements to data services include adding primary/secondary sources of data acquisition for certain stations, adding automatic data request management software to the US NDC (currently resides on a separate local area network (LAN)), and adding various improvements to existing software in the area of performance monitoring. 10.12 Hardware refresh. 11. Schedule. The contractor shall provide operation and sustainment of the current system on a fiscal year (FY) basis beginning in late FY04 and continuing through FY09. Deliveries of spirals of development and integration of system upgrades shall be in accordance with the schedule proposed by the selected contractor but must be completed not later than the third quarter of FY09. 12. All personnel performing on the contract must have a Secret clearance, and all key personnel must have a Top Secret Secure Compartmented Information (SCI) clearance. 13. No foreign contractor participation will be permitted at either the prime contractor or subcontractor level. 14. Proposals and Award. Written proposals will be evaluated and a best value decision made using Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR) and FAR Supplement Subpart 15.3, Source Selection, procedures. Anticipated award date: Jul 2004. 15. All responsible sources may submit a proposal, which shall be considered by the Government. 16. This procurement is unrestricted. 17. An industry day is planned. Date/time/location will be announced at a later date. Contact Information: Ms. Nancy Williamson, Contracting Officer, ASC/RAKPM, 321.757.1795, e-mail: nancy.williamson@ patrick.af.mil. Notes: 26 (The Government does not intend to acquire commercial item using Part 12). DRAFT RFP Update: Comments to Draft RFP FA8620-04-R-3405 must be submitted electronically to Nancy.Williamson@Patrick.af.mil not later than close of business 16 January 2004. A bidders conference is tentatively scheduled for 23 January 2004. In the upcoming weeks, the Reconnaissance System Program Office (SPO) may post documents relating to the technical aspects of the US National Data Center (US NDC) To the PIXS website. Of the documents already posted, the following are for informational purposes when building proposals: 1) Global Association (GA) 2) NNSA Knowledge Base Contributors Guide 3) Integrating Research Results into the NNSA Knowledge Base In addition to these documents, the following website contains additional information that may be of assistance. http://www.css.gov/librarybox/idcdocs/idcdocs.html It should be noted that the Phase 3 effort will consist of: 1) Sustainment of the current operational system; 2) Tuning of geophysical parameters; 3) Integration of the NNSA Knowledge Base effort; and 4) Software development/enhancement. This is not a request for proposal submission. Comments to the draft RFP are due not later than close of business 16 January 2004. Disregard the Response Due Date below. In accordance with AFFARS 5305.204, foreign contractor participation will not be permitted at either the prime contractor, or subcontractor level. The point of contact for this announcement is Ms. Nancy Williamson, Contracting Officer, ASC/DET3, 1030 S. Highway A1A, Building 989, Patrick AFB, FL 32925-3002, (321) 494-1795. THE GOVERNMENT DOES NOT INTEND TO PAY FOR THE INFORMATION SOLICITED IN THIS DRAFT RFP. For more information on 04R3405--NDC3 - US National Data Center (US NDC) Phase 3 please refer to http://www.pixs.wpafb.af.mil/pixslibr/04R3405/04R3405.asp
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