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S -- Utilities Privatization of Electric, Water and Wastewater Systems at Fort Belvoir

Notice Date
Notice Type
Solicitation Notice
221122 — Electric Power Distribution
Contracting Office
Defense Logistics Agency, Logistics Operations, Defense Energy Support Center, 8725 John J. Kingman Road, Fort Belvoir, VA, 22060-6222
ZIP Code
Solicitation Number
Response Due
Archive Date
Point of Contact
Megan Oz, Contract Specialist, Phone 703-767-9411, Fax 703-767-2382, - Kerri Chambers, Contracting Officer, Phone 703-767-8567, Fax 703-767-2382,
E-Mail Address
megan.oz@dla.mil, kerri.chambers@dla.mil
DESC: The Defense Energy Support Center (DESC), in conjunction with the United States Army, plans to offer the privatization of the electric distribution system, the water distribution system and the wastewater collection system at Fort Belvoir, Virginia. Privatization is defined as the transfer of ownership and responsibility for the operations, maintenance, repair, future upgrades, and future utility system replacements. As a result of this solicitation, a firm will be selected to assume ownership of the above-mentioned utility systems. The successful firm will be required to provide expansions to the systems to meet future needs of the government. The resulting contract, if awarded, will require the Contractor to furnish all facilities, labor, materials, tools and equipment necessary to own, maintain, and operate the utility systems. The Contractor shall manage the maintenance, repairs, replacement, etc., of the systems to ensure continuous, adequate, and dependable service for each Government or tenant connection within the service area. The Contractor shall be responsible for funding all capital investments required to acquire, maintain and operate the utility systems in a safe, reliable condition and to meet the requirements listed in the contract. The Utility Systems being privatized are described as follows: Installation: Fort Belvoir Location: Fort Belvoir, Virginia Installation Description: Located in Fairfax County, near Alexandria, Virginia, Fort Belvoir covers approximately 8,600 acres. Fort Belvoir’s daytime population is estimated to include more than 12,000 personnel: 3,000 active duty military personnel and 9,000 civilians. Utility Systems to be privatized: The following is provided only to give an approximation of the size, scope and general description of the system. Any numbers should only be used for estimating purposes. The following system parameters are approximations. a. Water Distribution System: Fort Belvoir is supplied with potable water from the Fairfax County Water Authority (FCWA). Other than chlorination of water on an as needed basis, there is no water treatment at Fort Belvoir. Fort Belvoir’s potable water distribution system connects to FCWA’s main at four locations and there is one supply point that is dedicated to the Golf Course Maintenance Facility (Building 2990). The potable water distribution system consists of pipe sizes ranging from less than 2 inches to 30 inches. The total length of the pipes is approximately 446,667 linear feet. The water pipes are at an average depth of 3 to 4 feet. There are four water storage tanks. All tanks are of steel construction installed in 1948. The valves and piping at the tanks were upgraded in 1994. The tanks were stripped of lead paint and repainted in 1995 and 1996. b. Wastewater Collection System Fort Belvoir’s wastewater collection system includes 34 lift stations and approximately 389,122 feet of pipe/force mains. There is no wastewater treatment facility at the Base. All the wastewater is conveyed to Fairfax County Department of Public Works (FCDPW) for treatment. The wastewater is metered at seven location and flows into FCDPW’s mains at six connection points. The sizes of collection pipes range from 4 inches in diameter to 24 inches in diameter with the majority of the pipe size being 8 inches, as summarized in Table 1. The large majority of the pipe is PVC type. Also, within the sewer collection system are 1,173 manholes. Most of the wastewater collection system was constructed between the 1940s and the 1990s, with only replacement and upgrade work being completed since 1997. The upgrade work included relining of pipes, upgrading of manholes, and some pipe replacement. There are 34 lift stations and associated force mains within the wastewater collection system at Belvoir. The length of the associated force mains is summarized in Table 1. Figures through depict several of the lift stations and their components. Wastewater is collected at the Woodlawn Village housing area by gravity flow pipes, metered and transferred to FCDPW main. Wastewater from HQ DLA is metered at the Accotink and Route No. 1 and flows into FCDPW main. At the same location there is another flow meter and line, which conveys wastewater from the Airfield. Wastewater collected from other buildings north of Route No. 1, is metered and flows into FCDPW main at Guston Road and Route No. 1. Wastewater collected from buildings located south of Route No. 1 flows to Lift Station 687 or to Lift Station 97. Both of these lift stations replaced old wastewater treatment plants at Ft. Belvoir in the early 1980s. The holding tanks of the old wastewater treatment plant are still used. The pumps in the lift stations were installed to take the wastewater treatment plants out of service and transfer the wastewater to FCDPW main. Both the lift stations have wastewater meters. c. Electrical Distribution System The primary distribution system consists of a total of approximately 90 circuit miles of 4.16 kV, 12.5 kV, 22.9 kV, and 34.5 kV circuits. The majority of the distribution circuits are configured with loop tie switches to neighboring circuits. The distribution system is composed primarily of overhead, pole-line construction (which is conventional, open wire/wood crossarm construction) with pole-mounted transformer banks. However, there is also a substantial amount of underground primary construction, utilizing both direct burial and duct type construction practices. Fort Belvoir currently purchases bulk electrical power at 34.5 kV from Dominion Virginia Power (DVP) at Substation 2540 (Humphrey's Substation), located near the northeast corner of the base. Fort Belvoir owns and operates an electrical utility system consisting of: · Four 34.5 kV subtransmission switching stations · One 34.5 – 22.9 kV subtransmission substation · Eight 4.16 kV distribution substations · One 12.5 kV distribution substation · Approximately 70 circuit miles of overhead primary distribution line · Approximately 19 circuit miles of underground primary distribution line The electrical utility system consists of two 34.5 kV feeders supplying four 34.5 kV overhead feeders. The 34.5 kV feeders serve as both distribution supply circuits and as sub-transmission circuits supplying one 34.5 - 22.9 kV sub-transmission substation, four 4.16 kV distribution substations, and one 12.5 kV distribution substation. The 34.5 - 22.9 kV sub-transmission substation is the point of supply for two 22.9 kV sub-transmission circuits which then supply four 4.16 kV distribution substations. The Contractor(s) shall furnish all facilities, labor, materials, tools, and equipment necessary to own, maintain and operate the utility system(s) in a safe and reliable condition. The Contractor(s) shall manage the maintenance, repairs, replacement, etc., of the system(s) to ensure continuous, adequate, and dependable service for each Government or tenant connection within the service area. Real property interests will be conveyed in the form of a Real Estate Easement as an attachment to the RFP. The utility system(s) will be conveyed via a Bill of Sale upon award of the contract. Past performance information from potential Offerors shall be submitted as directed in the RFP. All responsible sources may submit an offer, which shall be considered. Large businesses are required to submit a subcontracting plan with their offer. Offerors from small businesses will be considered first. In accordance with FAR Subpart 19.5, any award resulting from the solicitation will be made to an eligible small business concern provided that (1) at least two competitive offers are received from responsible small business concerns, and (2) award will be made at a fair market price. If conditions for an award to a small business are not met, award will be made on the basis of full and open competition considering all offers submitted by responsible business concerns. Interested sources shall contact Megan Oz at 703-767-9411 to be added to our bidder mailing list. A copy of the solicitation will be available after issuance, on the Internet at the below listed URL. The solicitation will be available on or after March 24, 2004. LINKURL: http://www.desc.dla.mil/DCM/DCMPage.asp?pageid=246 LINKDESC: http://www.desc.dla.mil EMAILADD: Megan.Oz@dla.mil
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