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54 -- Smokey Circle #210 Mobile Home

Notice Date
Notice Type
Contracting Office
Department of Agriculture, Forest Service, R-3 Southwestern Region/Northern Zone, 2113 Osuna Rd., NE, Suite A, Albuquerque, NM, 87113
ZIP Code
Solicitation Number
Response Due
Archive Date
Point of Contact
Greg Martinez, Contract Specialist, Phone (505)346-3808, Fax (505) 346-3901,
E-Mail Address
Small Business Set-Aside
Total Small Business
This is a combined synopsis/solicitation for commercial items prepared in accordance with the format in FAR 12.6, as supplemented with additional information included in this notice. This announcement constitutes the only solicitation; quotations are being requested and a written solicitation will not be issued. The solicitation documents, incorporated provisions and clauses are those in effect through Federal Acquisition Circular 97-23. Solicitation number R3-03-03-10 is issued as a Request for Quotation (RFQ) in accordance with FAR subpart 13.5. This acquisition is a 100% small business set-aside. The Northern American Industry Classification System (NAICS) code is 453930 and the size standard is 9.5 million dollars. A firm-fixed price purchase order will be issued under the Test Program for Certain Commercial Items. The solicitation is for the Purchase of One Mobile Home with the line items as follows: Item 1, Mobilization ? 1 Lump Sum; Item 2, Delivery and Set-Up/Connection to Utilities ?1 each; Item 3, Mobile Home ? 1 each. Project requires that all work performed shall be done by a licensed contractor(s). Contractor shall obtain required work permits and inspections for all portions of the work. Contractor shall be responsible for any fees required by this project. Materials and Products: Purchase one (1) Mobile Home: 16? wide minimum, Three-bedroom minimum, and Two-bathroom minimum. All utility services are present and would be within 15LF of the mobile home. The Government will provide gas pipe, water pipe, evaporative cooler tubing, sewer pipe, and electrical wiring. Contractor will provide miscellaneous fittings necessary for connections and labor to make connections. Domestic water plumbing: burst resistant piping, NSF and UL listed. Domestic water fixtures: components shall be corrosion resistant stainless steel, brass, or equal. Exterior walls: R-19 minimum insulation, non-asbestos fiber reinforced cement or vinyl siding that gives the appearance of wood sheet siding with vertically oriented grooves approximately 6?-8? O.C., exterior color shall be beige (tan) with white doors, trim, and shutters. Metal roof system. Ceiling: lay-in panels, R-22 minimum insulation. Interior walls: R-19 minimum insulation. Interior trim: solid wood. Structural members: for door, window, cabinet, and shelving frames shall be solid wood or equal such that windows, doors, drawers, and shelves are solidly mounted. These support structures and adjacent walls shall not vibrate or move when movable portions of the unit are operated. Individual drawer sides/bottom shall be glued or otherwise mechanically fastened together. Shelving systems shall not shake, vibrate, or fall when household items are accumulated. (Estimate approximately 100lb per 6LF of shelf) All hardware: shall be rated for ?Heavy-Duty? or equal. Provide storm windows. Flooring: R-19 minimum insulation, APA rated sheathing, all linoleum or all vinyl finish. Foundation: New Mexico State Approved as permanent with white skirting Provide stairway: for front and back door. Provide a storm/screen door on the front entry: Storm/screen door closer and hardware shall be rated for ?Heavy-Duty? or equal. Appliances: ceiling fans, evaporative cooler, furnace, hot water heater, free standing range/oven, 2 refrigerators, washer and dryer; provide gas and electric service connections for range and dryer. All appliances to have energy star rating or equal. All appliances shall have white and/or textured white exterior finish. The range, dryer, furnace, and hot water heater provided are to be equipped for NATURAL GAS. Salient Characteristics for Hot Water Heater: R-16 minimum insulation, non-aluminum anodes, and 10-year minimum warranty on tank/parts. Hot water heater shall be for Manufactured Housing. Rheem Model 21140DV or equal. Largest GALLON-capacity to fit within the designed space provided. Maximize recovery rate. Sealed combustion type equipped for NATURAL GAS. Controls shall include set knob with graduations and showing settings for ?warm?, ?vacation?, and ?hot?. Controls shall include a reset button for operation of standing pilot. Drain and relief valve shall be plumbed thru the floor. Closet door shall be hinged with lockable latch. Salient Characteristics for Free Standing Range: 4 sealed burners minimum, broil, bake, oven light, digital clock with integral timer, one knob per burner, electronic ignition, oven knob with temperature graduations shown for baking and broiling. Range hood shall match the range, have a minimum two speed, switch-operated fan vented thru the roof, and have a switch-operated light. Freestanding range shall be equipped for NATURAL GAS. Salient Characteristics for Furnace: Furnace sized and designed for the volume to be conditioned. Furnace shall be sealed combustion downflow gas fired central furnace for mobile home. Automatic Ignition Pilot Light. UL Listed. Coleman Model # DGAAO77BDTA or equal. Ductwork shall be galvanized with joints sealed against air leaks. Salient Characteristics for Evaporative Cooler: Sized and designed for the volume to be conditioned. Evap Cooler shall be powered by electricity. Blower motor shall be two-speed minimum. Evap Cooler may be roof mounted, level with four-leg steel stand. Salient Characteristics for HVAC: Ductwork may be common. Thermostat may be common. The minimum thermostat shall be graduated with minimum temperature shown 50? F, shall display current temperature, and shall have manual override positions. Salient Characteristics for Ceiling Fans: Fans to be two-speed minimum with reverse setting. Ceiling fans shall be provided with a minimum 3-lamp (60W) light fixture. Fan blades shall be 40? minimum length. Fan and light shall be individually operable by separate wall switches. Fan switch shall have positions corresponding to the provided fan speeds. Light switch shall have positions corresponding to the provided lighting configurations. Salient Characteristics for Refrigerators: Unit #1 shall be the largest CU. FT. refrigerated capacity to fit within the designed space provided. Unit #2 shall be 14.5 CU. FT ? 20 CU. FT. refrigerated capacity. Both units shall have the following: adjustable, separate controls for freezer and refrigerator, top mount freezer, power saver heater control switch, freezer on top, icemaker kit with removable tray/bucket inside the freezer, minimum of one fixed, deep gallon storage shelf, crisper drawer, magnet door gaskets, door stops, door closers, factory installed rollers, full width adjustable slide out shelves, automatic interior lighting for both freezer and refrigerator, ?No Frost? freezer and refrigerator, ?Clean Back? design, and urethane and/or glass fiber insulation. Salient Characteristics for Dishwasher: Largest CU. FT. internal capacity to fit within the designed space provided. Quiet operation design, minimum two wash settings; ?pots and pans? and ?normal?, minimum two drying settings; ?heat? and ?air? with positive flow ventilation, minimum two slide out racks for dishes, one spray bar for each rack provided, silverware basket, ?Jet Dry? dispenser, automatic opening detergent dispenser, open detergent dispenser, and water tight gaskets. Salient Characteristics for Washer and Dryer: Largest CU. FT. internal capacity to fit within the designed space provided. WASHER: Quiet operation design, minimum three wash settings; ?regular?, ?permanent press?, and ?knit? or ?gentle?, minimum five water temperature settings; ?cold/cold?, ?warm/cold?, ?hot/cold?, ?warm/warm?, and ?hot/warm?, and adjustable water level. DRYER: Quiet operation design, minimum three temperature settings; ?whites?, ?permanent press?, and ?knit? or ?gentle?, minimum two dryer cycles; ?air? and ?heat?. Heat cycle to graduated for timed drying, heat drying cycle to have ?wrinkle free? drying at end of cycle, easily accessible, removal lint screen for cleaning, if cycle end alarm is provided it shall have an ?off? position. The dryer provided shall be equipped for NATURAL GAS. Delivery location is Grants, New Mexico at Smokey Circle Administrative Site, Exit 85, I-40. Take I-40 west from Albuquerque to the Grants Exit (#85). Exit north off I-40 and follow Santa Fe Ave as it bends from north to west. Turn right (north) at First Street and continue to Roosevelt Ave. Turn right on Roosevelt Ave. The first driveway on the left will be University Ave. Turn left onto University Ave. The first driveway on the right is the Smokey Circle Administrative Site. Turn right into the site and follow the main access road until you reach the ?circle? at the end. The proposed unit will be placed in Site #210. The Site is restricted to government employees. Please contact the Mount Taylor Ranger District at 505-287-8833 prior to making any site visits. FAR 52.212-2, Evaluation--Commercial Items is applicable. The Government will award the contract to the Contractor whose offer represents the best value to the Forest Service on the basis of (1) Price Reasonableness, and (2) Technical Proposal. Price Reasonableness and Technical Proposal are equally important. The evaluation criteria for each category are listed in descending order of importance. PRICE REASONABLENESS ? Criteria (1) Price shall be fair market value for materials, labor, and incidentals represented on the drawings and in the specifications necessary to complete this project. In the event ?fair market value? becomes a point of discussion, the resolution will be determined by the use of documented unit prices from cost guides, suppliers, distributors and completed contracts having similar and/or related work. The following will be evaluated for Price Reasonableness: Total cost of proposal per total square foot. TECHNICAL PROPOSAL ? Criteria (1) Past Performance ? (a) Provide the general background, experience and qualifications of the organization. (b) Include a list of similar or related type projects awarded to the firm within the last three (3) years. Include the name of the customer, contact number, dollar amount, time of performance (length of contract, date started and date completed) and the name and telephone number of the contracting officer or procurement official. (c) List any defaults or contract performance problems in the last five (5) years. Criteria (2) Experience of Project Personnel ? (a) include a list of names and responsibilities of the key personnel assigned to the project. With each name, include the role the person will serve on this project and a short description of recent project work accomplished by the individual. Criteria (3) (a) Submit a work plan indicating how the job will be accomplished. The technical approach should contain as much detail as the Contractor considers necessary to fully explain the proposed technical approach or method. The technical proposal should reflect a clear understanding of the nature of the work being performed. Include the proposed construction schedule showing start/complete dates for individual portions of the work. Indicate turn around time for delivery and set-up. Include the earliest possible delivery date. (b) The technical proposal must include information on how the project is to be organized, staffed and managed, indicated size of work crew(s) to be assigned to the project. Information should be provided which will demonstrate the Contractor?s understanding of the type of work being performed. (c) The technical proposal must include: Quality control and supervision to assure specifications are met and production capability. In addition, the following shall be presented: 1) Manufacturer, model, size of unit(s) proposed, interior d?cor options, and exterior material/color samples. 2) Materials used to build framing, walls, floors, ceilings, permanent foundations, skirting, methods of fastening; label to meet 70 MPH Basic Wind Speed with Exposure B structural design requirements; label to meet Zone III minimum insulation requirements. 3) Materials used for plumbing, sewer, electrical conduit and wiring, and gas lines; method of installation. 4) Warranty data to include all conditions and exemptions on housing unit, appliances, plumbing, hvac, and electrical fixtures and equipment, appurtenances, maintenance and service agreements. Data provided shall also include, but not be limited to: manufacturer and/or supplier warranty and/or guarantee information including length of warranty; initial start date, definitions of ?normal wear and tear?, and conditions under which warranty(ies)/guarantee(s) would be void prior to end of time period. 5) Products and materials supplied and shall be designed for longevity, resistant to inclement weather, durable for HEAVY RESIDENTIAL USE, are certified, listed, classified, or rated for the use intended. 6) Construction and installation methods are industry acceptable, represent current technology, code compliant, will sustain HEAVY RESIDENTIAL USE and future movement of the unit. (d) The technical proposal must also include information regarding financial stability. (i.e., is the company capable of covering all financial obligations for the project, including employee payroll, prior to receipt of contract payment?) 7) The term HEAVY RESIDENTIAL USE is used to reflect the fact that four (4) to six (6) arduous duty employees of the Owner will occupy this unit every year. The evaluation criteria are listed in descending order of importance. FAR 52.212-3, Offeror Representations and Certifications--Commercial Items, must be completed and included with offer. These clauses can be accessed through the website http://www.arnet.gov/far/. The following FAR clauses apply to this acquisition: 52.212-1, Instructions to Offerors?Commercial Items, 52.203-6 Restrictions on Subcontractor Sales to the Government, with Alternative, 52.203-10 Price or Fee Adjustment for illegal or Improper Activity, 52.212-4 Contract Terms and Conditions ? Commercial Items, 52.212-5 Contract Terms and Conditions Required to Implement Statutes or Executive Orders-- Commercial Items, 52.222-26 Equal Opportunity, 52.222-36 Affirmative Action for Workers with Disabilities, 52.222-37 Employment Reports on Disabled Veterans and Veterans of the Vietnam Era, 52.225-3 Buy American Act--North American Free Trade Agreement--Israeli Trade Act--Balance of Payments Program and 52.225-9 Buy American Act--Balance of Payments Program--Construction Materials. For information regarding this solicitation, contact Greg Martinez at 505-346-3808 or Letty Shindelar at 505-346-3806. Vendors wishing to respond to this solicitation should send their responses to Cibola National Forest, 2113 Osuna Road NE, Suite A, Albuquerque, NM 87113; be sure to reference the solicitation number listed above. Offers must be in writing accompanied by the completed representations and certifications or they will be rejected. Facsimile and telegraphic offers will not be accepted. Offers are due no later than May 03, 2003 at 4:45 pm Local Time.
Place of Performance
Address: Cibola National Forest, Mt. Taylor R.D., Smokey Circle Administrative Site, Grants, NM
Zip Code: 87020
Country: USA
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