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Notice Date
Notice Type
Sources Sought
Contracting Office
N00024 1333 Isaac Hull Avenue S.E. Washington Navy Yard, DC
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Solicitation Number
Point of Contact
William Randolph 202-781-3918
The Naval Sea Systems Command (NAVSEA) provides the following information for the purpose of obtaining market research on the current undersea weapons production industry. This action is not a formal, or precursor to a formal, Request For Proposal (RFP). The information contained herein as well as the anticipated industry responses are for INFORMATIONAL PURPOSES ONLY. Anticipated responses to this announcement are sought to identify industry sources that believe they have the comprehensive knowledge, facilities, skills, and capacity to meet the Navy?s overall requirement for implementing a proposed consolidated production program. This program will acquire a full spectrum of torpedo weapons, anti-submarine warfare (ASW) targets, and major subsystems to support acquisition objectives and Warfighter needs throughout the United States Navy, Department of Defense and possible Joint Programs and/or Foreign Military Sales (FMS). This action is also an opportunity for industry to provide comment on the feasibility of the contemplated consolidated production program. The USN is modernizing its inventory of undersea weapons and ASW targets. Engineering and Manufacturing Development (E&MD) programs are maturing significant performance capabilities for the MK54 Lightweight Mod 0 torpedo, the MK48 Advanced Capability (ADCAP) Mod 6 and 7 torpedo, and the MK30 Mod 2 ASW target. All of these systems will continue to be enhanced via spiral development programs, which will ultimately feed into planned procurements. The U.S. Navy has not procured ?all-up-rounds? or entire torpedo assemblies since the mid 1990?s. Today, torpedo production takes the form of systems integration of upgrades that replace obsolescing hardware and introduces advanced technologies enabled capabilities to the torpedo inventory. This is currently accomplished through a process involving both an industry prime contractor and an organic Navy torpedo depot. Due to the uniqueness of torpedoes and the low volume of production, the Navy envisions a single prime production supplier who can work synergistically with the Navy torpedo depot to efficiently and cost effectively produce these end items. The existing schedule demand to deliver torpedoes and ASW target capabilities precludes strong Navy interest in any significant production start-up effort. However, the opportunity for start-up effort does exist in feeder technology and systems development projects for such aspects as the Torpedo Advanced Processing Build (APB) process. Furthermore, the Navy consistently promotes lowering barriers to entry for industry partners and encourages competition of subvendors to t he prime production vendor for parts and sub-assemblies. By examining the anticipated effects of product line consolidation on the undersea weapons production industry, we desire to gather data that can be useful in creating an appropriate acquisition strategy. The Undersea Weapons Program Office (PMS404) is seeking to identify likely prime and subsystem sources for the production and delivery of MK48 ADCAP, MK54, and MK30 Mod 2 end items as it examines the feasibility of consolidating several hardware production contracts. The results of this market research will assist NAVSEA in creating an appropriate acquisition strategy that is reflective of the current undersea weapons systems production environment. It is NAVSEA?s intent to use this data in the process of solidifying an acquisition strategy and to initiate an associated procurement process for future (as early as FY04) consolidated torpedo hardware requirements. Regardless of the information received, the goals of the resulting strategy and procurement vehicle(s), when materialized, will be: 1) responsiveness to Fleet inventory needs for the identified end items, 2) the sustainability of a skilled torpedo and ASW target workforce, 3) the achievement of significant production process improvements, 4) the achievement of substantial component commonality across product lines and 5) considerable procurement and life cycle costs savings. In accordance with all information residing in the public domain for the identified production end items, respondents are asked to adequately demonstrate their current capability and capacity to produce either the entire end item(s) or major subsystems. The demonstration of capability and capacity should be described in the following areas: (1) weapons systems int egration and production testing; (2) personnel ? experienced personnel with satisfactory qualifications to execute production of end items to meet technical, performance, and test specifications; (3) facilities ? existing facilities to support the integration and delivery of prime and major subsystems, leveraging dedicated Naval Undersea Warfare Center (NUWC) available facilities as necessary, to minimize time required to deliver Fleet capability and time during which Fleet assets are inducted for upgrade; (4) capital equipment ? demonstrate commitment to design and/or purchase of production and test capabilities to maintain Fleet delivery schedules; (5) processes - effective production systems, materials management, access to parts suppliers as required, and viable subcontracting relationships or teaming concepts as required; (6) technology ? ability to address electronic and mechanical technology obsolescence and advance state-of-the-art hardware and software components at the prime and/or major subsystem levels; and 7) perceived effects of consolidation ? a survey of the effects of product line consolidation on the undersea weapons production industry, competition, commonality, efficiencies, etc. Again, the information gathered as a result of this market research may be used to prepare an acquisition strategy for a consolidated undersea weapons production contract vehicle. As such, supportable and verifiable responses are expected that are unclassified in content and non-proprietary in nature. Prime contractors and major subsystem contractors having the required specialized capabilities to address the above criteria (1 through 7) should submit a capability statement of eight (8) pages (11 point minimum) or less indicating the ability to perform all aspects of the effort described herein to: Commander, Naval Sea Systems Command ATTN: William C. Randolph, SEA 02611, 1333 Isaac Hull Ave, SE, Washington Navy Yard, DC 20376-0001. Any title pages, forwarding memorandums, pictures, tables, exhibits and reference material will be counted as part of the total page count. All responses shall be received on or before 21 May 2003. Respondents will not be notified of the results of the market research. The Government may request a further detailing of capabilities provided in individual responses to fully understand the market in general and specific individual capabilities identified. Respondents, however, are under no obligation to participate. Other than the information provided herein, no other information or supporting documentation in regards to this industry assessment exists. All responders should be holders of active Secr et Facility Clearances as it will be a requirement of any follow-up procurement action, should one arise. All clarification requests and digital (e-mail) versions of submissions may be forwarded to: Mr. William C. Randolph via e-mail at randolphwc@navsea.navy.mil. This market research announcement is for information only.
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