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Solicitation Notice
Contracting Office
Department of the Air Force, Air Force Materiel Command, HSW - 311 Human Systems Wing, 311th HSW/PK 8150 Aeromedical Road, Brooks AFB, TX, 78235-5123
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Point of Contact
Grace Elizalde, Contract , Phone 210-536-6216, Fax 210-536-2097,
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BROAD AGENCY ANNOUNCEMENT (BAA) F41622-03-R-0002, U.S. AIR FORCE (AF) MENTOR-PROTEGE PROGRAM FOR THE AIR FORCE MENTOR-PROTEGE CENTER OF EXCELLENCE 311th HUMAN SYSTEMS WING SMALL BUSINESS OFFICE (HSW/BC). POC: Grace Elizalde, Contract Specialist, (210) 536-6216: Grace.Elizalde@brooks.af.mil A. INTRODUCTION: The final BAA will be released through FedBizOpps (www.FedBizOpps.gov). Registration through the FedBizOpps website will provide automatic email notification whenever the website is updated. Comments and questions regarding this Draft BAA may be submitted to the Contract Specialist at: Grace.Elizalde@brooks.af.mil, no later than close of business 13 December 2002. All questions and responses will be posted on the FedBizOpps website prior to release of the final BAA. The Government intends to fund Mentor-Protege agreements by issuing contracts over three separate award cycles. The tentative schedule for the BAA is as follows: Round I Proposals must be received on or about 10 February 2003, 3:00 PM, Central Time in order to be considered for the initial round of awards. The initial award cycle will follow on or about 15 April 2003. The proposal due date for the second cycle is scheduled on or about 15 May 2003. The second award cycle is scheduled on or about 15 July 2003. The proposal due date for the third cycle is scheduled on or about 15 October 2003. The third award cycle is scheduled on or about 15 December 03. This BAA announcement will remain in effect until 31 January 2004. Proposals submitted in response to this announcement shall be mailed to: 311th Human Systems Wing/PK, ATTN: Grace Elizalde, 8150 Aeromedical Road, Brooks AFB, TX 78235-5123. The Government intends to award up to 15 Full and Open contracts under this announcement. B. OBJECTIVE: The purpose of this DoD program is to incentivize DoD contractors to assist small disadvantaged business (SDBs) in enhancing their capabilities to satisfy DoD and other contract and subcontract requirements, and to increase the overall participation of SDBs in the DoD market place. The objective is to help foster the relationship between the two parties to increase the industrial supplier base and enable SDBs transition from subcontractors to prime contractors. An additional intent is to increase subcontract opportunities under the Mentor's contracts, DoD contracts, other government agency contracts, and commercial contracts. Under this program, companies approved as mentor firms will enter into mentor-protege agreements with eligible SDBs to provide appropriate developmental assistance to enhance their protege capabilities in the technology areas listed in Section D North American Industrial Classifications System (NAICS). Descriptions of the program and eligibility requirements are provided in Appendix I of the Defense Federal Acquisition Regulation Supplement (DFARS). C. APPROACH: The Government intends to use Full and Open Competition under this announcement. The proposed Protege(s) shall qualify within the size standards of the stated NAICS in Section D. ADDITIONAL INFORMATION The 311th Human Systems Wing (311th HSW/PK) intends to award Cost Plus Fixed Fee contracts with eligible mentors in accordance with the DoD Mentor-Protege Program. The period of performance for each Full and Open contract awarded shall be one year from date of award with two additional one-year options. Offerors shall provide proposed costs for the basic year and each option year. The dollar amount of individual awards may vary, however typical Full and Open awards are expected to be no more than $500,000 over the three year period. High Tech manufacturing agreements may be funded above the $500,000 range if the proposal warrants. Full and Open awards will focus on the innovative transfer of state of the art technology in Section D, North American Industrial Classification System (NAICS). All NAICS areas are equal in weight. Full and Open proposals must demonstrate that a comprehensive protege needs assessment has been performed prior to submittal. The needs assessment should focus on a specific technology, within the identified thrust areas, to be transferred. Proposals consisting primarily of business infrastructure and management assistance will not be considered. PROPOSAL PREPARATION INSTRUCTIONS The contractor shall provide an original and 4 copies. All volumes of its proposal must be in one 3-ring binder, for a total of five binders. Proposal format shall be single sided 8 1/2 X 11 pages, 12-pitch width with (1) one inch margins, two columns. Page limitations are exclusive of tables of contents, indexes, the Mentor application, and the Mentor-Protege agreement. Photographs, foldouts, appendixes and attachments are inclusive of page counts. Offerors shall provide proposed costs for the basic year and two-year options. Each proposal shall be valid through 31 January 2004 and shall consist of the following: Volume One: Executive Volume Cover Sheet (Attachment 1) Executive Summary, 3 pages maximum; The Mentor's information shall include a brief description and background with current number of employees and gross revenues. Detailed Protege baseline information shall include: Gross Revenue Year to Date, Current Staff in Size Full Time Equivalent (FTE), List current contracts by contract value and contract client. Identify IDIQ contracts/GSA Schedules in contract value and dollar amounts awarded. Facilities information: For Proteges in the Services Sector provide number of offices and locations (include on-site government offices); For Proteges in the Manufacturing Sector provide locations and size of shop space, The Executive Summary shall explain the proposed relationship between the Mentor and Protege, and a summary of the Protege's unique capabilities. Mentor-Protege Agreement, 10 page maximum, Evidence of Protege SDB Certification (IAW SBA Requirement) NOTE: This is a stand-alone document that should not reference portions of the proposal. Mentor Application, 10 page maximum, (download template from the DoD Mentor-Protege website www.acq.osd.mil/sadbu/mentor_protege), and is applicable to firms not previously approved as a mentor. If a company is an approved mentor, include a copy of the DoD approval letter. Mentor and Protege Past Performance Information which shall consist of any formal or informal mentor-protege experience, 2 page maximum. Volume Two: Technical Volume Technical volume; 15 pages maximum. This volume will be evaluated as the Program Plan and must include a detailed schedule, program goals and expected posture at the end of the program. Offerors should describe program expectations for all concerned parties as outlined in the AF M-P Handbook, Section 2.2, page 21.The revised AF MP Handbook is available as a guide and located at http://www.brooks.af.mil/HSW/BC/MP. Volume Three: Cost Volume Cost volume; unlimited number of pages (and 2 diskettes). The cost volume shall be presented in accordance with Excel spreadsheet template at Attachment 2. The labor categories and task descriptions presented in the template are examples. The actual categories and task descriptions are dependent on the contractor's approach. In addition, this volume shall contain support for all costs proposed. If any forward pricing agreements are being used, offers should state so in their proposals, and must identify the cognizant DCAA office. Volume Four: Model Contract Cover Sheet (Attachment 1) Model Contract, Representations and Certifications. The model contract, will be made available on the FedBizOpps website. The model contract includes contract data requirements list, representations and certifications and a statement that the Mentor is willing to accept Quick Closeout procedures. Only those offerors with an acceptable technical evaluation will be required to submit Volume Four. Volume Four shall NOT be placed in a three ring binder. Proposals lacking any of the documents required pursuant to this BAA, or required number of volumes, diskettes, etc. may be returned or destroyed without evaluation. BASIS FOR AWARD Proposals received will be evaluated on how well they satisfy the evaluation criteria listed below in descending order of importance: 1. Quantified protege subcontracting opportunities within existing and future mentor contracts, potential Protege prime contracts and commercial contracts related to the technology being transferred, 2. Description of the technical approach to satisfy the developmental needs (technical) of the identified protege (what, when, how assistance will be provided), 3. Active, meaningful, long-term involvement of Historically Black Colleges and Universities and Minority Institutions (HBCU/MI). Proposals shall identify specific HBCU/MI roles in providing mentoring assistance to protege firms. Proposals merely identifying a school may not be considered. The HBCU/MI is considered a subcontractor and supporting documentation is required for any proposed costs, 4. Relevance to Air Force/DoD programs, 5. Corporate commitment measured by usage of corporate resources, staff, and policies, 6. Management plan identifying the team organization, methods to resolve problems, and expected program outcomes to include protege end state. Proposals will be ranked from highest to lowest across all technology areas. Awards will be made starting at the highest rated proposal, descending down in order until all funds have been allocated. D. NORTH AMERICAN INDUSTRIAL CLASSIFICATIONS SYSTEM (NAICS) The Full and Open Competition awards will be made to teams proposing the NAICS listed in the table below. In addition, Homeland Defense initiatives are applicable to all of the listed NAICS. NAICS DESCRIPTION 3344 Semiconductor & Other Electronic Component Mfg 3345 Navigational, Measuring, Electromedical, and Control Instruments 3353 Electrical Equip Mfg 3359 Other Elec. Equip & Component Mfg 3364 Aerospace Product & Part Mfg 4881 Support Activities for Air Transportation 5413 Architectural, Engineering & Related Services 5415 Computer Systems Design & Related Services 541614 Process, Physical Dist, and Logistics Consulting Services 541620 Environmental Consulting Services 5416 Environmental Remediation 5612 Facilities Support Services E. INTENT TO AWARD MULTIPLE CONTRACTS: The Government intends to award up to 15 Full and Open contracts over the period of the BAA validity date. The Government intends to award without discussions. The remaining proposals, not awarded contracts, will remain in ranked order. Proposals received after the initial submittal will be evaluated against the above stated criteria and will be rank ordered within the existing list of proposals. Any proposal with a score equal to an earlier submitted proposal will fall in place after the proposal first received. F. POST AWARD CONFERENCE: The AF intends to host a post award conference at Brooks AFB, after each award cycle. All successful mentor and protege award winners are required to attend. G. ADDITIONAL POINTS OF CONTACT: Ms. Janie B. Campos is the AF Program Manager, Mentor-Protege Program, 311th HSW/BC and may be contacted at: janie.campos@brooks.af.mil
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