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70 -- Commercial Off The Shelf -Supplier Enablement Software Package

Notice Date
Notice Type
Solicitation Notice
Contracting Office
Department of the Navy, Naval Supply Systems Command, FISC NORFOLK ACQUISITION GROUP, CODE 200 1968 GILBERT STREET, SUITE 600, NORFOLK, VA, 23511-3392
ZIP Code
Solicitation Number
Response Due
Archive Date
Point of Contact
Fannie Richardson, FBO User, Phone 7574431398, Fax 7574431424, - Bonnie Parker, Contract Specialist, Phone 757-443-1410, Fax 757-443-1414,
E-Mail Address
fannie_richardson@nor.fisc.navy.mil, bonnie.parker@navy.mil
FISC intends to award a short term Firm Fixed Price contract to Aravo Solutions for the procurement of their Commercial Off The Shelf (COTS) supplier enablement software system, in order to test the feasibility of transforming the Navy?s contracting workflow. This software has specific features FISC anticipates will be critical for success. Number notes 22 applies. This is not a requirement competing for a buy of software for production implementation. The awardee of this requirement is not guaranteed a follow on contract. If the pilot results prove out the feasibility and advantages of transforming, then a larger requirement will be developed solicited under full and open competitive procedures. BACKGROUND: The awardee under this requirement will be required to provide the necessary software, tools, and training to enable Navy buyers to successfully link with several private sector suppliers in order to obtain contractually covered catalog content and manage its load into the DoD E-mall and other relevant stores. The DoD E-mall is a government operated web-based e-commerce site within which government purchase card holders can buy supplies and/or services, including government stocks, commercial items, IT items, and training services. The DoD Emall is managed by the e-Business Program Office of Defense Logistics Agency, Ft Belvior, VA. Technical support for the DoD EMall is provided by Defense Logistics Information Service (DLIS) in Battle Creek, MI. The Navy Supply Systems Command (NAVSUP) has recently decided to collaborate with the DoD EMall to assist in satisfying its e-commerce goals. FISC Norfolk, a part of NAVSUP, has been working e-commerce initiatives for several years and has the responsibility of managing the supply base for its customers and establishing e-commerce solutions for customers that will provide better value, while streamlining the procurement process. This pilot project is spurred by several NAVSUP/FISC strategic goals, including streamlining simple procurements, generating more e-commerce transactions, and managing markets to increase value to customers. SCOPE: Sellers: Up to 50 company product catalogs, SKU?s not to exceed 100000, Buyers: 3 Navy FISC?s (Norfolk, Puget Sound, San Diego) plus representatives from NEXCOM and NAVFAC, 2 week installation of supplier enablement software in government computing environment (NAVSISA), 3 month operational up time, 2 month data gathering and metrics development. REQUIREMENTS Technical: Software shall be 100% Java (J2EE), and be deployable both within an enterprise firewall or hosted (ASP); run on industry standard hardware and software backbones, including Sun Solaris, Oracle 8i and BEA WebLogic; employ Java 2 enterprise edition standards and allow for easy plug-and-play with external systems; utilize XML messaging interfaces to comply with standard marketplace platforms, (such as Commerce One (xCBL), Ariba (cXML), Microsoft (BizTalk) and RosettaNet-based systems); and provide Industrial strength data cleansing, workflow and security packages. Functional: Software shall provide a staging area for commercial catalogue data wherein government buyers and private sector suppliers can work. This area must shall permit the government to flag SKUs which are problematic, permit the contractors to address the issues, and allow a finally approved catalogue to be instantly loaded into either the DoD E-Mall or another store. Additionally, the collection of catalogues must be able to be maintained within the system, and the software will be required to screen a catalog?s SKU?s for only those which have changed since original submission (and have yet to be re-reviewed). Software shall use statistical random sampling to permit efficient review of very large catalogues; support multiple enablement paths (ie. sending some catalogues on to the DoD E-Mall, others into an ERP system (like SAP), others onto CDs, and others no where at all ? but saved in the system) allow a buyer to search for catalogs and SKUs and find associated vendors (and the contracts they are covered under); and support the geographic scope of the project and anticipated transaction volume. Note to the contractors: The contractor shall provide an existing COTS product ? which means that no modifications are necessary or no new development is required. The Contractor shall be able to install their product with minimal configuration changes within a 2 week period. Afterwards, there shall be 3 months of operations and 2 months or metrics and evaluations, in order to develop deliverables. OBJECTIVES: Establish an on-line web-based supplier management tool that provides multiple levels of project visibility into supplier?s data and contracts. The following levels of visibility are planned: Executive View: full rights and visibility of all buyers. Management View: full rights and visibility, but limited to view into dashboard for one location (i.e., Norfolk sees Norfolk contracts/catalogues and National contracts/catalogues but not those restricted to Puget Sound). User View: view into one buyer site with ability to personalize the view to see only the suppliers and activity queue assigned to that user. Demonstrate visibility of supplier catalogs, with active status review screens, within all players (buyers, sellers, side interest organizations) Demonstrate the ability to view status of complete contracts (supplier profile data and complete/incomplete status of the contract) of both national and regional FISC Norfolk contracts. Establish a link between a buyer and at least one supplier (or contract) at each participating site Provide a universal view (executive view) of the pilot status in Norfolk. Integrate data and communications between the buyers, DLIS, and the suppliers. Configuration of software to fit high-level requirements: Excel Catalog Template including required and optional fields Validation rules Export file format Demonstration of the supplier profiling aspect of the tool. Provide necessary training to the buyers at each site selected to work on this initiative. Secondary Objectives: Actively support status reviews and briefings to high level military and civilian managers at any site. Establish questionnaires to segment, profile, and evaluate suppliers as potential suppliers to satisfy government requirements. Demonstrate the software?s ability maintain important information on individual suppliers that will create a database of information on managed suppliers. Assist in communications with participating suppliers to describe the pilot initiative, including benefits, schedules, training, samples, registration, etc. Customize web tools to reflect Navy/DoD E-mall icons and representation. Establish savings metrics that compares the current process to the new supplier enabled E-commerce process. Metrics to include hard and soft dollars saved, speed of enablement, a quality improvement rating of the data provided using the tool compared to ?as is.? Supply metrics and data reports as required. Provision and update of a pilot schedule. DELIVERABLE: In addition to the services and support levels outlined above, it is also expected that a detailed final report will be generated by the supplier that fully discusses and assesses the pilot project. Each objective is to be reviewed and evaluated, and final metrics reports are to be included. PERFORMANCE PERIOD: This pilot project shall run from July 2003 to December 2003, a period of approximately six months.
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