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Notice Date
Notice Type
Solicitation Notice
333220 — Plastics and Rubber Industry Machinery Manufacturing
Contracting Office
Department of the Air Force, Air Education and Training Command, Randolph AFB - 12th Contracting Office, 395 B Street West Suite 2, Randolph AFB, TX, 78150-4525
ZIP Code
Solicitation Number
Response Due
Archive Date
Point of Contact
Marvin Parchman, Contract Specialist, Phone 210-652-5178, Fax 210-652-7486, - Luis Guzman, Contract Specialist, Phone 210-652-5178, Fax 210-652-5135,
E-Mail Address
marvin.parchman@randolph.af.mil, luis.guzman.@randolph.af.mil
The Government intends to issue and negotiate a sole source/brand name firm-fixed price contract with Stratasys, Inc.under FAR 6.302. This notice of intent is not a request for competitive proposals; however, the Government will consider capabilities of other interested parties if received within seven days of this publication synopsis. A determination by the Government not to compete this proposed contract based upon responses to this notice is solely within the discretion of the Government. Information received will normally be considered solely for the purpose of determining whether to conduct a competitive procurement. The proposed contract action is to provide, install and upgrade a rapid prototyping system as outlined in the attached statement of work. All work is to be coordinated and accomplished at the Trainer Development Division, Hanger 74 RAFB TX. 78150-4513 ITEM 0200 Rapid Prototyping System, Vantage I; 160-00130 A; 230V, 50/60 Hz, 16 amps, CE Conformance. RCCC 403703 ITEM 0201 Upgrade Vantage I with ABS toVantage s; Part No; 160-20610, RCCC 401012 ITEM 0202 Maintenance Contract; Part No; 260-00210 RCCC 401012 ITEM 0203 Training, Operator; 2-day course on Vantage s, Part No 400-10000, RCCC 401012 ITEM 0204 Installation, On-site for FDM Vantage s; set-up system; Part No 400-20000 RCCC 401012 ITEM 0205 Shipping (if required) RCCC 401012 The Randolph AFB POC is Mr. Marvin Parchman, Telephone 210 652-5178, FAX 210 652-5135 e-mail marvin.Parchman@randolph.af.mil. All proposals must be received into the 12th Contracting Sq LGCA, 395 B Street West Ste, Randolph AFB TX 78150-4525 by 4:30 pm 17 May 2004. Original Point of Contact Marvin Parchman, Contract Specialist, 210-652-5178, Fax 210-652-5135, e-mail, marvin.Parchman@randolph.af.mil - Luis Guzman, Contract Specialist, 210-652-5178, Fax 210-652-5135, e-mail, luis, Guzman@Randolph.af.mil. STATEMENT OF WORK FOR ACQUISITION OF A FUSED DEPOSITION MODELING RAPID PROTOTYPING SYSTEM 1. GENERAL 1.1. SCOPE OF WORK. Acquisition of a new Vantage (s) Fused Deposition Modeling (FDM) Rapid Prototyping (RP) System, to include shipping, installation and training. 2. DEFINITIONS 2.1. CONTRACTOR. The Contractor is the provider of the requested equipment and services. The Contractor is accountable for the equipment and services provided, including any parts of the equipment and services subcontracted by the Contractor. 2.2. 12LG/LGD Trainer Development. Trainer Development is the recipient of the requested equipment and services. Trainer Development is located at 660 A Street West (Hangar 74), Randolph AFB TX 78150-4515. The Point of Contracts (POC) for Trainer Development is Mike White or Marcia Smith The telephone number for Mike White is (210)-652-7347 and for Marcia Smith is (210)-652-3329. The Contractor will normally conduct business with Trainer Development through the POC. 2.3. FUSED DEPOSITION MODELING (FDM). A solids-based rapid prototyping method that extrudes material, layer-by-layer, to build a model, the system consists of a build platform, extrusion nozzle, and control system. 3. AIR FORCE FURNISHED PROPERTY AND SERVICES. Trainer Development Shall provide to the Contractor: 3.1. Equipment uncrating, setup and leveling in accordance with (IAW) manufacturer?s instructions. 3.2. Dedicated electrical circuit IAW manufacturers instructions to include service connections. 3.3. Computer equipment and communication connections IAW manufacturers instructions. 4. CONTRACTOR FURNISHED ITEMS. The Contractor shall furnish: 4.1. FDM system is described in Attachment 1. 4.2. Machine accessories and consumables are listed in Attachment 2. 4.3. One set of operator?s manuals and training for up to 3 personnel at Stratasys Corporate headquarters as outlined in Attachment 3. 4.4. Annual Comprehensive Maintenance Contract as outlined in Attachment 4. 5. SPECIFIC TASKS. The Contractor will perform the following tasks: 5.1. Packing and Crating. The Contractor shall pack and crate the FDM System so that it can be shipped via common carrier. 5.2. Shipping. Shipping will be at the discretion of the Air Force. The Contractor will be reimbursed for incurred costs if they provide the service. 5.3. Installation. The Contractor is responsible for the following: 5.3.1. Ensure that machine?s service connections are correct before applying power. 5.3.2. Load software as necessary and set-up the communications connection as required. 5.3.3. Machine calibration and system testing. 5.3.4. All travel and per-diem expenses of the installer. ATTACHMENT 1 VANTAGE (s) FDM SYSTEM Vantage (s) Fused Deposition Modeling Rapid Prototyping System Specifications Modeling Build Speed Titan Class Model Build Envelope 14 x 10 x 10 inches Modeling Materials ABS and Polycarbonate Tip Support ABS: T10, T12, T16 Polycarbonate: T12, T16 Layer Thickness ABS: .005, .007 and .010 inch Polycarbonate: .007, .010 inch Material Canisters One auto-load canister with 92 cubic inches modeling material. One auto load canister with 92 cubic inches support material. Achievable Accuracy Models are produced within an accuracy of +/- .005 inch up to 5 inches. Accuracy on models greater than 5 inches +/- .0015 inch per inch. Support Structures WaterWorks soluble support for ABS. BASS breakaway support for Polycarbonate. Network Communication 10/100 base T connection. Ethernet protocol. Software Insight software imports STL files, automatically slices the file and generates the FDM Vantage extrusion paths and necessary support structures. Operator Attendance Not required. Compatibility Windows NT 4.0, Windows 2000, Windows XP Operating Environment Maximum room temperature of 85 degrees F. Maximum room dew point of 78 degrees F. Office Environment Requires no special ventilation. Power Requirements 230 VAC, 50/60 Hz, 3 phase, 16A/phase (20 amp dedicated circuit required). System Size 50.24 inches wide x 34.4 inches deep x 76.75 inches high. Regulatory Compliance CE Warranty 1 year manufactures warranty Upgrade Options Model Build Envelope 16 x 14 x 16 inches Material Canisters Two auto-load canisters with 92 cubic inches modeling material. Two auto-load canister with 92 cubic inches support material. Automatic changeover between canisters ATTACHMENT 2 VANTAGE (s) SYSTEM ACCESSORIES AND CONSUMABLES User Manual ABS Water/Works Modeling Material Package for Vantage PC Modeling Material Package for Vantage Tips Included 2 ? FDM Vantage (Headworks) ABS/WW (10 slice) Tip set T16/T12WW 2 ? FDM Vantage (Headworks) PC (7 slice) Tip set 2 T-12 2 ? FDM Vantage (Headworks) PC (10 slice) Tip set 2 T-16 2 ? FDM Vantage (Headworks) ABS/WW (5 slice) Tip set T10/T12WW 2 ? FDM Vantage (Headworks) ABS/WW (7 slice) Tip set T12/T12WW Foundation Included 2 ? Foundation Sheet Packages, Vantage ABS/PC (Pkg. of 20) Modeling Material Included 8 ? ABS Filament Vantage Canisters, 92 cu. in. per canister 8 ? PC Filament Vantage Canisters, 92 cu. in. per canister Support Material Included 6 ? PC Support Vantage Canisters, 92 cu. in. per canister 6 ? ABS Water Works Support Canisters, 92 cu. in. per canister Consumables Included 2 ? Model Finishing Kits 1 ? Case Water Soluble Concentrate (12 - 1 liter bottles) ATTACHMENT 4 ANNUAL COMPREHENSIVE MAINTENANCE AGREEMENT Comprehensive Level: This level of service requires Stratasys to fully maintain the FDM system throughout the maintenance period without any additional charges (excluding consumables) under normal operation. 1. One preventive maintenance visit (an annual preventive maintenance visit will be completed at the customer site. 2. Unlimited service visits 3. Technical phone support (This is offered between the hours of 7:00A.M. and 5:00P.M. Central Time.) 4. 72 hour on site response time (A field engineer will be on site within 72 hours from the time the problem is called in through our Technical Support line and confirmation of the problem is acknowledged ) 5. Stratasys developed software maintenance releases provided throughout the maintenance period. 6. All machine parts replacement excluding extrusion tips (normal use only). 7. Upgrades / modifications as deemed necessary by Stratasys will be installed when available throughout the maintenance period. 8. Unlimited new user training courses available at Stratasys, Inc. (original purchaser only while under contract) Training to be held at Stratasys corporate headquarters. ATTACHMENT 3 FDM / INSIGHT TRAINING AGENDA Day 1 I. Introductions Name/Company/Position What type of parts are to be run 2. System Components Hardware Z-Stage Oven Head Controls Software Insight Firmware Consumables Materials Bases Tips II. Process Overview STL In Orient Slice Build Supports Generate Tool Paths How the FDM process works 3. Basic Insight Window Layout Pull Down Menus File Open Close Save Save As Delete Preferences Modelers Setup Reset Modeler Defaults Status View Display Options Hide Curves Curve Information Pan & Rotate Fit & Scale Previous View Main Tool Bar Z Tool Bar Measure Data Job Log Main Tool Bar (Icons) Flag STL Box Slices Supports Tool Paths Modeler Disk Circle/Slices Circle/Cube Circle/Box Circle/Arrows Cube/Top Cube/Front Cube/Right Cube/Iso STL Orient By Selecting Facet STL Display Restore Original Orientation Automatic Orientation Rotate Units & Scale Slice Setup Support Setup Toolpaths Setup Estimated Time Shade Tool Paths Help General With Current Operation User Interface About Insight Edit Delete Close Open Curves Filter 4. Apply above to sample part 5. Run Tutorial ? ?LBRACKET? 6. Calibration What is calibration Why do we calibrate When do we calibrate How do we calibrate 7. Build Part ?LBRACKET? Turning Modeler On/Off Control Panel Loading Materials Bases Homing X,Y,Z Setting Z Height Start Build Day 2 III. Moderately Advanced Insight View Custom Tool Bar Tool Box File Build Customize STL Reverse normals Edit Merge Split Offset Trim Move, rotate, copy Copy curves thru Z Auto merge with clip Mirror Flip whole part Vertex Draw Toolpaths Seam control Insert pause Custom groups Load saved toolpaths Modelers Save custom build style Load custom build style Support Manual supports Slice Section at Z Section with profile X. Run tutorial ?PROP? XI. Run tutorial ? ?Chief? XII. Run tutorial ? ?Case? XIII. Run tutorial ? Making a Custom Group II XIV. Run tutorial ? Creating Sparse & Surround Supports Day 3 XIV. Review days 1 and 2 XV. Part Finishing XVI. Preventive Maintenance XVII. Trouble Shooting XVIII. Customer Service XIX. End
Place of Performance
Zip Code: 78150
SN00583116-W 20040512/040510211917 (fbodaily.com)
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