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66 -- Engine Combustion Cycle Characterization and Analysis System for EPA NVFEL

Notice Date
Notice Type
Solicitation Notice
Contracting Office
Cincinnati Procurement Operations Division 26 W. Martin Luther King Drive Cincinnati, OH 45268
ZIP Code
Solicitation Number
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Archive Date
Point of Contact
TAMMY A. ADAMS, Contract Specialist, Phone: (513) 487-2030, E-Mail: adams.tammy@epa.gov
E-Mail Address
Email your questions to TAMMY A. ADAMS
Small Business Set-Aside
In accordance with FAR Part 13 and FAR Part 12, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, National Vehicle and Fuel Emissions Laboratory (NVFEL) located in Ann Arbor, Michigan is seeking to procure an Engine Combustion Cycle Characterization and Analysis System. As part of the Clean Air Act and its Amendments, a variety of new emissions regulations have been implemented for new heavy duty engines. The 2007 Heavy Duty Engine Rule will require test systems that are integrated as sophisticated and adaptable emission measurement systems. The EPA NVFEL has undertaken a comprehensive program to implement new and refined test systems. As part of this program, EPA has a requirement for an Engine Combustion Cycle Characterization and Analysis System to be installed in a new heavy duty engine test cell. For the equipment specified, the contractor shall have total system responsibility, which shall include all phases of the project, design/configuration, fabrication, assembly, integration, quality assurance, delivery to EPA-NVFEL (located in Ann Arbor, MI), installation, calibration, commissioning, acceptance testing, documentation and training of EPA staff. The heavy duty engine test cell is being developed in order to test low-emission heavy-duty engines equipped with advanced exhaust emission control systems, in accordance with regulatory requirements. The engines that will be tested will typically be those designed for on-highway truck applications, or non-road applications, such as agricultural equipment. The systems purchased under this requirement shall support a variety of configurable test procedures for investigatory and research purposes for engines ranging from 75 to 600 HP. This shall include a wide array of internal combustion engines, including spark ignition and compression ignition, utilizing a variety of fuel types and fuel injection schemes including multiple injection events for a single combustion cycle, 2 or 4-cycle engines, HCCI, variable displacement, unequal firing intervals and engines with up to 12 cylinders. Major Engine Combustion Cycle Characterization and Analysis System Configuration Requirements: The System shall be designed, manufactured and configured to measure, characterize and analyze engine combustion processes by measuring the engine cylinder pressure waveforms and crankshaft rotation signals. The System shall be capable of acquiring, calculating, recording and displaying combustion data at sufficient speed to allow true real time functioning, including the capability of real-time functioning as part of an engine control system. The System shall be of proven design, in widespread use in the engine testing industry. The System shall utilize multiple real-time processors, or equivalent strategies, to achieve maximum computational throughput. The System shall include all hardware and software to provide a full array features and functionality. The Engine Combustion Cycle Characterization and Analysis System shall compute, log and display up to 100 combustion parameters in real-time for each cylinder, for contiguous combustion cycles. "Real time" shall be taken to mean that all calculations for the current engine cycle are complete before the data acquisition for the next cycle is completed. Post processing shall not be required to get combustion results, however a complete array of post processing functions shall be available to calculate and analyze parameters not selected at time of test. The System shall record and store at least 64 megasamples ( 128 Mbytes) of raw and/or calculated combustion parameters for post test analysis. The Engine Combustion Cycle Characterization and Analysis System shall have the ability to quantify knock on a cylinder-by-cylinder and cycle-by-cycle basis. Cylinder pressure signals shall be filtered to isolate the knock frequencies. Intensity and peak value analysis shall be performed for each engine cycle. Simultaneous acquisition of standard combustion data shall allow for cycle-by-cycle correlation. The System shall include a full set of display and analysis tools available through a clear, logical Graphical User Interface. The following options are also included in the procurement: (1) An option for up to two additional units, (2) An option for up to three "expansion kits" which will allow measurement of an extended number of cylinders, (3) An option for up to four additional pressure transducers with all associated cables, (4) An option for up to two units of additional charge amplification for at least four pressure transducers, with all associated cables, (5) An option for up to two additional crankshaft encoders with all associated cables, (6) An option for up to two additional encoder signal conditioners with all associated cables, (7) An option for up to two additional A/D IO modules of at least eight I/O channels per module with all associated cables, (8) An option for three additional training modules, and (9) An option for an Extended Warranty and Preventive Maintenance contract, renewable annually for up to 4 years from the date of acceptance. This procurement will be made using "Best Value" evaluation criteria and will be competed using Full and Open Competition. The solicitation should be issued around March 18, 2004 on the EPA website: http://www.epa.gov/oam/cinn_cmd. This office does not intend to mail hard copies of the solicitation. All responsible sources may submit a proposal which shall be considered by the agency. Interested parties may submit a written request to be notified when the Request for Proposal is issued to Tammy Adams via e-mail at adams.tammy@epa.gov or by fax at (513) 487-2107.
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