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70 -- Information technology, E-Learning software packagel

Notice Date
Notice Type
Sources Sought
Contracting Office
Railroad Retirement Board, Bureau of Supply and Service, Purchasing Division, 844 North Rush Street, 9th Floor NE, Chicago, IL, 60611-2092
ZIP Code
Solicitation Number
Response Due
Archive Date
Point of Contact
Karen Haskins-Brewer, Contract Specialist, Phone (312) 751-4615, Fax (312) 751-4923,
E-Mail Address
The U.S. Railroad Retirement Board (RRB) seeks sources for e-learning software packages to allow RRB to create its own e-learning classes. The package must be Web Service based. The RRB does not want to have to install client software on the desktops. The RRB currently has an agency Intranet using Internet Explorer as our browser. The server software is Microsoft Windows 2000 Server and Internet Information Services version 5. A. The e-learning package must have the following course features: 1. Ability to update the class material quickly and easily, 2. Ability to include practical exercises, 3. Allows for multiple chapters and each chapter should be able to contain quizzes with automatic feedback throughout the quiz and quiz results after the quiz is completed, 4. Ability to have a final comprehensive test, 5. Ability to link with RRB mainframe or PC based systems, 6. Ability to link direct text within the class to the RRB web based procedure, 7. Navigation capability (to move back and forth within a class or to start, stop, and mark their spot), 8. Ability to allow individual notes to be added within the class by the student for future reference, 9. Allow voice input to training package, 10. Ability to have graphics and charts, 11. Ability to change text size, bold, and underline. B. The e-learning software package must also have the following administration features: 1. A tracking mechanism to see which students completed the course, 2. Ability to create custom reports that display specified information, 3. Ability to administer courseware, edit courseware data and the student roster, 4. Ability to see which units and quizzes the student completed, 5. Tracking mechanisms to record times to complete quizzes and test scores, 6. Ability to forward student performance data such as time to complete, quiz and test scores to the training section staff, 7. Students have the ability to view completion statistics. C. Provide information (price, availability, locations, method on-line vs. classroom based, syllabus, etc.) regarding any training on offered software. D. Provide information (price, feasibility, etc.) regarding trial usage of offered software. Companies having the ability to furnish this software are requested to provide written notification (including name and telephone number for a point of contact) and detailed data regarding the proposed solution (s) to the processing office listed in this notice within 15 calendar days from the date of publication of this synopsis. Potential vendors should respond with technical literature, pricing details (including the cost of software updates) and information describing the degree to which they can comply with the requirements outlined above. No telephone calls will be accepted. The RRB does not intend to award a contract on the basis of this request or to pay for the information solicited. THIS IS NOT A SOLICITATION FOR OFFERS OR BIDS. The RRB shall not transmit acknowledgment of receipt of vendor submissions and will not return any written data or solutions submitted to this office.
Place of Performance
Address: U.S. Railroad Retirement Board, 844 North Rush Street, Chicago, IL 60611-2092
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