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Notice Date
Notice Type
Contracting Office
Department of the Air Force, Air Force Materiel Command, Tinker OC-ALC - (Central Contracting), 3001 Staff Drive, Ste 1AG76A, Tinker AFB, OK, 73145-3015
ZIP Code
Solicitation Number
Response Due
Archive Date
Point of Contact
Mark Sims, Contract Negotiator, Phone 405-739-4323, Fax 405-739-2817,
E-Mail Address
AIR TRAFFIC CONTROL AND LANDING SYSTEMS (ATCALS) AN/GSH-59 Automatic Terminal Information System (ATIS) REQUEST FOR INFORMATION (RFI) Request industry comments on the following salient characteristics for the acquisition of a replacement for the AN/GSH-59 Automatic Terminal Information System (ATIS), which is now the CDD-1000. Interested parties are requested to submit technical literature, specification sheets, advertisements, and/or other information describing how your equipment works and estimate of costs, if possible. 1) The system shall be capable of digitally storing a 30 second announcement as a minimum. The storage device shall not be a disc drive or a tape mechanism. 2) The system shall be capable of continuously transmitting a recorded announcement to broadcast and telephone lines. Announcements shall repeat automatically at the end of the announcement. 3) Announcements shall be recorded through a push to talk, plug-in telephone-like handset, FAA Type #100125/5 or equivalent. An alternative method shall be available via keyboard text input that can be translated into a synthesized voice output having ?natural? voice characteristics such as rate, pitch, rhythm, dialect,?..,etc. 4) There shall be automatic squelch circuitry to mute background noise while recording announcements. 5) A front panel monitor volume control shall be available. 6) The input power shall be 117 VAC ? 10%, 50-60 Hz. A removable, 6-foot minimum, three-prong, power cord shall be provided. 7) Battery back-up shall be provided to sustain the recorded announcement during brief power outages of up to five (5) minutes. An internal automatic battery recharging circuitry shall be incorporated. Rechargeable batteries shall be Nickel-Cadmium type. Batteries shall be provided and be commercial off the shelf type. 8) No preventative Maintenance shall be required. 9) A commercial ?Users Operational and Maintenance Manual? shall be provided. 10) The ATIS shall interface with: AN/GRT-21/23 VHF AN/GRT-22/24 UHF AN/GRC-211 VHF AN/GRC-171 UHF AN/FRN-44 VOR VHF Channel 11) The output audio characteristics are: Output Impedance Telephone 600 Ohm, Transformer Coupled Transmit 600 Ohm, DC-Blocked, Transformer Coupled Output Level Telephone 0 DBM across 600 Ohms, Adjustable Transmit 0 DBM across 600 Ohms, Adjustable NOTE: In accordance with FAR 15.209(c) (Clause 52-215-3(b) 52.215-3 ? Request for Information or Solicitation for Planning Purposes As prescribed in 15.209(c), insert the following provision: Request for Information or Solicitation for Planning Purposes (Oct 1997) (a) The Government does not intend to award a contract on the basis of this solicitation or to otherwise pay for the information solicited except as an allowable cost under other contracts as provided in subsection 31.205-18, Bid and proposal costs, of the Federal Acquisition Regulation. (b) Although ?proposal? and ?offer? are used in this Request for Information, your response will be treated as information only. It shall not be used as a proposal. (c) This solicitation is issued for the purpose of : INFORMATION and PLANNING PURPOSES ONLY. THIS RFI IS MODIFIED TO UPDATE CONTACT INFORMATION AS FOLLOWS: Mark Sims, Contract Negotiator, Phone 405-739-4323, Fax 405-739-2817, Email mark.sims@tinker.af.mil All other information remains unchanged.
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