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B -- Market Reseach to conduct and provide an analysis of focus groups and research which will be used to measure overall Peace Corps awareness levels.

Notice Date
Notice Type
Solicitation Notice
Contracting Office
Peace Corps, Office of Planning Budget and Finance, Office of Contracts, 1111 20th Street, N.W., Room 4413, Washington, DC, 20526
ZIP Code
Solicitation Number
Response Due
Point of Contact
Judy Dawes, Contract Specialist, Phone (202) 692-1624, Fax (202) 692-1621,
E-Mail Address
This is a combined Synopsis Solicitation for Commercial Items prepared in accordance with information in FAR Subpart 12.6 as supplemented with the additional information included in this notice. This announcement constitutes the only solicitation. PROPOSALS ARE BEING REQUESTED AND A WRITTEN SOLICITAION WILL NOT BE ISSUED. Solicitation number is PC-02-R-004 and is issued as a Request for Proposals (RFP). This solicitation documents and incorporates provisions and clauses in effect through Federal Acquisition Circular 90-42. The Standard Industrial Classification (SIC) code is 8732. This procurement is unrestricted and is being advertised as full and open competition. Peace Corps intends to award a fixed price type contract. Peace Corps Market Research and Focus Groups The Peace Corps seeks the services of a market research firm (hereinafter, the ?Contractor?) to conduct and provide an analysis of focus groups and research which will be used to measure overall Peace Corps awareness levels, effectiveness of current messaging and design of recruitment materials and various creative platforms for expanding the awareness of the Peace Corps, as well as increasing the number of potential recruits. The study must be designed to communicate control group responses and their position to predetermined objectives and strategies and their relation to: - The Peace Corps? illustrious history and pristine reputation: position of brand. - A new and updated image that the primary target market can immediately identify with; - Audience segmentation, i.e. Diversity (Minorities, Older Volunteers) and message appropriateness, inclusive of all recruitment materials; and - Potential recruits? general impression of Peace Corps. To assist the Contractor in the research and focus groups, the Peace Corps will provide the following: 1) Previously produced Peace Corps collateral samples and recruitment video; 2) Access to Peace Corps recruiting sessions and the ability to interview current Peace Corps applicants and trainees; 3) Potential creative concepts to be tested; 4) All available research; and 5) Full access to staff members at the Peace Corps for regular consultations and advice about the agency, its volunteers, and previous recruitment campaigns. Scope of Work Phase I of this task will consist of the following deliverables with delivery dates in mid November 2002. Current government estimate for all three phases of research, focus groups and analysis is $100,000. (A) Phase I Research Methodologies a. Quantitative: The contractor will conduct a quantitative study using all American household sample via the Internet, to gauge knowledge of, reaction to and attitudes towards volunteerism and the Peace Corps in general. b. Qualitative: An on-line focus group study of two groups: Recent College Graduates and 55+ Adults identified as interested in joining the Peace Corps, Inclusive of two sub-segments of African Americans and Hispanics; to determine reaction to the current and recommendations for future Peace Corps creative concepts, recruitment videos, recruitment catalogues and diversity brochures. (B) Phase II Research Methodologies Qualitative: In person focus groups to gauge reactions to creative mock ups of television, radio and print materials. Research should consist of 2 groups each in four cities. Target groups and cities to be determined by the Peace Corps in cooperation with the contractor. (C) Phase III Research Methodologies Quantitative: The contractor will conduct a quantitative study using a regional American household sample via the Internet, to gauge increase in awareness in those regions where media was purchased. Research requirements The contractor will work with the Peace Corps to determine the best questions and methods to gauge reaction to elements of creative concepts, recruitment products, including, but not limited to message, theme, tone, palette, photography, clarity, and effectiveness. Research methods used to gather this data may include polling, focus groups, and internet survey research. The contractor will submit written analyses of all research with recommendations based on the Peace Corps? predetermined objectives. Evaluation of proposals Technical proposals will be evaluated on the basis of criteria listed below according to the requirements outlined in the RFP. Bidders are cautioned that the preparation of a cohesive written proposal is not a reiteration or paraphrasing of this RFP. The written proposal should include and clearly state approaches and procedures which demonstrate the bidders ability to perform the duties in this RFP. Criteria includes (in order of importance): 1. Demonstrated experience in planning and executing qualitative and quantitative national market research and focus groups for various clients especially those engaged in recruitment activities; Specifically submit a case study with samples of questionnaires, results and recommendations; 2. Qualifications and relevant experience of proposed team members ; 3. Evidence of contractor?s knowledge, and adoption of, technological advances in conducting research; 4. Demonstrated experience in creating actionable recommendations based on predetermined client objectives; 5. Quality and flexibility of proposed research methodologies; 6. Cost; 7. A list of three client references. Criteria for Evaluation Selection for award of the contract will be based on the greatest technical approach to Peace Corps, price is a factor but weighted less than technical. The Contracting Officer will select the proposal offering the greatest value to the Peace Corps by using the trade-off process. Rights All materials produced under this contract become the exclusive property of the Peace Corps. The Contractor may not retain or use any materials produced under this contract except for self-promotion. Clauses/provisions: FAR Clause 52.212-1 Instructions to offerors Commercial is hereby included by reference: PAR provision 52.212-2 Evaluation ? Commercial Items applies to this acquisition FAR provision 52.212-3 Offeror Representations and Certifications-Commercial Items shall be completed and submitted with the Proposal. FAR Clause 52.212-4 and 52.212.5, Contract Terms and conditions-Commercial Items, hereby applies to this solicitation. The following clauses hereby incorporated by reference: 52.203-6. Proposals must be received no later than September 5, 2002 at 3:oo p.m. EST at Peace Corps, Office of Contracts, 1111 20th Street, NW, Washington, DC 20526. Contact: Judy Dawes 202-692-1624, Fax 202-692-1621 email: jdawes@peacecorps.gov.
Place of Performance
Address: Washington, DC 20526
SN00147141-W 20020823/020821214134 (fbodaily.com)
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